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  1. On the first point I may not have been clear. Rather than focusing on the way people are acting within Chernarus etc. I'm referring more to the fact of do zombies actually exist in the normal world pre-outbreak? In video games, films, tv series etc. etc. Or are we going Shaun of the Dead style, absolutely no idea of what a zombie is or how it acts/anything. Communism point noted, thanks ?
  2. 2 questions and I hope I'm not being stupid and asking them in the wrong place, or they've been answered somewhere and I've missed it. 1. Expanding from the 'players reacting to infected', this suggests that the term zombie doesn't exist? Is that true? Would the knowledge of zombies in pop-culture etc. exist or not? I've always wondered... 2. Regarding tourism and reasons for entering the country, are we able to create events that we were in the country for? For example, a Games convention/Youtuber con that Chernarus was hosting in order to boost tourism etc. Would this be ok or am I infringing on server-wide lore too much? Cheers in advance ?
  3. fuck me @Roland 50 euro?? You are a ballsy man, fair play. Only question I have, is why remove the account credit? Seems a little meh...
  4. Bump @Roland @Spartan @Brayces @JimRP Where do we go from here? Don't wanna submit an SR if that's not the correct avenue to take yet...
  5. You don't think that defeats the purpose of resetting the lore? The fundamentals will always be the same, the only thing that can really change is how the players roleplay. Plus, this possibility is essentially just a whitelist again right? Lotta work for little gain...
  6. It's all been said already but anyway. You can't blame the lore for stale RP, that's the players. You wanna really change the RP? Change the game? But no seriously, resetting the lore every year I assume includes wiping groups and characters which it would have to cus it's pretty pointless to start 'fresh' with all the same people. At the same time, how many people are gonna be pushed away at the thought that their group/character is gonna be worth nothing pretty soon? All that will happen is people will make the same character, like Jerry has said, maybe they'll change their name and they'll make the exact same groups, maybe changing the same small things. Even though it's Standalone, ARMA 2 Dayz was the same base game, yeah the lores different, but not enough to seriously impact anyone. We're all still in Chernarus, there's zombies everywhere and we're all still trying to survive. Only way you're gonna remove 'stale-ness' would be to crack down -real- hard on people who just aren't RPing well, host events like major said and introduce a staff faction maybe. You guys can't be telling me that the introduction of The Council didn't seriously spice things up back in mod days...
  7. I'll be honest, I didn't even know this support request thing existed. But yeah, that's relatively the same template I quickly thought of, guess we'll wait to hear from @Roland first though and then hopefully I'll submit an SR ?
  8. I got an answer from Rolle. He said there needs to be an official process. So here we are discussing the official process. Some people are confusing this between should we allow back disbanded groups, which fair play it's a weirdly worded thread, but the actual question is how should we go about it. What Spartan suggested is not the case. You can't really add sublevels to a poll and if I added more options I think people would get more confused.
  9. @R34P3R I don't think he was discounting your opinion mate, rather just saying surely as a newcomer you would want to see groups that you haven't seen before. Then he added on the end for the most part, every single group you see here today has been done before by someone else in some shape or form. But also, for my group in question for example, we added in another 2000 word backstory drawing on from our previous time on the server to bring us to where we are now lore wise (we played in mod days). What's the need for me to write the same thing again but essentially change a couple names round?
  10. Who's 85th? I wanted to bring back CRA, in a sense, but it's also to be applied generally to any group that wants to come back who were forcibly disbanded.
  11. @Spartan @Banshee Rolle had said to me that there needs to be a proper and official way of reviving these groups in place, that's kinda why I made the thread to gauge others opinions and their ideas for how we can implement. Spartan, personally I think that's how it should be but that's not really the point of the thread.
  12. @Callie That's what I hope to achieve with the thread, something laid out and proper. Maybe something like I suggested in OP?
  13. @Calliesounds like you're agreeing with an application? yeah you've somewhat described our steps. An official process seems like a better idea.
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