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  1. Amazing stuff!!! Just because I may be extremely jealous of the quality of the pictures, what settings are you on?
  2. Hello guys! After playing wayyy too many hours of DayzSA, im glad to say im back. Nothing quite compares with this Dayz experience <3
  3. Thanks a lot for the encouragement! Cya all soon!
  4. Wohoo! After a long wait, it seems like my application paid off! Im dying to meet you guys in game, have wonderful adventures or just camp out talking about cool stories that have happened to you guys. Who knows, maybe ill even join a clan see you in chernarus!
  5. Cool idea man! Certainly relatable, to say the least. Will follow along in the future. Until then, keep up the good research!
  6. "Hey guys, you know what would be a good idea?" "Oh god, just shut up! Nobody liked hot cross buns (rock cover)!" "No, but listen, this one time, just this once, a big hit." *sigh* "What." "So like, theres this party, and theres animal costumes, and im singing what sounds they make-" "So like that childrens book" "y-y-yes, like that childrens book. But hear me out. so like, nobody knows what sounds a fox says, right? so like, we make out sounds for the fox, and like, sing them in the woods!" "NO!" "Ill put in sexy fox dancers" "Deal!" And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how things are made these days.
  7. Congrats man! still waiting on mine, but seems like it wont be long!
  8. thanks alpha! i did so indeed. and hey Alan, maybe we will meet in game!
  9. Thanks! Really helps me right now, especially with the framerate issue! Cheers
  10. Its amazing how many people want to play. Im especially excited about encounters that would get you killed in vanilla, like getting lifts from people, or holding up a camp. the possibilities are truly endless
  11. Cant wait to join in on this awesome rp action!