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  1. From my perspective, I was not caught in the crossfire as you went from Killing @Fenrir which was closest to me, then to shooting @SidChaos which was closest to the Canuck, then dinally shooting me, the only reason I survived was because I was closest to the corner of the building and was able to duck around the corner. Edit: @kranen The main issue here was not your RP, as over time you'll get better, whether or not you go to the mentor program provided. The main issue is that you did not initiate, and did not have defense rights as we had no initiation on you. Just apologize for it so we can close this report and move on with our RP lives.
  2. My character doesn't speak, like, at all.
  3. My character's name is Sumniko, I run a Deaf Girl wose only method of hearing is a jury-rigged radio with wires that thread up into her ears as an improvised hearing aid. Due to a childhood disease called Prebuscusis my character does not speak as that would attract unwanted attention to the way she speaks due to her being very hard of hearing. So in the quote aboe, the 'woman', being my character, said nothing and was supsequently shot roughly 5-6 times, keep in mind, I had a rain jacket in my hand, and none of us displayed any form of hostility toward the accused. The one speaking to @kranen spoke jovially and laughed a lot, wondering why @kranen's character didn't understand pop culture references. Jokingly he also said we are 'commiting mass murder in this town' to which the accused pulled his weapon off his shoulder asking "What did you say?" Again he repeated himself, still all of our weapons are on our backs aside from the accused. When the accused backed up, he stepped behind his car, pulled a 100 round drum mag from his rifle, then packed it with more rounds. He then loaded it back up. To everyone, deffinately not quietly or discreetly, and also still in a joking manner. The speaker of our group said "Guys, he didn't have a loaded mag that was our chance." The accused asked: "Are you threatening me?" Speaker: *Laughs* Accused: "Are you threatening me?" Speaker: Laughing still, with no weapon out, "Yeah sure, why not." This is when the gunfire erupts, the accused fires upon the speaker, killing him, then he fires on the 'Banter Lord' as he calls himself, killing him, then fires at me, I manage to run around the building and out of sight. The demeanor from the outset from when the accused stepped from the car was immediately hostile. Asking us in an aggressive tone what we were doing in "his" city. He drew his weapon first, and did not initiate at all. From my point of view this was a chance for him to try and clam kill rights because a person was simply being sarcastic to him.
  4. Myself and accused talked out the situation, the situation was not fully communicated to myself, and in the chaos could not have been. I would request this report closed.
  5. 4.1: Demands and conditions during hostile interaction upon my character were never made clear, nor were they communicated to him, other than a simple rifle to the face "comply or die" 3.2: Among the members of your group people did not behave logically or in a manner that showed full comprehension of roleplay aspects of the situations. 2.3: Focus on only the PvP aspect was very much apparent as the only interaction my character had was a "comply or die" situation. Roleplayers do not appreciate these interactions, and it makes no sense logically or in any way a aspect of RP. 4.3: Invalid initiation, due to 2.3 and the use of a "kill right" on a compliant hostage, or at least from my perspective he sounded like a very compliant hostage. 4.4: Hostile situations must focus on the roleplay experience of both attackers and victims. Nobody in their, from my observation gained any real roleplay from this charade. 4.6: If you successfully capture a player through a hostile action you must care for them and do everything to keep them alive and in a relatively good state of health. The hostage executed by your group did not display a direct threat, he was compliant, he did not talk back, did not have any named groups from the interactions I perceived, and there were no demands for his release with compensation made to a seperate group and that group not meeting said demands, thus allowing his execution.
  6. Server And Location: DayzRP.S1 Vybor Town Approximate Time And Date of Incident: Approximate time (I unfortunately have no idea how to check server time) was 7:11pm PDT My in Game Name: Orel Mikhailov Names of allies involved: N/A, the alias of a character involved is Ellie, besides her there were 7 others. Name of suspects: N/A Group name "Bandeetoes" they spelled it out as such in game. A rough estimate of the number of them was 8-9 Friendly/Enemy Vehicles: N/A Additional Evidence: N/A Detailed Description of Events: I logged in at apprximately 7pm PDT and was greeted by a man who asked my name then immediately told me to raise my hands and drop my weapon. RP elements completely negated in exchange for hostile RP, following this my Plate Carrier as well as all the ammunition I carried for my primary, a Vityaz-SN. The initiation made no sense in an RP aspect as my character was just wandering through the town of Vybor, demands for myself were never stated, other than to put my hands in the air and comply with commands from the "Bandeetoes" I was led to a Green 2-story house where they had corralled the 8 other hostages. They then moved us into the schoolhouse next to the Police station. They made demands for information on a group calling themselves: Dead Batteries. The other hostages were compliant and trying to give information. They then began to beat some of the hostages for no apparent reason. After a few hits they backed off and called forward Ellie, who roleplayed the event very well, they cut here what seemed like three times after she gave them information on the Dead Batteries. A bit of shouting from the Bandeetoes side later, they called a man forward, and shot him in the head. He was compliant throughout the ordeal, I am unaware of his name, his character "appeared to be 16-17 years old" he typed this out in chat. I believe this kill to be an invalid kill as he was compliant with demands. The group of Bandeetoes then suddenly ran out of the School House, in a very confusing manner. My character was never asked any questions in this event, nor was he injured at all. I believe the rules at fault would be: 4.1, 3.2, 2.3, 4.3, 4.4, 4.6
  7. *The radio is passed down the line once more, the button still pressed.* "Yes sir, I, Franklin Murphy, support the Chedaki and their claim for independence of South Zagoria, Slava Chedaki." His voice isn't shaky, and has a southern twang to it. The radio is passed along to the next.
