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  1. *Mr. Kovar takes out his radio and Presses down the PTT.* “From now on all employees of Kovar’s Market will carry company issued IDs. The ID will contain the name of the employee, their photo, and a unique ID number. All employees must show their company ID when requested by any military or civilian personnel. Please direct all complaints to me, Stanislav Kovar, or my son, Viktor Kovar. We can be reached on radio frequency 96.7.” *there is a pause* "Currently there is a man that goes by Grim, he is to not be trusted as a market employee, he is a black bald male. if found there will be reward for his capture. *He releases the the PTT*
  2. shout out @TheThrawn awesome character, hopefully you don't go shouting up my shop.
  3. i would like to say that was awsome. and thanks to everybody that rallying at Kovar's Market!
  4. Open Air Market Days at Kovar's Market

    come one come all to our open air market! all are welcome!
  5. Brotherhood Of Thieves [Recruitment Open]

    exited to see some more trade groups... good luck!
  6. The Depot [24.7 Hz]

    *Mr. Kovar would answer, pressing the PTT* "sir You may have heard of my markets adventures down in chernogorsk, Kovars Market. I open my doors to you and maybe I can teach you some ways of our trade now a days. you can reach my group through the radio frequency 96.7" *he releases the PTT*
  7. *Stanislav is about to go to bed when he remembered to get that radio broadcast done. He gets his radio from his belt and presses down on the PTT* “*an older chernarussian voice goes over the air* hello there people of Chernarus, you may have been to my shop, Kovar’s Market. I'm just letting everybody know that we are open for business. Our location is in a factory building west of chernogorsk. We accept books as our only form of payment. We are also looking for employs. I wish you all have a nice day.” *he releases the PTT and drops into the bed.*
  8. Kovar's Market

    Come on down to K-mart!
  9. Stanislav Kovar

    he was the son of a market keeper, Kovar's market was a small market place that started out in the 50's. Stan was in line to get the store from his father however he had a falling out with his farther at a young age. this causing Stan to move to the US to peruse his dreams of becoming a lawyer. the tensions lessened over the years as his love of his birth country grew, and his hate for his father dissipated. before going back to Chernarus he got married to an American lady tying down his ties to the States. in Chernarus he took up the market and took care of his father tell his passing. later on in his life his wife was diagnosed with Brest cancer, she passed away one year before the infection broke out.
  10. as much as i love the complement, to be fair i wouldn't consider this group of mine to be the best out there. we created this group to be some what of a joke in the beginning, but through the past couple days,we have grown into a fully working trading post. we may, to my best knowledge, be the only trading post to be fully working in the triangle, only to be targeted twice the whole past week. i will say that i do not think you really can compare the two forms of RP, do to there mass differences.
  11. hobo depo

    Got duct tape?
  12. company photo

    From the album hobo depo

  13. ikaoCvL.jpg

    From the album hobo depo

  14. duct tape!

    From the album hobo depo

    we got it.
  15. dealership

    From the album hobo depo

    cars are 6 duct tape