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  1. Micheal Gordon

    Micheal Gordon was a scholar that transferred to a Chernorussian college for an abroad project. He got a good college education until everything went to sh*t. After it all started he had no clue what to do, had all his efforts with school been for nothing? Will he be able to adapt to this new world? He needed to find out how to live and so, he pushed himself to his limits. He worked hard looking for anything that will benefit his survival. Informational books, weapons, anything to survive. He learned a lot in the short time things have gone down, hopefully enough to survive. He's never been the most talkative so knowing how people work isn't his strong suit. When he was a child he got in a bad car accident and got a scar on his cheek, people looked at it badly and he tried to get away from it by not talking to many people. There isn't much else to know about him, atleast yet. He hasn't picked his motives yet, he will leave the world to the decision.
  2. Dayz Rp - Eddie Taberer

    From the album The Valkyries

    This is my character, the original idea for the Valkyries came from him. I love him to death as well as the rest of my crew.
  3. The Valkyries

    Just the good old crew.
  4. Dayz Rp - John Bulavard

    From the album The Valkyries

    One of the members of the Valkyrie crew. The hard headed idiot that doesn't die.
  5. Dayz Rp - Eddie Taberer

    I wanted a good memory of Eddie before the lore wipe so I put this together :D