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  1. I have seen some mods on the workshop for hoards. Maybe if you guys can find a way to increase the amount of hoards when the server is low, And decrease them when the server is high, doing all that automatically.
  2. My point was that things like food and supplys wouldn't be an issue, for some time.
  3. I'm not saying completely wipe the map clean. Something like 20 to 40 Zeds a hoard, 3 or 4 hoards a map, and towns have something like 5 to 6 Zeds each, now if that's a bit mutch let me know.
  4. I don't know about the PVE aspect about dayzrp, most time while dealing with Zombies I find that people just make off hand comments about them, they are never treated as a threat. Most of the time im playing dayzrp I feel like I'm in Wyoming with a bit of crazy crack heads roaming around. Just making them stronger wont fix anything, people will just lock them in barns like they always do. One idea I had was decrease the amount of zombie around the map, and add one massive hord that roams the map. That way zombies can be scary again, and you get some ballen rp.
  5. One thing you are forgetting, is that the virus took out something like 99% of the population in the first couple weeks. Therefore resources like food that could support 1 million people for lets say 30 days, can support 10,000 people for 3000 days. that is not counting the amount of people that have already started to farm and hunt. ammo is a whole different story, this county was in a civil war, therefor a lots of guns and ammo. one thing people tend to forget however is that gas has a shelf life of about haft a year to one year at the most, so no more cars. what im trying to say is that if you want to go down the analytics, then you are going to need to answer some questions.
  6. In the mean time. grab a shovel and say its a guitar. *shovel on back is a guitar* or I have just strait up said that the shovel was made into a guitar...
  7. so i just went on a ten day through hiking trip for about 150 miles, and all i could think about is how the hell could someone run with 45lbs of fucking gear.

  8. In contrast to the post made more then a month ago, i wanted to see what makes people come back to the server. whether that is in game or not, what are some of the experiences that you hold in your mind when you think about this server?
  9. Oh I should note, we are taking volunteers for sick people.
  10. lets be real, the door is the most op weapon.
  11. Available for birthdays, weddings and bar mitzvahs, charge extra on weekends. good RP all around. ill go fishing with y'all anytime. @Johnny Navid i don't know what to say, but that was a good game of hide and seek
  12. I guess my second question would be, should it be that way? and what can we do to change it, if its not something the community wants? i think its necessary to make an unpopular decision though. if we make the game a bit harder, sure people may complain about the change. but if it brings people together in different ways, and it improves the RP, I'm all for it.
  13. I'm indifferent if it changes. If the community wants less guns that's fine. (Side Note) If things play out how I would imagine, I think you'll fine less guns around anyways. Here's the my reasoning behind that. there are quite a few people that do gun running, because that's one of the only roles at the moment. I believe, by creating more roles people will naturally drift towards them. I don't know about that, I find food all the time I threw away four bags of rice the other day, and it's not like I loot that often. It's all about your play style, if you already farm for your food, then you are set. But those that loot are then made reliant to those that make there own food. Or move to a place that can withstand them. I could image box trucks taking pallets of food to anarchy already.
  14. Is that how DayzRP is meant to be played? Is this a life server, or is it survival server? On the gun side, I'm actually indfrent to it. If we are talking real world, it would make sense that there are so much guns around. It's a country recovering from a civil war, and almost all of the population has died of... Plus you can't eat a gun. I don't mind the spawn rate to be honest if not more guns haha.
  15. I don't think it's going to be like that. Food shouldn't be rare, but It should be rare in places like towns. I would also be inclined to give more food to fresh spawns if that helped I do believe making food a commodity though will significantly increase player interactions. Rp on the server is all he said she said bull shit, you only get robed for the shit you say. if you were to add something like this, you could get deeper reasons for conflict, for groups and players alike. Plus you are placing more value to roles on the server. Right now there are no real roles outside of what is created via Rp. there is no need for fishermen, hunters or farmers. But if you add something like what I'm proposing they all of the sudden have value. What this altimetly dose is get people moving and reling on each other, while still keeping most of the aspects that makes Dayzrp enjoyable. Instead of finding food in house, you can just find someone selling food, or go to a settlement. If a campfire RP group wants to stay to themselves and survive, then there fishermen and hunter will need to feed them. It gives them responsibility in the group, makes them feel like they are contributing in a greater way, rather then just the Rping it being necessary. If a large or hostel group wants to survive, they need to move to an industrial area, or make another group give them food. This would give meaning to people on the server, while at the same time only slightly change the way people interact.
  16. One thing you can do is take out food spawns in residential areas. then make an item, such as a crate of food, that spawns in industrial areas. that would probably be the most basic way of implementing this. only one item added, and some editing to the spawn tables. I'm sure it wont be that easy.
  17. I believe that there is a lack of scarcity dayzrp. You can find everything you need where ever you go. There is nothing pushing people together. In an apocalyptic scenario like this, you can't loot the same town for almost two and haft years and still expect a can beans on the floor! That's the reason people are so spread out, and why most drama feels forced I can tell you where you can find a lot of people and settlements. They are by the only things on the map that has some level of scarcity, guns. That has been a fact since the beginnings of standalone. One suggestion, make food spawns rare in towns, and or move them to warehouse. This does two things; it encourages people to move to large towns, and it makes people take up some of the survival mechanics in-game. More importantly, what it does for RP. It encourages trade, and it legitimizes some professions in-game. The only thing that is worth trading in-game is guns and ammo, a want. If you add another tier to that, such as food ,a necessity, or medicine you will find that the people that have access to a lot of food can sell that for guns or protection. What this survival RPG needs are the survival aspect. There is no scarcity, the very thing that brought civility to the world. all there is is a utopia with a bit of forced drama.
  18. I vote no, it's just not natural. It takes away what is an individuals anonymity and assigning that to a group they might not be completely alinde to. I wouldn't want someone to judge my character by the armband I wear.
  19. Meeting people and leaning about there story's, in a weirdly natural way. running with a good friend, shit talking each other. also some of the bugs in this game are pretty hilarious.
  20. i hope you still have that video, that was too good... fun playing with y'all. @TheGlassSpider @Camo
  21. while y'all at it, bring in some cowboy boots for @Camo and me. A cowboy ain't shit without his Pink Derringer in there snake skin boots.
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