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  1. In her infancy, Sumiko developed a disease called Presbyucusis, a sensorineural hearing loss disease. As she gre w older, her auditory pickup up certain decibals of sound became so deteriorated, that by the age of nineteen, without hearing aids, she was unable to pickup any sounds that were not absurdly loud. This disease had led her to many kids in her elementary and middle school classes not understanding her condition and bullying her because of it. She was subject to many restless days at school where her fellow classmates would toss her notebooks away or steal her stuff from behind her back without her noticing. Her home life was rather nice, her mother and sister were a great help to her and supported her throughout programs implemented at school to educate the other students in sign language and what hearing loss is and it's characteristics. These implementations led to more complications among the students, they berated her more and blamed her for the changes they had to indure. This bullying she received was uplifted once she entered high school, as she had been sent to a different one in the region. At this school, she was placed in the special education room to get specific schooling tailored to her condition. She graduated high school in the summer of 2017. As a graduation present, her mother took her and her sister on a flight to reach their homeland in Japan, the itenerary of the flight was to spend some time in Europe, then grab a plane out of the Ukraine and from there fly to Japan. Her mother passed away soon after preparations were being prepared. Sumiko and her sister decided to delay the vacation until they could take care of their mother's funeral preparations. This whole process and the expenses of it took up their flight and travel money. Two years later, the flight was finally able to be taken. This process took a lot longer than anticipated due to the outbreak. Sumiko and her sister had gathered a lot of supplies and materials for a shady man who called himself "Driver". He owned an older model C-47 dual propeller plane. He agreed to take them over the Atlantic and into Europe. Their flight was very easy going and they arrived at a private airstrip rather easily. The infected were in lower numbers in this area and made the refueling process a bit easier. After the C-47 had it's needed fuel, they continued the flight over the Green Sea. As the plane traveled over the Green Sea, it's older engines succumbed to their age. The plane's older engines could not hold up against the cold crreeping into them due to the change in elevation along the Earth's axis. The plane made a rough landing as it crossed over Chernogorsk and plummeted into the Green Sea. Sumiko and her sister survived the crash, Sumiko was unconscious but her sister had pulled her ashore. When Sumiko awoke though, her sister was nowhere to be found, aside from a note that read" Should you awake soon, I'll be looking for supplies." Reading this, Sumiko set out on a determined quest to find her sister.
  2. Myself and accused talked out the situation, the situation was not fully communicated to myself, and in the chaos could not have been. I would request this report closed.
  3. 4.1: Demands and conditions during hostile interaction upon my character were never made clear, nor were they communicated to him, other than a simple rifle to the face "comply or die" 3.2: Among the members of your group people did not behave logically or in a manner that showed full comprehension of roleplay aspects of the situations. 2.3: Focus on only the PvP aspect was very much apparent as the only interaction my character had was a "comply or die" situation. Roleplayers do not appreciate these interactions, and it makes no sense logically or in any way a aspect of RP. 4.3: Invalid initiation, due to 2.3 and the use of a "kill right" on a compliant hostage, or at least from my perspective he sounded like a very compliant hostage. 4.4: Hostile situations must focus on the roleplay experience of both attackers and victims. Nobody in their, from my observation gained any real roleplay from this charade. 4.6: If you successfully capture a player through a hostile action you must care for them and do everything to keep them alive and in a relatively good state of health. The hostage executed by your group did not display a direct threat, he was compliant, he did not talk back, did not have any named groups from the interactions I perceived, and there were no demands for his release with compensation made to a seperate group and that group not meeting said demands, thus allowing his execution.
