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  1. //This is not so centered on religion. It's centered on roleplaying,working together. I shall make another flyer tomorrow,tho I will be holding these each Sunday. //Oh sounds fun non the less, see you there.
  2. I'm Irish I know a lot about how the catholic church operates, when is the next meeting?
  3. KSVK

    I'm very Scare of KSVK.
  4. hey

    SO are you going to create new friends or will you always be a lone wolfy?
  5. How do you deal with bad/overly casual RP?

    I recently got accepted and at first I thought it would be awkward but now I'm just have a great time meeting everyone and telling my story it's a great mod. I'd even be go far to see more enjoyable then any other DayZ mod out there.
  6. So super excited to being my RP adventure