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  1. EvanWhite

    Attention South Zagoria [Open Frequency]

    *Presses down the PTT, distant banter can be heard* Well I can't help you there friend the "testing" won't end I'm afraid. Well we might not need to hunt you in the beginning, but once we are done with the first wave of you, we will hunt the remnants of you until there is nothing, and who is this other guy that is trying to start shit. You need to probably stay out of this. And also I suggest you hide. *starts coughing- transmission ends*
  2. EvanWhite

    Attention South Zagoria [Open Frequency]

    *White picks up radio with a smirk on his face* Well you could say that, but our honest goal here is to find out who has the will to live. To look death in the face and run into it with no fear, and have them come out as champions of life, and continue to live another day. We don't want people to die, but survive when the tunnel of life looks so dark, and to not give up so they can really see what they are capable of. Also the sing part is to have fun after there ceremony, and to lighten things up. *end transmission*
  3. EvanWhite

    Attention South Zagoria [Open Frequency]

    * White picks up radio, presses PPT* Were not talking about you. You dense cunt. I'm talking to the woman, and for you and your people if you walk away now with no quarrel. I let you off easy since someone in your group help one of ours when he was alone from the horseman, but test us and the hunt will be relentless. *End Transmission*
  4. EvanWhite

    Attention South Zagoria [Open Frequency]

    *Pushes down PPT, laughter can be heard in the background* To all of you what we started will be ended briefly, and the world will go on. Not all of us are good runners like Mr.Schulthz, but I will tell you that doesn't matter because by the end of our barrage of bullets your bodies will lay on the ground life-less. You might get some of us, but that doesn't matter because we have an overflow of people that are ready to replace our forces, but you only have so many with all that fighting with 101. Did you really think we believed your stupid lie are you so vain to think we would believe your stupid bullshit. You , and your group make me laugh.So to all of you watch the hunt. Ohh and 101 has no base you stupid fucks. *Chuckles, White releases PPT and starts cleaning his weapons*
  5. EvanWhite

    Attention South Zagoria [Open Frequency]

    *White grabs radio, Pushes down PPT* Ahhh boys I think we got one of those P.C dick heads on the coms trying to reform society. let me tell you something... you're on the big boys channel. You can talk all the shit you want on here, but when we see you face to face all that built up confidence is going to turn into chills running down your coward spine, So if YOUR NOT READY TO STEP UP in person you should stay away, or the wolfs might get a midnight snack. *White releases PPT and starts eating more wolf steak*
  6. EvanWhite

    Attention South Zagoria [Open Frequency]

    *White picks up his radio while eating some wolf steak, and picking at his teeth, Presses PPT* You didn't hunt us dinner and for Christ-sakes you didn't sing you had that girl do it, this won't change shit, everyone will forget and we will still get more people to hunt and see what they are made of. Fuckin' Rat. *He chuckles, releases his PPT, and goes to his campfire where all his people are sitting*