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  1. I'm not really returning, Rolle never even gave me my 'rating RP' thread back. I'm just saying hello and wondering at what the hell caused all dat drama?
  2. What is going on in this place??????
  3. Burgz

    DayZRP Miscreated Giveaway

    That counter is still going down lmao
  4. Burgz

    DayZRP Miscreated Giveaway

    is that a troll or wat?
  5. Think someone already asked about that one, yeah it's screwed in
  6. Yeah I'm all good now, from what people have said it's quite normal. I'll stick with the foam for now, as it's only touching the plastic of the graphics card, until I can be bothered to change it. Thanks everyone.
  7. Honestly it's sat with me all day and I still can't get over it. It's all a dream, Rick's gonna wake up in the hospital bed next episode.
  8. Honestly felt sick after watching it, and it wasn't the gore. I just...ugh. And you can't blame Daryl, Negan intentionally tried to make it look as if Daryl was to blame so he could separate him from the group even more.
  9. idk man, I think if I like glued the foam into place then there's not a chance it would come off, and I'm fairly certain it isn't conductive? and honestly, my cable management is so much better than it could be and I li can't fit anymore in the back of the case.
  10. I have a bit of foam there, wanted a more solid way to stick it there though tbh.
  11. Bit of a shit picture but now I remember the blue things on my motherboard were stopping that end from being fully squashed in, still wouldn't make a difference to the graphics card being straight though. http://m.imgur.com/1OAqp1A
  12. Well you know it goes along the motherboard in a sense but yeah I guess.
  13. yeah? I think so lel, the half that's like in the mobo is straight it's the end that isn't which is dropping. Can't send pic atm as I'm on it.
  14. About 90% certain nothing was bending, but it's just too long for the length of the slot.