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  1. Joseph is 30 year old man. Before the end of the world, he worked in City Hall in Chernogorsk as an International politician. He received the job offer to move to Chernarus, 3 years prior to the infection, which he gratefully accepted as his job in Wales was a dead end. On Day Zero of the Infection, Joseph was enjoying his breakfast and watching the news, that was when the breaking news report about the outbreak caused an abrupt end to his seemingly normal life. He immediately rushed out the door and headed straight for City Hall, via a peddle bike, however he was met with a horde of panicked people that blocked his path; his only other option was to head for the docks, as the roads were closed off by the Chernarussian military, this is where he found his temporary salvation: a fishing boat that was taking on passengers, wanting to flee to the south west village of Kamenka. Two weeks after Day Zero, we find Joseph barely scraping by, living off of: a rationed can of beans, apples and a near empty bottle of water. Josephs main goal now is to survive until help arrives - which may not even exist - and make it back to Wales, to a family he had once disowned, but now dreams of being with every night.
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