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  1. i did not speak on radio at all my guy that was manex you can hear in the clip. and thats the last i will say about it since we are not really meant to do pointless back and forth comments
  2. yea, you can see that did happen, but for what its worth, me and @CrushedMayo where deafen'd on "Radio" so we didn't hear him
  3. a mysterious man with a guitar showed up on our doorstep, never said a word he played for us, we all danced and drank beer around a fire. Great Experience. GUITAR MAN COME BACK
  4. RoysPOV: we were looting around Novaya Petrovka when @Robert Faltin (johnny) ran into 2 guys and started to talk/ trade with them. after a few minutes 2 other guys walk up to us and join the conversation, one of the guys notices that one of the first guys has a "Fal" and asks if he wants to trade for it, the guy he asked did not respond to this. after a few more minutes another one of there friends show up (the guy in the white bottoms) and jumps on top of the car, lays down and begins to initiate on us. the guy with the "Fal" and his friend start to run and immediately get shot at, all three of the initiating group begin to chase and kill them. we are left alone for a few minutes so me and Armada Bergen begin to run, thats when the guy in the white bottoms chases us. I run and hide in a nearby bush (super sneaky like) and burgen carry's on running and is killed. Edit: I personally don't have an issue with the encounter since i didn't lose anything.
  5. Cracka_tee

    Green Boiz

  6. Howdy, i linked my alt discord instead of my main, is there a way to remove the alt that is link with my account?
  7. WIP-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Ruben Lancaster, 26, born in mother Russia was forced to join the Russian mafia at the age of 18 by my uncle Romanov after the death of my farther at the age of 6, staying with my uncle made me see terrible things and do terrible things that still scar me till this day,the tortured screams of the people we've killed still echos in my mind to this day, seeing the pure look of fear in a grown mans eyes,seeing children cling to there parents with uncontrollable cry's of confusion, you can't just forget something like that,and my mind takes full pleasure in reminding me of that. After I left the mafia i was moving from place to place it was hard to keep a low profile should the mafia find me they would surely kill me for deserting the mob,eventually i arrived in Chernarus but everything was good here for a while for me it seamed like this was the perfect place to lay low, but then the infection hit, and boy did things change, as the infection started spreading we moved further and further north but eventually things just got worse, so i hit the road on my own having to scavenge what i can and do terrible things again. its not easy surviving out here though,if its not he undead trying to rip you apart its the local thugs trying to take everything you have,Id rather take my chances with them than the Mob.
  9. hi, so i just come back after a long break, and i keep getting kicked for " this is not your active character" but ive set everything up properly (at least i think i did) any help would be welcomed
  10. Cracka_tee

    Does your RP effect your personality IRL?

    i tend to make my Rp characters act how i would in the situation lel
  11. So I've just been whitelisted and thought I just leave a quick post to say hello to everybody. So hello everybody! Can't wait to enjoy some great Rp with you all
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