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  1. also if someone wrote more characters then you in u story and things they go before you which i think is soo stupid
  2. I have been waiting for quite some time now for my whitelist application to be viewed if someone donates yes do them first but if someone hads more characters then you they go first that should not be every time i go on it it only goes up because people wrote more it should be who ever submitted it no matter many characters it has
  3. I had trouble getting DayzRP downloaded the website the launcher everything and Major Tom helped me with everything i didn't know what a word ment if i had the right version he helped me step by step and would not stop until i have played it he took about 2 hours out of his night now he could have just said i don't know sorry man but he didn't he looked stuff up he helped me with links he told me the the basic concept and how stuff in game worked he really mad a difference with me he helped me better then anyone else ever did trying to get DayzRP working and that is the best thing i could have ever asked for Major Tom was the best for me and he will be the best for you if you are having trouble to he was very helpful i cant thank him enough you guys truly have a keeper