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  1. When i started playing DayZ, i found out about this website. After reading a little about it i was intruiged by the roleplaying factum of this website. I became very sad when i found out i was blacklisted over a VAC ban i got in CSGO. I got a VAC ban after testing out hacks against bots. I admit the fact that i was hacking, but i have never done it in Dayz, or any other game for that reason. I would appreciate it if i could be unbanned and being given a second chance. Thanks. -Cypher
  2. When i try to apply for the whitelist it says that it says that you need to have had your vac ban for over one year. But, on there it says that it's 141 days since i got my vac ban. This is not true since i got it 453 days ago. Proof: http://steamcommunity.com/id/LegionCypher/. I have already sent 2 Messages but no response.