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  1. Everyone! Thank you for your warm greetings! Daisy thank you very much! My original work, I love to draw with white color to black background. Its mouse face. Im glad that you like it.
  2. Hello dear roleplayers! My name is Michal and Im going to play with you from today so I hope we can have some nice encounters together. My character name is Mikhail Godorov, he is lonely man who one by one lost his family and now he is just wandering through Chernarus, still looking for his daughter. He likes good people, alcohol, fun and listening to guitar play, no matter how good is musician. He miss his music very much, but his family even more. Some days are good some days are hard but hope of seeing his daughter again is helping him move forward. Im not very good in english, but Im trying my best, same as Mikhail who is at same english level as me so please, if I say some bullshit or if you will feel urge to correct me or him, do it! We will be thankful. Cheers and good luck!