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  1. Vincent "Apollo" Jade is an ex-military doctor hailing from the US, during his last tour of duty Apollo's squad was tasked with infiltrating a Russian compound north of Chernarus where it was suspected that bio-weapons were being manufactured in an attempt to gain an upper hand on a planned siege against the US during it's economic crisis in the midst of a war with the middle east. During their siege what was discovered would be their downfall. Upon entering the facility they were tasked with a minimum to no body count during entry due to how heavily guarded the site had been, and to destroy the facility upon exit once the weapons were captured or neutralized. Once they made their way to the labs without alerting anyone, what they found was far worse than a simple missile containing influenza or some other virus that could easily be fought off with a few blood transfusions and rest. What they found was a myriad of "hyper"-viruses capable of bringing death in numbers unseen since the times of the black plague. Upon their discovery the situation quickly went out of control as it was discovered they had a rogue agent in their midst. Apollo's best friend and squad commander Assassinated the groups marksman and quickly took their demolitions expert hostage. Apollo tried to negotiate with him and de-escalate the situation but it was clear that his long time friend was not the person he'd thought he was. As the situation spiraled farther downhill Apollo was shot with a suppressed pistol in the mouth, but was not mortally wounded. Upon being hit he collapsed and feigned death. Eyes closed, he heard one shot follow, heard the body of his comrade fall, and heard the squad-lead collecting numerous vials and retrieving the USB Thumb Drives with the schematics necessary to release the virus. As the squad lead attempted to make his way out of the facility through the longer "Plan B" Exit they'd discussed, an injured Apollo quickly gathered himself applied a compress and tape to stop the bleeding from his now broken jaw, and took the marksman's suppressed DMR. He then made his way out of the facility through the intended "plan A" escape route which was 2 flights up from the lab, on the roof access. Apollo came out ahead of his now-enemy due to the shorter route, rappelled off of the roof and created as much of a gap as he could from the building and himself while calculating the time it would take to the make the exit through Plan B. As he counted down the final seconds Apollo took aim while still in an unsafe range of the facility, and just as his commander would've been making his way down the final corridor to exit the plant, Apollo shot one of the many pre-planted explosives surrounding the facility, creating a chain reaction, destroying the weaponry, the schematics, and killing all of the occupants including his commander. Knowing he'd never be able to seek refuge or be welcomed back into the US due to being the sole survivor and having very little to prove he wasn't the aggressor other than his wounds, he chose to disband and lay low, eventually making his way south to Northern Chernarus and seeking asylum in the wilderness. As news of this fiasco hit the worlds leaders, the outbreak was released and due to his isolation in the mountains and Haz-Mat equipment left over from his final mission, Apollo managed to survive without becoming one of the infected. Now that many years have passed, Apollo is utilizing his training and experience to gather the supplies necessary to make a getaway to "Salvation City", a place he heard of through the radio he obtained looting through cities after the outbreak, in hopes to find his sister Viola.
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