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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): I was blacklisted for underage (no link) Why the verdict is not fair: Not all 14 year old kids are immature. I can be just as mature and as good of an asset to the server as 16+. I think all players should have the same chance, if there is someone who is mature they should have a chance and not get denied because of age. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Age is just a number, not a verdict of maturity... You should let younger people apply and if they get through like any other normal player that is 16+ then they can be just like the other players. If they don't then at least it wont be because of age. It shouldn't restrict me from applying. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Hopefully be able to prove myself as wanting to be a part of the community and be able to play on the server. Or at least have a chance to apply like everyone else, I want to have a normal chance of applying instead of being denied automatically for my age. What could you have done better?: I could have asked an admin if there would be any way of getting through anything on the application with being how young, but I didn't know there was a minimum age for the server.
  2. I understand that people want to be in a mature environment, but maturity is not always dependent on age. I spent twenty minutes searching for the Rules Passphrase just to enter it and be blacklisted for being 14. Can anyone recommend another server like this that has a system that is based on someones application answers and not age? Is it possible that instead of automatically blacklisting someone under the minimum age, to let them enter an application and ,(if it looks good), let them play on the server. If my application looked the same as someone that is 18+ or if I have the same maturity level, then I don't see the point. I understand that it is easier to rule out most 14 year old kids, but not all of them have the same maturity level. I wish more things didn't just judge right off the bat with age and not giving them a chance to see if they are mature. Thanks, I hope to play on this server soon, I know it's not very likely though.... I just made this to hopefully get a chance to make an application and play on the server. Daniel (I didn't really know where to put this because it isn't from a server offense just underage,so yeah, sorry if this is the wrong place)