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  1. Cracka_tee

    The Mafia (Open Recruitment)

    Congrats boys
  2. i did not hear any initiation, but i believe it was a genuine mistake and would like the report closed
  3. Server and location: s1 camp eden Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019/05/21 around 1.15 Your in game name: Roy Copper Names of allies involved: unknown Name of suspect/s: orange armbands maybe banditos/house Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: i was in camp eden with a bunch of people and see a group of orange armbands roll up so i decided to dip before anything went down, as i am running through the trees around 100 meters away from the camp i am shot and hit 2 times from the camp with no initiation or anything
  4. Cracka_tee

    S1: Invalid Execution/Stream Sniping in Kabanino - 2019-05-15 04:45

    My POV: we run from Vyshnoye to Vybor to meet @lunathecat, while on the road between Kabanino and Vybor we meet up with Luna and shortly after the house boys show up, @duxpredator and @Sacralegend catch on to whats about to happen and run off. Shortly after me @RiZStream and @lunathecat begin to jog through the field and the house boys initiate on us, i am told by @NorwayRP that i can put my hands down and leave. i run off and hide in the little house on the entrance of nw airfield that is connected to the road between Kab and Vybor and see the house boys running @RiZStream through the airfield, i then decide to loot the close buildings of the airfield for a while and see them running @RiZStream back through the airfield towards kab and decide to follow without getting seen. i relog in a barn because i get bugged, change my clothes and run through Kab to see the event still going on after like 45 minutes @NorwayRP sees me coming down the road and runs out to see who i am, we speak briefly then i carry on running down the road and log in a nearby house in Kab.
  5. Roy Cropper, born and raised in Yorkshire GB. Roy never really knew his mom and dad, all he knows is they where raging drug addicts who cared more about getting high than they did about him. He never really trusted anybody and would keep to himself most of the time, But keeping himself secluded from the world held a big toll on his mental health. He suffers from undiagnosed psychosis and bipolar disorder that affect his daily decisions He Joined the British law enforcement at the age of 18 and was one of the top performing officers on the force, after 2 years on the force he relocated to london as an under cover officer to help combat the rise in drug crimes. as a part of his undercover operations he successfully removed over £2,000,000 worth of drugs from the streets, until one day on a big bust something went very wrong. On a drug deal gone wrong he was shot in the arm, after this he decided to leave the force. He decided to travel the world to try to forget the traumatic experience but ended up stuck in the middle of an outbreak.
  6. WIP______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. i accidentally set my active character to my dead one, i was wondering if one of the admins can swap it back so i don't have to wait 24hrs to play again
  8. i wasn't thinking of running out and saying "im with you don't shoot" or somthing. because normally before groups get intoo fights they say somthing like "blue armbands are friendly's" so i was thinking more of running out and saying something like "im hurt, im backing out" with the blue armband on then running for my life, if works in the first place
  9. so i get that you cannot impersonated other groups in ways that can bring harm to them but what about the following scenario. your group and another group are fighting all your guys die but you lets say 2 of there guys rush you and get killed are you allowed to swap all your clothes with the dead enemy (including armbands) in an attempt to escape alive? (i know this probably has a low success rate of working, but its something that has crossed my mind of doing when ive been involved in big group fights ) Thanks
  10. i did not speak on radio at all my guy that was manex you can hear in the clip. and thats the last i will say about it since we are not really meant to do pointless back and forth comments
  11. yea, you can see that did happen, but for what its worth, me and @CrushedMayo where deafen'd on "Radio" so we didn't hear him
  12. a mysterious man with a guitar showed up on our doorstep, never said a word he played for us, we all danced and drank beer around a fire. Great Experience. GUITAR MAN COME BACK
  13. RoysPOV: we were looting around Novaya Petrovka when @Robert Faltin (johnny) ran into 2 guys and started to talk/ trade with them. after a few minutes 2 other guys walk up to us and join the conversation, one of the guys notices that one of the first guys has a "Fal" and asks if he wants to trade for it, the guy he asked did not respond to this. after a few more minutes another one of there friends show up (the guy in the white bottoms) and jumps on top of the car, lays down and begins to initiate on us. the guy with the "Fal" and his friend start to run and immediately get shot at, all three of the initiating group begin to chase and kill them. we are left alone for a few minutes so me and Armada Bergen begin to run, thats when the guy in the white bottoms chases us. I run and hide in a nearby bush (super sneaky like) and burgen carry's on running and is killed. Edit: I personally don't have an issue with the encounter since i didn't lose anything.
  14. Cracka_tee

    Green Boiz

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