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  1. When I was 15 I was not like any normal teenager who liked to play football or play games. I like to play with weapons. knives pistols or whatever I could get my hands on. As days became months and months eventually turned into years I had mastered how to point, aim and shoot. I was becoming the ultimate warrior. My collection of weapons grew and grew. One day I was listening to the news when i heard of this mysterious diseases. so I started to research. At first everyone thought it was just a normal diseases that would last a while and the patient would eventually get better, but the more I looked into it the more I figured out. This is no ordinary diseases, this was the outbreak of the zombie virus. and the infection spread and the chaos grew, many people were looking for a place that was safe from everything. What we was all told to do was go to a place called Chernarus. This was apparently a safe haven, a getaway from the zombie apocalypse. So like any normal person I got as much survival gear as I could carry and got on the first evacuation helicopter over to Chernarus it was only when the chopper crashed off the shore that I realised. nowhere is safe.
  2. first of many builds. More to come Soontm
  3. http://bdcraft.net/community/pbdc-patches-rel-packs/feed-the-beast-beyond-t6121.html
  4. Legal stuff. factory stuff. all cool. no worries man. Here, i just took a bunch of screenshots from my perspective. probably a few repeats but whatever. sue me
  5. Revilo

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    Quite sure that banner is property of @Mellstrom 


    1. Roland


      It's from Sweddit :D

  6. Revilo


    Awesome man! thanks for the fast response!
  7. Revilo


    Just saw the server has been whitelisted, was wondering what the whitelisting process is gonna be
  8. get out now before its too late. you dont know what you're getting yourself into
  9. - User was warned for this post - Good Luck Nick
  10. Revilo

    Finger Licking Chicken (FLC) [Active] - Recruiting

    Clarence, dead people are eating living people! What are we going to do!? GOD DAMN CLARENCE You're a genius!
  11. +1 we should do the dayzRP "Bring back Mod" again i know exactly what's going to happen and so do many many others as of what i've read. it will come back it will decrease in popularity and ultimately die to have someone put up a thread wanting it back again because they're bored of standalone. i'm all up for having us "bring it back" for a month or so to spice things up. the server will die but the first few weeks would be fun
  12. Back in good ole mod days, if you got the novy spawn. that was bullshit. either falling 100m to your death or getting something like this happen and break your legs trying to get out [video=youtube]
  13. so either steam fucked up a little bit here, or i'm getting some nuclear powered internet right here.
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