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  1. Well uhh.... my name.. My name is Eddie. Eddie Taberer, hmmm. Where to begin. I.. I uhh come from the United States. Huh? Skip that part... ok... I uhh, got to chernorussia on a fishing boat. It was uhh, with my father. We came ashore and settled in. Of course, this was years before this all happened. Although.... I don't think we had permission to come here. We just did. Well, anyhow... after a while of living it easy, all of this started. I uhh, didn't want to have to deal with my father telling me this and that... so I ran off into the woods and lost my bearings. Now.. I'm stuck in these dreadful woods trying to learn how to survive. (Will Be Updated)
  2. The name's Angelo, I come from Brooklyn fuckin New York. I was born into a normal family. Fatha made shoes, Motha made clothes. It was a pretty unstable income and being able to live where I did wasn't to bad despite the low income. I needed a way to make money... and so I went out seeking a job. Apparently I went to the right place, some guy offa'd me a grand if I did some thieving work for him hehe. But he got shot by some guys in suits, I was fortunate to not get shot. I needed a job, so out of my mouth came the words "Heya, can I do anything for you fellas". That must've sparked something because they gave me a job. Bar tending at some bar called the "Drunken Italiano", this place sure changed me. Met a whole lot of weird and interesting people. After a while of working and making myself known in the bar they offa'd something to me that I couldn't refuse. A permanent allegiance with them, as in the guys in suits. I spent a whole year before they told me to do some "real work", if ya know what I mean hehe. I finally got into business and had a steady income coming into family. I decided it was time I spread outwards to newer grounds. I decided the small country of Chernorussia was a great place to start, I spent a year working my ass off for nothing. I had to make a decision, go back home or survive out here with these walking corpses. Hell, call me a fool but I chose the second option. I wasn't expecting any of it at first, but this opens up new opportunities for business. At least everyone out here can relate in more then one way. So here I am, an Italian who drinks too much Brandy trying to survive in an almost seeming desolate wasteland of a world.
  3. Micheal Gordon was a scholar that transferred to a Chernorussian college for an abroad project. He got a good college education until everything went to sh*t. After it all started he had no clue what to do, had all his efforts with school been for nothing? Will he be able to adapt to this new world? He needed to find out how to live and so, he pushed himself to his limits. He worked hard looking for anything that will benefit his survival. Informational books, weapons, anything to survive. He learned a lot in the short time things have gone down, hopefully enough to survive. He's never been the most talkative so knowing how people work isn't his strong suit. When he was a child he got in a bad car accident and got a scar on his cheek, people looked at it badly and he tried to get away from it by not talking to many people. There isn't much else to know about him, atleast yet. He hasn't picked his motives yet, he will leave the world to the decision.
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    Just the good old crew.
  5. I wanted a good memory of Eddie before the lore wipe so I put this together :D
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