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  1. jasper_dolph

    Official Lore event - VIP extraction - 13/10/2018

    Jack Moody
  2. jasper_dolph

    October 2018 changes

    Plate carrier is a necessity if you are in a bandit kinda group, if you get shot once with out it you're dead, i run ak , 2 mags, and about 60 spare rounds, a stack of rags and im at 40-50% stamina... i can only run for 5 secs lol in fights its like i have to be naked with a backpack or else im going to get killed lol
  3. jasper_dolph

    October 2018 changes

    i wouldn't say its that realistic, the carrying weight is not at all accurate and defiantly needs work, but just reducing the carry weight by 10 -20 % would help so much.
  4. jasper_dolph

    October 2018 changes

    im sure im not the only one who is thinking this but are yall going to do anything about stamina or even just reduce the carrying weight by a little? its hard to have a lot of stuff on you , food, drinks, and rp items, as well as guns and ammo with out being able to run for 5 seconds...
  5. lol it was very hard scarring up paisley, i had a change of heart because you play the voice so well @Sleepyhead if @MoodyOG would have let me keep you for Intel i think it would have been a lot more fun but all in all GREAT rp
  6. jasper_dolph

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    @DallasRP you know what is about to happen (;
  7. jack grew up in and out of a mental ward, he had 2 brothers, john who would torture and pester him. Alex would try to help jack out but john was always drunk and it was pretty hard to stop john on his drinking episodes.. our parents died at a fairly young age and from there is where everything went down hill. jack started to space out and and stick to himself alot more, and he started to have little episodes, sometimes he would try to fight his brothers sometimes he would act time a different person, either way he defiantly wasn't the same, he met a man in texas who sold him mushrooms and they calmed him down, and stopped his twitches. some say he is faking his issues... but there are others who know the trust , or should i say... felt the truth..
  8. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: the verdict is fair, i admit i did meta. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: i was mad cause i got killed by desink, my Adrenalin was rushing, i started spitting out how i died and everything thing that happened and im truly sorry that i did, ive learned my lesson and it wont happen again, im very sorry about it. everyone knows how dayz can be and how pumped up it gets when you run for hours and hours and the some action starts. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: bann lifted and point remain What could you have done better?: muted my mic and raged in silence
  9. jasper_dolph

    KOS/Attempted KOS

    my adrenalin was pumping and i knocked him uncon before i went down so i said im uncon but i got him i think ,i never said where i dont think.
  10. jasper_dolph

    KOS/Attempted KOS

    im just trying to see where you would just assume it was me. thats all i wanna know.
  11. jasper_dolph

    KOS/Attempted KOS

    dead ass, your trying to turn this around on us, you made the choice to rdm, you made the choice to kill viktor and darra for no reason stop trying to turn it aaround on us, i will repeat... i did not say it. ok? cool.
  12. jasper_dolph

    KOS/Attempted KOS

    i didnt say that, why would you assume its me??
  13. jasper_dolph

    KOS/Attempted KOS

    Uh no I didn't say that, I was the one that shot the gillie head guy and we traded I never heard anyone say that so either your lying , or I wasn't in voip range, anywho my guys got shot at and I flanked and no scoped a guy and went unconscious via desink being bad.
  14. jasper_dolph

    S1 GM Summer camp. KOS, Meta, Ruleplay

    also after reading this report pax does not ware the orange outfit out of the trading compound as ive left the compound multipul times with him and ass soon as we leave he puts something new on and then puts his armband on i am a witness of this, so by dusty saying he knew is either meta or an ooc grudge because there is no way that he would have known it was pax icly. i met pax 1 or 2 trimes and i do not run with him nor do i stay in his coms so its not like i have reson to back him up im just stating the stuff i have witnessed
  15. jasper_dolph

    S1 GM Summer camp. KOS, Meta, Ruleplay

    yeah i remember this i had entered the trading grounds to trade some stuff and i seen pax (bailey) and i started talking to him and he said to get down cause people had been shooting at the traders so i was like ok man rped a little and then he gave me a back pack and while i was putting my stuff in it in my invitory screen, i heard a gunshot and i tabbed and seen hed been shot at frist i didnt know it was him i actualy looked for him then i seen his bidy and it was him, i stoped putting my stuff in the new backpack for a sec someone ran up and stole it then ran away from the camp i didnt soot cause i didnt know who he was. after that i stayed around for a while longer and later logged off. i was not involved with the gunfight same as paxs, we didnt even have our guns out half the time.
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