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  1. On the first point I may not have been clear. Rather than focusing on the way people are acting within Chernarus etc. I'm referring more to the fact of do zombies actually exist in the normal world pre-outbreak? In video games, films, tv series etc. etc. Or are we going Shaun of the Dead style, absolutely no idea of what a zombie is or how it acts/anything. Communism point noted, thanks ?
  2. 2 questions and I hope I'm not being stupid and asking them in the wrong place, or they've been answered somewhere and I've missed it. 1. Expanding from the 'players reacting to infected', this suggests that the term zombie doesn't exist? Is that true? Would the knowledge of zombies in pop-culture etc. exist or not? I've always wondered... 2. Regarding tourism and reasons for entering the country, are we able to create events that we were in the country for? For example, a Games convention/Youtuber con that Chernarus was hosting in order to boost tourism etc. Would this be ok or am I infringing on server-wide lore too much? Cheers in advance ?
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