  8. Server and location: DayZRp S1, Northwest Airfield Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): It was about 5 minutes ago now, not sure what the server time was as I crashed immediately after, not sure if it was a server restart or not. Your in game name: David York Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Not a clue, they were off in the distance and shooting me with what I think was a handgun. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: I was leaving Northwest airfield, heading toward the wall when I started taking random shots from somebody behind me, he shot me I think four times, and then was beaten down by zombies. I survived, but there was no interaction from this player.
  9. I had my rifle out in my lap long before he arrived, as my character always does, as he's seen my character do before. I have spoken to him, and others in the same tone of voice, and indifference as I have done to other and himself. When I told him he was the one being aggressive, he drew his weapon and told me that he'll bring his boys here if I continue to disrespect him, which at no point did I ever. It was obvious the situation would devolve into a gunfight if I stood up without somebody saying so. In prior encounters with these 'Garcias' on other characters the same instances have happened, where if any word is said or if you appear to act in a hostile manner, you will get shot or have your shit stolen. It is obvious from this the only care in your group is not that of rp, but rather that of PvP, which is also not allowed in the rules to be focused upon. Myself, Jack, and Logan were enjoying a nice rp before Boris decided to throw a hissy fit about a simple comment, which still makes no sense in roleplay.
  10. Yes, he made it very clear that the intent was to have my character killed there if I made any movement that could have been 'construed' as hostile. Had I decided to argue back, instead of trying to diffuse the situation I am positive he would have initiated a hostile action based on the premise of 'Vato doesn't match the russian accent'
  11. Boris was the original instigator in this situation with him barging into the pub claiming I was disrespecting him, and I hadn't given anyone attitude during the entire ordeal. Boris continued to heckle my character about a simple comment, claiming I was being aggressive, even though I was sat on the ground the entire time, up until you came in and told me to take a walk. Excuse me for not exactly being able to rp a fearful character when the rp was already bad from the get go. Besides, a military member as part of the Marine Corps undergoes SEAR training which is a training regime for Marines as a hostage. My character was acting within the confines of his mind being that he never disrespected you, so you 'beating' a lesson into him would have no affect. The situation within the barn was fine, the main issue I have is with Boris constantly trying to get my character to start a fight for the entire time he was rping with mine, which isn't exactly an rp that would make sense in any scenario whatsoever. Boris was attempting to bait David into hostile action so he could get you boys and himself kill rights upon my character.
  12. Server and Location: S2 Lopatino Castle Approximate Time and Date: 4:10 12/2/2018 In Game Name: David York Names of Allies Involved: Logan Weber, Jack Peterson Names of Suspects: Garcia Cousins (Ricardo Garcia, Hector Garcia, Boris) Friendly/Enemy Vehicles Involved: N/A Additional Evidence: Logan Weber and Jack Peterson Detailed Description: Myself, Logan, and Jack were all chatting inside of the pub up at Lopatino castle when Boris, a man wearing a Orange raincoat, white bulletproof vest, NBC pants, white sneakers, blue taloon backpack and a black leather hat came in, speaking in a Russian accent while saying the Spanish word: Vato. I remarked in game that the word didn't match the accent, then he became angry about it, and proceeded to remark that I was being 'disrespectful' toward him and that I was also aggressive, though I was sat on the floor. He then remarked that I should watch my tongue and attitude, though my tone and voice never changed. He then asked my character if he was a Marine or not, to which I replied "I'm a Fucking Marine", as any Marine does. He also took that as aggressive, even though I was still sat on the floor. I told him that the only person here being aggressive was him, and also reassured him on multiple occasions that he was the one being aggressive. He then called up two others, one being Hector Garcia and the other being Ricardo Garcia, remarking over the radio that I was being disrespectful and also aggressive toward him. He left the pub around this point and after a short while came back, to myself still sitting there, claiming that I was being aggressive again. It was at this point I told him he was the only aggressive one here, and he drew his weapon. This was when Ricardo and Hector arrived and told me to come along with them, they took me to a barn a short ways away from the castle and told me to put my hands up, at which point my M4 glitched and disappeared, they then told me to place my vest and backpack on the ground, insisting that I disrespected them somehow, then proceeded to punch my character until unconscious, and after I woke up, I went to repair my damaged jacket, to which they punched me until unconscious again, this time ruining the jacket, they then forced my character to speak over a 'radio' to say my name, MOS, and that I was their property and that if anyone messes with the Garcias they will kill them. Then they said if my character learned to not disrespect them, to which I replied that I never did, at which they knocked me unconscious again. Then they asked again, to which I sighed and replied "Sure, I guess." During this entire situation, the man in the Orange raincoat was trying to instigate my character, who had been working for the House, which the Garcias are allied to, into doing something, to which I tried to keep my cool, considering my character's allegiance to the house. I unfortunately do not have any recordings of the situation, but Logan Weber and Jack Peterson were there to witness the entire charade of RP that happened in the pub at Lopatino Castle.
  13. I do not care that I am dead ,what I care about is that you use no roleplay whatsoever in these situations. The entire point of this could have been completely voided if your faction wasn't so set on robbing and killing every character that exists that isn't part of your group. Edit: Talked out in discord.
  14. So you just rob/kill anyone who is trying to loot, instead of telling me to leave the town, or post somebody at the door, or even rp. First off you tell me you're going to kill me, doesn't prompt a compliant response from anyone. Then before a 30 second period passes, you fire upon somebody in a room, which you have no clear hostile intentions from. From past interactions with your group, the only thing you want is to antagonize people to attack, so that you gain kill rights and can thustly perform PvP under the pretense of the rules. I had no intention of fighting you, and as you can see clearly a man with a mosin can literally do no damage against a group of men armed with automatic weapons. Your argument of me being a threat is invalid even seeing me as one. I would have to have been a fucking idiot to have even shot at one of you especially when you surround a town, just to rob and kill anyone that passes through.
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