  4. Server And Location: DayzRP.S1 Vybor Town Approximate Time And Date of Incident: Approximate time (I unfortunately have no idea how to check server time) was 7:11pm PDT My in Game Name: Orel Mikhailov Names of allies involved: N/A, the alias of a character involved is Ellie, besides her there were 7 others. Name of suspects: N/A Group name "Bandeetoes" they spelled it out as such in game. A rough estimate of the number of them was 8-9 Friendly/Enemy Vehicles: N/A Additional Evidence: N/A Detailed Description of Events: I logged in at apprximately 7pm PDT and was greeted by a man who asked my name then immediately told me to raise my hands and drop my weapon. RP elements completely negated in exchange for hostile RP, following this my Plate Carrier as well as all the ammunition I carried for my primary, a Vityaz-SN. The initiation made no sense in an RP aspect as my character was just wandering through the town of Vybor, demands for myself were never stated, other than to put my hands in the air and comply with commands from the "Bandeetoes" I was led to a Green 2-story house where they had corralled the 8 other hostages. They then moved us into the schoolhouse next to the Police station. They made demands for information on a group calling themselves: Dead Batteries. The other hostages were compliant and trying to give information. They then began to beat some of the hostages for no apparent reason. After a few hits they backed off and called forward Ellie, who roleplayed the event very well, they cut here what seemed like three times after she gave them information on the Dead Batteries. A bit of shouting from the Bandeetoes side later, they called a man forward, and shot him in the head. He was compliant throughout the ordeal, I am unaware of his name, his character "appeared to be 16-17 years old" he typed this out in chat. I believe this kill to be an invalid kill as he was compliant with demands. The group of Bandeetoes then suddenly ran out of the School House, in a very confusing manner. My character was never asked any questions in this event, nor was he injured at all. I believe the rules at fault would be: 4.1, 3.2, 2.3, 4.3, 4.4, 4.6
  5. *The radio is passed down the line once more, the button still pressed.* "Yes sir, I, Franklin Murphy, support the Chedaki and their claim for independence of South Zagoria, Slava Chedaki." His voice isn't shaky, and has a southern twang to it. The radio is passed along to the next.
  6. Franklin has always been a simple man, he had never really seen himself as much more than just a simple hard worker. He had worked many odd jobs throughout his life. most of which being part-time at fast food joints across the country. He had always lived in his car and never really wanted for much aside from simple commodities such as food, water, electricity and maybe the occasional wifi spot. His life wasn't all too meaningless, in one of the towns he had stopped to work in there was a diner he applied for. He began working there in just a few weeks. He got to know one of the ladies who worked the registers, her name was Cindy. She had been somewhat of a light and inspiration for him to do something better than just try and get by. He found himself a steady job working full time at a local store. He got a meager salary and he constantly sent that back to his bank, and dabbled a bit into the stock market to try and speed up his earnings. A few months later he started talking with Cindy quite a bit more, and eventually the two became somewhat inseparable. He wanted to show her new and exciting places, and she had been eager to come along. Together they went in on plane tickets and bought their way to Europe, which they rented a car and traveled all around. Last Autumn, Cindy had caught very ill from a bit she received while the two were trying to help an injured man. She eventually died in one of the clinics, and was subsequently cremated. The end goal of the two was to explore the Caucasus mountains together. Frank climbed up them and spread her ashes on the peak. He found his way down the other side, expecting to be able to find some transport back home inside of the South Zagoria region, but was met with severe disappointment when he found out that the man they tried to help wasn't an isolated case.
  7. Orel was born in the small town of Novy Lug on March 5th, 1989 and would grow up in a relatively well-off household. He went to college after high school and immediately began studying. During his 4 years at college, he was studying to become a teacher. He wanted to study abroad in America so he studied English as a minor, he studied political History as his major. Though, when unrest began showing it's dreary head to the lesser known towns and cities, he decided the only option was to join the Chernorussian Defense Force, and would meet action after 3 years in infantry training. In Autumn of 2009, Orel was attached to a infantry unit in direct conflict with ChDKZ insurgents. Once he showed his knowledge of the English language, he was sent to be a liason and translator between the Marine forces operating in South Zagoria and the CHernorussian Defence Force. He served the Marines until the drawdown of NATO forces in the area.
