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King of the Castle - Lopatino (Melee only - OOC Event)
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  1. Abrun4 development Thread.

    Slightly Less DayZ ish
  2. Abrun4 development Thread.

    A weapons that I would'nt mind having in DayZ SA. This is still WIP but its Relevant to DayZ theme.
  3. Abrun4 development Thread.

    If you want more I can post more too.
  4. Abrun4 development Thread.

    Dayz SA mod dev pls I know rite.
  5. Abrun4 development Thread.

    SO some of you think I'm dead. But You are wrong. At least I think i'm not dead..... [align=left]Anyway its been while since I've posted anything here. So here you go this is not my newest work nor my best but its cool non the less. Its the M24 sniper rifle some of you that were lucky enough to find it during mod times would know how good it really was. Enjoy. Also Love me some necro. ( Terra said its legit not a necro.")
  6. B- Company [Recruiting]

    Its about time you started your own clan. 10000 killion +++++++ Love beb <3
  7. This has peaked my interest, Took some time to read the thread and it seems like something that i would love to do. Ill talk to matt / you on skype about it.
  8. Mick Thompson Photography

    Hey look there's a funny dot sitting in the middle of the screen completely ruined my immersion. 11/babe. Much love. <3
  9. [V] Veritas [Recruiting] [ACTIVE]

    Good luck with Veritas Matt! I know the first clan was great.
  10. / Move to archive I am disbanding and moving to SA.
  11. The Game

    What is this thread and why do people care about it?
  12. Peak hour

    It also depends on what day it is. For Aussies anyway it picks up i reckon after 12am. Check here for more information about server traffic. https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/s1.dayzrp.com:2302/
  13. Volki Wedding

    Shotty making the cake.....