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  1. Strana Vzkříšení - Anyone left [Open Frq]

    *PTT* *Poorly pronounces the name of Rytíř* I did not get to know allot about the party of Chernarus when i moved here. Which party do you represent and where on the GAL - TAN scale do you think you would stand? I am working on a trading network called the Hansa and we are intrested to have old party members to try to shape this wasteland into a more formal and a working society. *PTT*
  2. Hansa Private Radio Channel 71.7

    ** Hangs his mountain backpack on the tree and takes out his radio which he pushes the PTT button on ** Once you have gotten this radio frequency i want you the leader of your organisations to give a quick confirmation that you have this frequency, I confirm my appearance in this frequency i Richard Jensen of the Hansa. Richard Jensen out. ** Releases PTT **
  3. Hansa Private Radio Channel 71.7

    **Lays his mountain backpack on the living room table and takes out his radio, he puts on the frequency 71.7 and pushes the PTT** Hello you all have recieved this radio frequency with the purpose of building a trading network where we the Hansa can understand what your demands are. This network is being worked on by me Richard Jensen and my assistants Porter Bailey. We stay neutral here and i'll be notifying you on messages on how we are going to achieve this trading network. This network benefits all of us so we better cooperate with each other. Signing of Richard Krängarn Jensen. ** releases PTT**
  4. Rikard Jensen

    Rikard also known Krängarn was born in Eslöv Scania Sweden. He was born in a working class family who all worked with harsh conditions. His father was a coal miner and a part time construction worker. His mother was a house cleaner who belonged in the kitchen. Eslöv has always been a low class area. They were for the most part swedish rednecks whos hobbies were drifting with volvos or trimmed down volvos called EPA-traktors. At the age of 16 krängarn became very passionate of driving his first EPA-traktor. It was a white volvo 740 which he called the white pearl. He was famous in his town and was awarded among his friends as the best driver since he could drift outside IKEAs parking lot without interruptions. At the age of 21 he got a message from a Chernarussian racing company who wanted to arrange an EPA traktor race where he was going to show what he burnt for. But during this drift he accidently drove over a limping man who sluggishly came on the race track. Krängarn had killed a man before but soon enough he realised that he still was innocent. That was when the sliced corpse tried to bite him which was very unusual of him because the only people who would bite him was his girl friends who he picked up in his EPA traktor after every drift. That's when he ran away thinking the man he had rammed had for some reason turned into an homosexual. To this day Rikard Krängarn Jensen is still loose running away from the so called bögar without his EPA. But in actuality they are the walkers.