  8. Godfrey was born in a run down home in North Yorkshire, to a small family. During his birth and conception, his mother died. His father never truly forgave Godfrey for this, as he saw that it was the child's fault for being born and causing the mother difficulties during the birth, so he left Godfrey outside in one of the sheds. Godfrey had lain there for quite some time, a hungry baby, though he remained quiet. During this time, a few men rolled through, seeming to be looking for stuff to steal from the anyone who dared leave their doors unlatched. They stumbled on Godfrey, and decided that this could be a sight for sore eyes, and so they kidnapped him, originally planning to ransom him out. The plan backfired as the original father had no care for the infant. The men then decided that maybe they could raise this child into somewhat of a money making machine as people seem to see children as innocent creatures. They cared for him throughout his toddler days, teaching him how to steal and profit off of stolen goods. He picked up rather easily, and this got him into quite a few fistfights and beatdowns. His skull deformed and became rather thick as his skin scarred over from the multitude of fighting, his jaw had also been broken and set multiple times, each one healing incorrectly causing his speech to become rather sloppy. He never received formal education as a result of his guardians. Those guardians stole tickets for planes as well, getting them a first class ticket out of North Yorkshire and the English island. Their destination had been a rather large city within the Ukraine, they then robbed a lot of people and pick-pocketed where they could, at this point Godfrey was a budding adult, and thought that some war torn countries could be rife with profit. He gathered a few of his guardians, which were getting well on in years and traveled with them to the South Zagorian border, bribing some of the border guards, they rolled through without much delay. Godfrey and his cohorts found themselves in the midst of a war racked by civil war, so they turned to looting corpses and homes abandoned by civilians. They turned a decent profit until the dead started walking. Eventually Godfrey had lost his cohorts to the walking dead, and he himself was the only remaining one.
  9. Server and location: DayZRp S1, Northwest Airfield Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): It was about 5 minutes ago now, not sure what the server time was as I crashed immediately after, not sure if it was a server restart or not. Your in game name: David York Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Not a clue, they were off in the distance and shooting me with what I think was a handgun. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: I was leaving Northwest airfield, heading toward the wall when I started taking random shots from somebody behind me, he shot me I think four times, and then was beaten down by zombies. I survived, but there was no interaction from this player.
  10. I had my rifle out in my lap long before he arrived, as my character always does, as he's seen my character do before. I have spoken to him, and others in the same tone of voice, and indifference as I have done to other and himself. When I told him he was the one being aggressive, he drew his weapon and told me that he'll bring his boys here if I continue to disrespect him, which at no point did I ever. It was obvious the situation would devolve into a gunfight if I stood up without somebody saying so. In prior encounters with these 'Garcias' on other characters the same instances have happened, where if any word is said or if you appear to act in a hostile manner, you will get shot or have your shit stolen. It is obvious from this the only care in your group is not that of rp, but rather that of PvP, which is also not allowed in the rules to be focused upon. Myself, Jack, and Logan were enjoying a nice rp before Boris decided to throw a hissy fit about a simple comment, which still makes no sense in roleplay.
  11. Yes, he made it very clear that the intent was to have my character killed there if I made any movement that could have been 'construed' as hostile. Had I decided to argue back, instead of trying to diffuse the situation I am positive he would have initiated a hostile action based on the premise of 'Vato doesn't match the russian accent'
  12. Boris was the original instigator in this situation with him barging into the pub claiming I was disrespecting him, and I hadn't given anyone attitude during the entire ordeal. Boris continued to heckle my character about a simple comment, claiming I was being aggressive, even though I was sat on the ground the entire time, up until you came in and told me to take a walk. Excuse me for not exactly being able to rp a fearful character when the rp was already bad from the get go. Besides, a military member as part of the Marine Corps undergoes SEAR training which is a training regime for Marines as a hostage. My character was acting within the confines of his mind being that he never disrespected you, so you 'beating' a lesson into him would have no affect. The situation within the barn was fine, the main issue I have is with Boris constantly trying to get my character to start a fight for the entire time he was rping with mine, which isn't exactly an rp that would make sense in any scenario whatsoever. Boris was attempting to bait David into hostile action so he could get you boys and himself kill rights upon my character.
