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  1. Burgz

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

  2. Burgz


    Both of which are to be returned when the said 'risk' is over right? If the players are here, then technically the risk is never over thus why it is not physically returned and is instead (generously) given as server credit.
  3. Burgz


    I mean it's not advertised as a deposit, it's advertised as collateral lol.
  4. Burgz

    awww yisss

    I think most are still waiting for it to be properly finished. Isn't it still just vanilla and Chernarus atm?
  5. I'm not quite sure how the cycle works, would it have to be a full hour straight? or could it be say 10 minutes for every hour of day?
  6. Burgz

    Hello Everyone

    No idea who you are but welcome back! Glad to see some people making use of the amnesty!
  7. I guess it's also the lack of vehicles to get you to said gear. To get full full military spec gear would probably take about half an hour on the mod-ish. On SA I'm thinking it's at least 3 times that on average. It shouldn't affect RP but like Osaka said I bet it does.
  8. Granted but they're too small. I wish I could relive DayZ Mod 2014/15 era.
  9. I'm sure you can send in a picture of your ID and you'll be fine bro.
  10. No idea but you're staff so I guess you can have a 4/10