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  1. Hi Admins, I am unable to get into the servers - I am white-listed but haven't played for quite a while. Its still saying im white listed in on the website but i cant access the game. Can somebody please help me as I'm itching for some real dayZ again Its giving me the - "admin kick - not whitelisted" Cheers
  2. Hi Greg! I'm a subscriber of yours! Hope to see myself in your vids soon :-)
  3. Im looking for Col.Paul Atticus - If you see this Paul or if anyone see's Paul while in Chernarus please respond to this message... I shall check everyday. Paul and I were a great team; we had each others backs through thick and thin during our time in this forsaken land... we were separated during a frantic zombie attack and haven't seen each other for 2 days now. Please help me find my buddy Paul! Rob Jones.
  4. I will help others if there is hope for them. If not, I won't waste my resources.
  5. Great back story. Gritty but great!
  6. Hi guys, Just completed my app and am really hoping to be successful. I have been waiting for an RP experience like this all my life! Hopefully see you in Chernarus soon!