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  1. Oh, wow, I did not know that. Thanks for the compliment! Reading back my stories I think I could do a lot better now. Criticism I initially disagreed with, including some of yours, now seems fair. I suppose it's hard to take a step back when you're in the middle of the story. Anyway, if I didn't make it clear back then, I appreciated your comments and your own work as well. It's a shame we didn't meet each other in-game, though my acting isn't nearly as good as my writing. I've been toying around with the idea of writing something new, but I'm not that keen on getting involved with this community again. I liked the past six months of absence. Hindsight is a bitch. A well known fact! You made it pretty clear by actually thinking about whatever criticism or suggestions I had. Most people don't even spare the time of the day to actually think about it so that was more than enough for me. I only lurk around. I don't like to burn bridges or anything so I check here every now and then to see how Standalone is doing and what's up with all that. I'll probably return once Standalone is a playable state - if only to give it another chance. Maybe I'll see you then (:
  2. @Alpha told me about it. We used to roleplay together on San Andreas and he said that I should try, despite the voice chat RP, which I honestly despise because it limits my roleplaying capability and immersion. That said, I tried, along with a few other friends, and actually enjoyed it. Then Alpha got banned (fairly, to be honest, though I do believe he deserved a second chance), and our little group sort of fell apart. I stuck around now and then, mostly to check up on @Namuthewhale and his continuation of our little group, considered returning a few times but it never worked out. Then I stuck around mostly because of @Gijs, because his stories were awesome and I hoped to happen to roleplay with him. Played a few times, but it never picked up again for me - mostly because, again, of the lack of text RP which I simply prefer. Hoping to try again once Standalone is in a more interesting, more close to finished state. Until then, just keeping my eye on the forums and what changes. Nice new layout! EDIT: Also, looking around the forums, everyone should check my post history (threads, that is) and re-read the guides I posted a long time ago. (:
  3. Limit the playable area to a smaller one to change things up and drastically increase the importance of player interaction. I.e. Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk are blocked by [organization] that holds full control and doesn't allow anyone to leave (but there is a "tunnel" made by barricading the road between the two). Players are forced to work together to wade off zombie attacks, resources are extremely scarce, staff can play members of the [organization] to increase/decrease tension etc. It can be easily a limited event (the survivors manage to break the [organization]'s dominance and break out, a different organization manages to attack, etc) if it doesn't prove to be too popular. But it changes things up, refreshes interest in those who lost it etc. The suggestions you posted are mostly aimed at getting new players in, which is good but then you're losing the backbone of the community and don't entice them very much. You need to think of something different, that changes the core gameplay of DayZ, engages the now smaller playerbase and brings in fresh ideas. What I suggested could, I think, bridge the time between now and DayZRP SA - which will freshen things up by itself.
  4. If anything - I would really really like to see a whitelisted server. Sure, no real rules enforcement possible unless it's very blatant rulebreaking, but I mean, it will still be 100% better than any other server.
  5. You saw his postcount and decided he jumps to conclusions pretty quick. This makes me feel you jump to conclusions pretty quick.
  6. Back in Unnamed, we would always listen to a walkman with speakers while walking across Chernarus (as we never ran/sprinted long distances). The way I did it is that I put the music on my tablet/phone and played it from there; it sounded a little more distorted, as if from an old music player, and gave great atmosphere.
  7. Anniversary: The previous gift skin: I guess I'm just unlucky
  8. I don't understand why worrying about not earning enough money is "disgusting" - they clearly turned from just a few hobbyists doing videos for fun into a business, you labeled them as such yourself. They have long since quit their day jobs and are making their living on Youtube, so of course it is a worry they have to constantly think about - internet community is unpredictable and they could be cut off from what is essentially their life funds almost instantly. Whether they are communicating well or doing mistakes is a completely different issue. In the end, they are still just a bunch of "kids" (mentally, at least) trying to run a business here. I've never found any of them particularly smart and they fell into Youtube fame more or less by accident. I don't think there's ever been a business plan and they just do things as they go - which naturally leads to mistakes. But this isn't a big company with experienced managers and financial backers, it's still just a bunch of friends suddenly thrown into making money from what is their hobby. Mistakes are to be expected, and considering who they are, I think they deserve a little leeway there. People are looking for mistakes specifically because they're successful but young. That Reddit post, for example, is full of people ridiculously nitpicking on the language used in replies and conspiracy theorists.
  9. Never seen this happen. Stop hanging around in Youtube comments section.
  10. MartinJ


    Rather than "vzpurnost", I would go for "Vzdor" or "Vzpoura". Vzpurnost is an attribute of a person, the literal translation would be "defiant" rather than "defiance". When choosing between vzdor and vzpoura: Vzdor - is a consistent, constant defiance against practically anything and everything, it could be anything from defying zombie apocalypse, to a government, etc. Vzpoura - is used when referring to military or government coup, and is less general than vzdor.
  11. I think that as much of the information that is currently being delivered via forums (groups/factions/clans, staff factions, new PCBs) should be omitted and private only to those relevant and of course the staff. Put the surprise back into DayZ, how could would it be to find out about TP either by stumbling into it randomly or word of mouth... or finding a new powerful faction just by running into them without having read about them on the forums beforehand?!
  12. The only thing I am concerned about is how Rolle managed this "announcement" and poll - it shows some pretty bad PR skills Otherwise, I have trust in his idea and I don't think it will affect DayZRP in a major way. In fact, I am surprised more mainstream successful communities of the niche-becoming way of playing so familiar to us (roleplaying) don't do this. My only ACTUAL major concern would be to make sure to keep every community strictly RP. The bad move would be for example to have a low roleplay standard server anywhere in the selection (I'm looking at you, GMod DarkRP - I have not seen a single community that provided decent, serious roleplay). If everything is kept just as strict (if not stricter) as on DayZRP, it should all be fine.
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