  13. Server and Location: S2 Lopatino Castle Approximate Time and Date: 4:10 12/2/2018 In Game Name: David York Names of Allies Involved: Logan Weber, Jack Peterson Names of Suspects: Garcia Cousins (Ricardo Garcia, Hector Garcia, Boris) Friendly/Enemy Vehicles Involved: N/A Additional Evidence: Logan Weber and Jack Peterson Detailed Description: Myself, Logan, and Jack were all chatting inside of the pub up at Lopatino castle when Boris, a man wearing a Orange raincoat, white bulletproof vest, NBC pants, white sneakers, blue taloon backpack and a black leather hat came in, speaking in a Russian accent while saying the Spanish word: Vato. I remarked in game that the word didn't match the accent, then he became angry about it, and proceeded to remark that I was being 'disrespectful' toward him and that I was also aggressive, though I was sat on the floor. He then remarked that I should watch my tongue and attitude, though my tone and voice never changed. He then asked my character if he was a Marine or not, to which I replied "I'm a Fucking Marine", as any Marine does. He also took that as aggressive, even though I was still sat on the floor. I told him that the only person here being aggressive was him, and also reassured him on multiple occasions that he was the one being aggressive. He then called up two others, one being Hector Garcia and the other being Ricardo Garcia, remarking over the radio that I was being disrespectful and also aggressive toward him. He left the pub around this point and after a short while came back, to myself still sitting there, claiming that I was being aggressive again. It was at this point I told him he was the only aggressive one here, and he drew his weapon. This was when Ricardo and Hector arrived and told me to come along with them, they took me to a barn a short ways away from the castle and told me to put my hands up, at which point my M4 glitched and disappeared, they then told me to place my vest and backpack on the ground, insisting that I disrespected them somehow, then proceeded to punch my character until unconscious, and after I woke up, I went to repair my damaged jacket, to which they punched me until unconscious again, this time ruining the jacket, they then forced my character to speak over a 'radio' to say my name, MOS, and that I was their property and that if anyone messes with the Garcias they will kill them. Then they said if my character learned to not disrespect them, to which I replied that I never did, at which they knocked me unconscious again. Then they asked again, to which I sighed and replied "Sure, I guess." During this entire situation, the man in the Orange raincoat was trying to instigate my character, who had been working for the House, which the Garcias are allied to, into doing something, to which I tried to keep my cool, considering my character's allegiance to the house. I unfortunately do not have any recordings of the situation, but Logan Weber and Jack Peterson were there to witness the entire charade of RP that happened in the pub at Lopatino Castle.
  14. In 2015, York joined the US Marines, with the intent of becoming a Radio Operator with 1st Recon. He trained himself throughout Boot Camp, and during MCT opted in for Basic Reconnaissance Course, and passed it with flying colors. He spent 2 years in Okinawa, Japan as part of the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force and as such was subjected to their training. In 2017, he found himself on a C-130 Transport en route to the Chernaurussian airspace in support of NATO Operations in the area. A few days later he found himself in the heart of Elektrozavodsk under the command of Lieutenant Killian. During the weeks and month after his arrival in Chernaurus, he was put on multiple recon patrols into the Chernaurussian countryside and on many occassions the patrols underwent combat operations in taking out key elements of the Chedaki, and putting down political leaders of riots and the occassional run in with the dead. During the drawdown of NATO forces across Chernaurus, the Recon force led by Lieutenant Killian were cut off by the rioting and infected that littered the street. The retreated North into the countryside, following the route to Myshkino and found it to be defended by remnants of the CDF, UN and NATO peacekeeping forces. The Lt. joined their ranks alongside his men until a large group of survivors led by rage toward the peacekeeping forces assaulted the base, driving the survivors from their home. York, having found himself seperated from his platoon, began wandering way from Myshkino in the hopes of finding the remains of NATO or his team.
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