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  1. Ruan

    2018-04-03 approx 19:10 Avoiding RP

    Greg's POV, me and @Sylva were at the meeting tell the end. Sylva needed to head off so he logged at the airfield. I jumped in the bus and took it off the airfield. At this point I saw a guy running up in town away from the bus. I tried getting up the hill for a good 5 to 7 minutes. At that point I gave up and drove around. Around this time I saw 2 men running from town to the airfield.
  2. Greg Manson was born to a wealthy family. His father owned a local bank in upstate New York, his mother, a professor that taught the history at the local college. He began the early part of his life going to a college for business and minoring in industrial management, at the University of Toledo. Leaving there he started a logistics firm that consulted businesses on the import and export of goods. This business took off and he soon started buying up some of the same business he helped advised. His portfolio grew and grew ranging from flower shops in Mexico to vodka distilleries in Ukraine. Buying a penthouse in Boston at the age of thirty-five, having most of his adventure managed for him, he became obsessed with Roman culture. He listened to all the great speaker around the world, even traveling to separate countries to have one on one talks to some scholars himself. He had heard the word of two professors in Chernarus that were taking the ideas of Roman culture to another level. Traveling down to south Zagoria he found a post-civil war country that was ripe for another economic revolution. He bought out many lumber mills and lent out money to many small businesses. He resided there till the end began.
  3. Ruan

