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  1. But when your mate started the initiation, i stood still, not aimed in, about to drop my gun, it wasnt like i was aiming in shooting at everyone was i? No i was trying to drop my gun
  2. He told me you had to pay for food and water, which i was lacking, i wanted to fill up canteens i had on me and grab some apples, and he also said one person not 2, only reason i cane through back was because the fountain is towards the back
  3. I was stood still, dragging my gun to drop, first of all tried dragging it to my back then i remembered i had another gun, in which i tried to drop it to the ground, thats why i wasnt done in 7 seconds
  4. You gave me 5ish seconds to stop, drop mu gun and put my hands up, which is not enough
  5. I legit stopped moving, and was about to put hands on my head, i didnt shoot a bullet, you didnt even give me a chance to put my hands up, as soon as i stopped moving, i got shot and killed
  6. Server and location: EU server, Prison above north west airfield Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 01-04-207 19:48 ish Your in game name: Jack Spielberq Names of allies involved: There was 4 others, cant remember the full names, but only the first one one guy and it was James Name of suspect/s: Rio Anderson (i think, might want to double check) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): nope Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): no Detailed description of the events: Found 4 other people in the tent area of the airfield, we talked and swapped ammo and traded, then we decided to go look at the prison above the north west airfield, whilst we was running one of the guys left, so there was me and 3 others running to the prison area. Before we ran up this guy called James something told us that there is someone up there, saying you have to pay to get food and water, which i thought was rather strange. Anyway we run up and go to the right hand side, whilst running im looking about to see if i see the guy in the prison. We enter through the back and in the chat all i see is, STOP MOVING PUT YOUR HANDS ABOVE YOUR HEAD. That was typed twice in quick succession, problem meaning he copied and pasted, so i stopped moving and when i stopped i got hit twice and got shot dead. I dont know if the other people lived or not, but i didnt even have a chance to put my hands on my head
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