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  1. The glorious return of Rico Martinez

    Sorry to say that glorious has been trade marked by communists, you cant use the word anymore In all seriousness, welcome back to the community
  2. Welcome @Whitefur to our glorious ranks
  3. The Black Roses

    Too late
  4. Staff Appreciation Thread

    Kiss ass
  5. Staff Appreciation Thread

    @Species is the only staff i need
  6. 1. The Socialist State of Zagoria is the only legitimate government in South Zagoria any and all other government bodies, their personnel; foreign or otherwise acting in any official manner will be seen as a crime against the state and will be met with said person or government entities detainment and or trial. 2. The Mentally insane or unstable without appropriate caretakers will not be permitted in the State-controlled territory. Those deemed insane or unstable without said caretaker will be detained and placed in a state-mandated rehabilitation center or escorted out of the state controlled territory. 3. The Practicing of any religion not sanctioned by the state is strictly prohibited, the practicing of any religion, public or private will be met with detainment and or rehabilitation. 4. Robbery is strictly prohibited by the state, If any party is found by the state to be taking part in a robbery, that party will be detained by the state. 5. Sexual misconduct, public or private is strictly prohibited by the state. Those parties found taking part in sexual misconduct by the state will be detained and sent to rehabilitation and re-education. 6. Private businesses are prohibited in state-controlled territory without a state-issued permit. This includes the transport of goods and services through the state-controlled territory. Private Businesses found operating without a business permit from the state will have their assets seized and face detainment. 7. All civilians within the SSZ territory will comply to any demands given by government personnel. Failure to do so will result in detainment. 8. Espionage to any foreign entity is strictly prohibited. Any person caught will be exiled from territory and barred from future entry. 9. No exiled civilian or group may enter SSZ territory unless otherwise stated. Anyone caught entering SSZ territory will be escorted out and fined. 10. All government personnel have final say in any confrontation between civilians. -Head of State Antonov Valinkov -Minister of Foreign Affairs Viktor Tachav -Minister of Internal Affairs Alexei Solin -Minister of Propaganda Boris Relitov -Supreme State Judge Vladimir Popov Citizens Highest “rank” a civilian can earn. These people have been granted citizenship and can now move freely in and across SSZ borders, including military installations. Citizens also have the protection of the SSZ government at all times within the territory. Citizens may be called on to be a jurymen during a trial. Citizens must wear their orange armband within SSZ territory at all times. Civilians Broad term used to describe anyone that is not government personnel or serving in the armed forces. Civilians are allowed to travel within SSZ territory. They do not have guaranteed protection from the government and they cannot distribute supplies found within SSZ across the border. Civilians do not have any guaranteed rights under the S.S.Z constitution. The path to Citizenship in the Socialist State of Zagoria is broken into 3 steps. Step 1: Reeducation Prospective Citizens must enter themselves into Reeducation, Prospective Citizens must denounce their former state and be reeducated on the history of Chernarus, the movement of the red star and Communism. Step 2: Rehabilitation After being Reeducated by members of the state, Prospective Citizens must be rehabilitated, Prospective citizens must undergo formal job training, take a short course in military tactics and be introduced to life under state rule. Step 3: Reintegration Prospective Citizens who have completed the first 2 steps will be Reintegrated into society, they will be issues a state provided habitat in State controlled territory, they will be provided a state approved profession and state approved ID card. New citizens will also take a oath pledging their undying loyalty to the Supreme Leader and the state itself. The following application must be presented to an SSZ government official in person or via letter (PM to @Centurion). Name: Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Business Name (If applicable): Business Location (If applicable): Number of current employees: Trade(s): Upon approval of application will commence the interview with an SSZ government official. If interview is passed, a government permit will be presented to the person/business. Permit must be renewed every 4 weeks. Exiled Civilians Civilians who broke law(s) and were found guilty during a trial. They are no longer permitted to enter into SSZ territory. Members List: N/A Exiled Groups Groups that broke laws and were exiled as punishment. No trial is needed. Members List: N/A Wanted Civilians who committed a crime within our borders and were not apprehended by government officials. Reward is given on information that leads to their arrest. They are given a trial if apprehended. Members List: N/A
  7. Community Summit

    I say keep it to active official groups.
  8. Welcome @Wyoming and @Gandhi to glorious revolution
  9. Community Summit

    Henning not posting something salty, what is this madness. In all seriousness though, this is a great idea. I think it'll really help bring the regular community members and staff team together. We could even possibly create threads asking the community then have the reps talk about major points together in the meeting, that way members can still have a voice without the meeting turning cancerous.
  10. 1. Foreigners who never fought against the chedaki in the 2009 civil war or were ever soldiers are fine. We really only hate US forces, especially the marine corp since that's who we fought against. 2. Working on our government thread atm, it'll cover this. Also updated the thread for grammar/spelling mistakes and fixed some of our goals
  11. DayZRP Community Memes

    Ah yes. Communist cooking at its finest.
  12. Welcome @Thoros, @Species, @Spanners, and @Scooter officially into the glorious ranks of the Armed Forces. 5 members now. Ready to be approved!
  13. Shush, you see nothing In all honestly though, besides both be chernarussian commies, I had different plans for the two groups. 85th was about spreading communism and being a rebel force while this group will be more focused on the actual creation of a "functioning government" ingame. More info about the government will be posted soon.
  14. The Deal With It Attitude

    My opinion as a kinda neutral party, not knowing or really caring about either side. Personally, i dont care about the perma bans that were handed out, just the way they were. Why not follow the report format, post the evidence so everyone could see and be transparent, and then have the admin/staff team come to a conclusion. Why the unnecessary rush? If you felt that their rp for bad and trollish, just temp ban them so they cant hop ingame till the report is done. The veredicts would be the same and you wouldnt look like salty assholes who lost a car in a cideo game. Just my two cents. Sorry for any grammar mistakes, typing on my phone.
  15. The prime minister of chernarus was executed, its in the lore of arma 2 and this is a quote from the Chedaki lore group that was posted earlier in the year. Cherno is the capital of the region of South Zagoria.