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  1. Free Medic Announcement

    Wow, the IRA raids Humanitary groups? just wow....
  2. Heh, it's going to be fun to use my Xbox controller for dayz
  3. Your first day on DayZRP

    Thanks man!
  4. DayZRP basics + guide

    Thanks man! this really helped me!
  5. Do you listen to music while playing?

    I listen to dubstep while playing, well sometimes the music freaks me the fuck out while gaming, but it's quite good for gaming!
  6. Im immune!

    Lucky you...
  7. Hello there!

    Hey guys! I'm new to this roleplay, well my whitelist form hasn't been accepted yet, but i hope it will be!My name is Tom abd i'm 16 and come from the Netherlands, so that you know! (for the record, not everyone smokes weed there!) Well, i mostly play on my computer or i'm busy sailing or playing tennis. I mostly play Arma 2, Dayz, Payday2 or wargame airland battle, so if you're interested in playing with me: tommetje99 is my name on steam! This is just something short about me, so i hope i see you guys on the server later on!