    S1: Avoiding RP Stary Sobor - 29/03/2018 22:07

    I was not there, I was mistaken for another guy.
  4. Names Ruan Visser, I'm forty-three, was born in South Africa but moved with my family to Austin, Texas when I was young (sorry no awesome South African accent). My parents broke apart when I was six leaving me with a loner type of lifestyle. so after going to a boarding school in Florida for my dyslexia, I went to college for industrial engineering. My time at college really had opened me up to the world, to how things tend to work dealing with people and things that need to get done Witch helped allot later on in life, and its defiantly going to help now. Before I went into the work force, I spent the mid part of my twenty's going to national parks was I backpacked the trails, some taking months to complete. After that You see before the apocalypse I was a chairman of a global mining corporation, VissCon (my father's business). I Had no kids, no wife, had a dog but that’s about it though. I lived a simple life at my ranch in Texas. My ranch was completely off the grid; I could have lived my whole life there if it wasn't for work. I had cattle, a garden, a well, and a solar airy to power my house. I also spent a lot of my time hunting there. when not at home I spent most of my time traveling for work, that’s how I ended up in Cherno. We were in the proses of buying many small old state-run mining operations that went under after the Chernarussian Movement. As (PCM) President of Civil Management, they sent me there to see if those old Russians had it in them to hit our product quota. I was only supposed to be there for six months. By that time the military was taking their actions to prevent the spread, so we had no escape. At that point I had come up with only one solution, I knew that they weren’t going to stop this thing. If they can't stop a town from being overrun, what makes them think they can protect the whole world. So I hiked up north, staying far away from the north border, knowing the Russians wouldn't take to kindly to the mass immigration. I found a nice little cabin that had food to last about haft a year if rationed It hadn't been to difficult for me to keep my sanity, do to my already secluded lifestyle. I didn't just stay locked in my makeshift bunker, I hunted at night when I got the chances later on and started a small garden. Witch helped keep me sharp and extended my food supply for another six months. I was beginning to like it there, ya I had zombies coming from one of the nearby towns every so often, but nothing I could not handle. it reminded me of home. But something was itching me, a thought, a reminder of humanity. I knew there were people still out there, I heard all sorts of buzz on my radio, I couldn't just leave civilization behind. I decided to head to the nearest town, this would be my first contact with civilization sense my trek north. I was ashamed to see what had become of our world.
  5. Bryan was born in Klerksdorp, South Africa. not long after he was born Ryan's family moved to Krasnodar Russia. His father was escaping from the apartheid, not being financially off, his family did not have means to get to the USA. Being an immigrant family in a collapsing country, things were difficult for the Van Vuuren family. they lived with five families is a three bedroom apartment. Bryan had little social life, all the boys in his complex excluded him in all their games. he kept busy down at his father's shop, where he helped out where he could and made enough money to move down to Sochi to pursue a technical degree in engineering at Sochi socio-technical college. when the outbreak happened, Bryan moved west, he wanted to get away from any major cities. he set his maps for South Zagoria, one of his only friends he played video games with lived in the area.
  6. ya sorry guy. got busy irl. Hopefully, next time I'm on, I can see what I can do to get it back up and running.
  7. well i did run kovars market for the beginning of the lore. i just want an area that people can come around and interact with a bunch of crazy people that wont kill them. if you were at the original Hobo depot (with shopping in mined) you would have seen the good it brought to the server. how is it any different then the guy in stary giving shit for free?
  8. well if you were tripen balls one day and you thought the only way to save the world is to collect 752 duct tape, then you maybe you would. to be honest i feel as if have already gone back to pre lore. the only thing different is that we can use memes...
  9. i dont plan to, i dont know about my friends though, but im only going to be here for a week or so... so im exited to see what happens
  10. some great news guys Hobo depot is coming back! what would yall like to see come from post lore wipe hobodepot? any thing you don't want us to do. i don't fucking know... that's all...
  11. *Lee Havemore is just about done finishing up his days' work, he had just laid down the finishing touches to his new shop…* *He takes out his beaten up radio and presses down the PTT, You hear a sweet old Canadian.* "Hey there guys! Just letting know I got some BIG news. A brand new, one of a kind. HoboDepot is coming your way! HoboDepot 2.0 is coming to a town near you! Yes you!" *Takes a breath* "Why 2.0 because this one is Brand New! We got some great deals, everything smaller then a dog is one duct tape anything larger is 3 duct tape. Yes you heard me correctly dog sized, or larger, this shit is ONLY THREE DUCT TAPE!. I am calling on all hobos of the land to follow me on the quest to find 749 rolls of duct tape. Our quest to build our boat will bear fruit and we hobos will sail before the great rip and to fulfill our quest to find MORE DUCT TAPE!" "HOBOS UNITE!" "further information will come in do time" *Lee releases the PTT and falls on his bed, falling back into his dreams.*
  12. Hey there, Names Lee Have more. There's not much to my life you know, the thing I have done with my life was traveled the world. Now you may say that’s a pretty darn tootin good life right there, traveling the world and the sorts. You would be correct, but I did this when I was young and dumb. I had no real plan what I would do when my crazy life of bar jumping from city to city was over. So at some point the money ran dry and I was stuck in one of them Stans. It is ironic, I feel as if that was the point in my life were I knew where I was heading, being a hobo and all is the life you know. I have no name, people don’t care about me, I am invisible. So I did what I did I kept traveling. Seeing real sides of the cities that I traveled to. When the shit hit the fan a couple months ago, I was doing what I was doin, I think I was in an ally in Kiev. I heard that there was some sort of world ending shit going on and what not. So I thought it was a great day to start over you know. presume new dream and what not, I always wanted to run a store, and with all the people dead that ran the old ones I would be up and good to go to do so. So I started hobo depo, I traveled from place to place before remembering a sweet little place in Chernarus. I'm on my way there now I'll let you know how I turns out.
  13. Ruan

    Open Air Market Days at Kovar's Market

    though that i am not playing anymore, i would love to know that the market is still a place of hope on the server. sorry @Darra and @The Traveler and the whole of Kovar's Market for leaving all you guys with out saying much. i wont forget how much of a pain it was trying to keep everyone from killing us. I will also not forget all the people we help, and made there experience on the sever a better one. Thank you Darra for making this group and sorry for any pain i caused. though it may may not come back on the server for several months, if theirs anything i can do to help, i would be glad to do so.
  14. Ruan

    S2: Unnecessary/Constant OOC - Cherno CDF Camp - 8/12+13/2017, Approx 16:00-18:00

    Stans POV i cant quit say a lot on this report do to me not being in the location of most of the ooc talk and not paying much attention to it. i apologize for not being more vigilant.