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  1. Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN: Sgt. Kyle Vaters Age: 26 (In game) 16(IRL) Country: Canada English skills: Very, very good. DayZ Mod Experience: years 7 years DayZ Standalone Experience: 4 Years (Didn't play much until now) Roleplaying Experience: I've been roleplaying for five years now, I first started with Arma 2 Island life. What kind of In Game role best describes you: I am a neutral Marksmen. I do what it takes to surivive (Not scared to get my hands dirty. I like to stalk my enemy in my ghillie, Then wait for the perfect time to strike strike from afar with my trusty Winchester (Obliviously they would be Initiated on by one of the group). Have you been in any clan/group previously: Not on DayZRP. Best way to contact you: PM here on DayzRP.com Backstory: Kyle was a Sargent in the Canadian Special Operations Regiment. He was honorably discharged after his 3rd tour in Iraq. His first 2 tours where pretty basic. Do his chores around base everyday, then go on the daily recon mission with his scout sniper Master corporal Matthew Mueller and the rest of Delta squad. But the third tour was different. It was more violent. There was more action. There was more killing... It was coming close to middle of his tour, Delta squad was on a special operation in Fallujah to secure heart of the town so the engineers could get in safely to get a bridge up... Kyle and Matthew where set up in there hide taking insurgents out 1 by 1 while they tried to run across the streets and place land mines down so our convoys couldn't get the engineers into the town. Delta squad was taking heavy casualties. The insurgents where doing a massive attack on the building that Delta was hunkered down in... The 50 cal was running out of ammo fast and men where dropping like fly's. A few hours later the insurgents broke off with there a attack and Delta got reinforcements to get them out. Only 7 men out of the 30 that went in made it out. The 2 out of the 7 were Sgt. Kyle Vaters and MCpl. Matthew Mueller. They were both honorably discharged along with the 5 others for their bravery and sacrifice. They also revived medals of Honor. After that Kyle and Matthew were never the same. They both never got over the feeling to kill and decided to join a PMC. From there they were stationed in Urzeghistan. Kyle was stationed here for some time before he was moved to southern chernarus in a city called Chernogorsk. He had to Protect an undisclosed VIP that was under threat for being a high value money carrier. After 6 months Kyle moved to Mogilevka with the VIP and his old military companion Matthew. 9 months after Kyle's 23rd birthday the patient zero was found on October 7th, the next day their VIP was moved out of the country, but because of the boarders being delayed and planes being booked Kyle and Matthew couldnt get out of the country. It was one day before their scheduled flights the the prime minister declared a state of emergency closing all boarders and flights coming and going from chernarus. They decided it would be better to move to the country side and get away from the population. They lasted 8 months surviving on their own. They hunted, fished and took over a small hunting lodge for a safe place to stay for a while. 8 months later the cabin was over ran and it forced them to move to a town just east of the northwest airfield. This camp lasted 3 an a half months till the infected started to get close so they were forced to burn it as a distraction to get away. All they had where 2 guns and a bit of meat. They decided to move into a small light house outside of berezino that could be used as a look out over the town for other survivors, and as a place to restock on clothes, food and ammo for the winter. They made it though the winter alright but it was still tough. Kyle and Matthew decided to move just outside of the town to a little house just south of berezino and thats where they both live surviving on there own, running into few survivors but trying to stay out of harms way. and this brings us to the present summer in chernarus 2017.
  2. What happened to you is the unluckiest thing I have ever witnessed on DayZ.
  3. So you just shot me in the back of the head when I had my weapon lowered and you could have initiated, and robbed me? Also How did blitz manage to say something on a radio while being taken hostage and not get killed right away? How did you know he was Initiated on?
  4. Matthew and I were leaving from camp Endeavour, just roaming around the map talking... We were headed toward Tisy when we ran into a member of Vista. We talked to him then got fired apon. We got caught in the crossfire of a firefight.. Nothing we could have done to avoid it. Just some miss communication. I my self got killed when I rushed to a barn for cover after the server crashed or restarted. I was shot in the back of the head... Once again I was thought to be a enemy attacking the camp... It was an honest mistake. (Also sorry for my terrible grammar and writing)
  5. Hey everyone :)

    Hi, my name is Kyle. I finally signed up for DayZrp. I'm 16 years old from Newfoundland, CA. I'll see you in game