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  1. POV: was stood semi afk on top of the shed roof, tab in see a midget running around, i then tabbed back out and logged shortly after.
  2. POV we be chillin at soup kitchen listening to some anti chedaki propaganda when i notice some guy trying to unlock all the cabins, i approach the man and ask why he is doing this and get no response other than a wave, we have an intense staring competition for a good 2 minutes, i then ask for his name but just get another wave so i give up. Riz notices the guy and approaches him, he dips never to be seen again.
  3. POV: went to raid the school that is in the middle of the Forrest, spent most of my time covering the guy hacking the fence down, once they got inside i dipped back to soup kitchen and enjoyed some of the best soup in Livonia.
  4. we rollin just outside of brena when some random dude in a hoodie comes up to us @PhoenyxxRP comments on how cool the hoodie is, then this random guy takes it off and slaps her with it. our fearless leader asserts her dominance by beating the shit out of the guy for hitting her he is then told to get on his knees but he refuses so i initiate by saying "get on your knees or i will shoot you" he responds by saying "shoot me, fuckin awesome" so i bop him in the head with a 9mm
  5. born in the UK he grew up an only child until his parents past away at the age of 10 and had to fend for himself on the streets, fell into a life of petty theft and drugs, shortly after he turned 18 he was arrested for mugging an old lady for her purse and sentenced to 2 years in prison 2 years after his release he wanted to start a new life in a new county so he got on a plane to Livonia but ended up falling into the same life of crime
  7. logs will show that i took down the half wall at the side of the pub building to re-purpose the nails to try secure the main gates of the compound as my screenshot shows, the raiders even ruined this poor SKS and threw it in a tent to try avoid griefing rules
  8. i would like to request @ImNovaaa 's POV as he was the one dealing with you and was involved in the fight
  9. we never initiated on, or harmed Daegon in anyway (That i know of) until he was outside the wall and shot at us
  10. Server and location: s1 US, west of Sinistok Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-12-03 around 6.30 ish Your in game name: Troy Copper Names of allies involved: Wolfpack Name of suspect/s: Nox Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):none Detailed description of the events: we chillin inside the prison building at our compound when the Nox leader came to our camp for a "chat", we let him inside then shortly after we hear what sounds like a firefight in the outer compound, we then rush to the windows within the prison to see whats going on and we start getting shot at with no initiation being dropped. DJ Chance then runs down the inner corridor inside the prison and gets hit, so i peak the window take 2 pot shots at the snipers up on the hill who shot at him and get shot myself. Another sniper begins shooting at my boys so i rotate to another window and dome the guy. i then begin to look for the other snipers but peak a window for a little too long and get shot and die.
  11. POV: hear on the radio that the guy who combat logged woke up, so me and the gang run over. i set my voice to yell and initiate, he stops running and instantly presses f11. i wait a few seconds to see if he tries to cancel the animation. he does not, so i shoot him in the head so he doesn't get the satisfaction of making us wait just to kill himself right in front of all of us.
  12. POV: meet up with @RiZ at GM after dying in a firefight with the jackals up at the novaya area and head to eden to meet with the rest. upon arriving we are greeted by a rude individual who leaves shortly after releasing his anger. we then head to lop castle, and the angry man shows up with his buddys. they initiate, i beanbag a guy twice, run around in circles then die.
  13. o7 enjoyed the RP from this group and am looking forward to what you boys do next
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