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  1. EchoHotel

    News Design [What do you think?]

    This looks solid... Good job!
  2. EchoHotel

    How many people have you killed in DayZRP in total?

    1 at the max
  3. EchoHotel

    Testing out S3

    I simply love S3 ha
  4. Hard to say. There is probably a lot of fanboys who doesent care for the RP.
  5. I think First person is really nice, but my eyes feel weird after a while.
  6. EchoHotel

    DayZRP Bug Reports

    I have the exact same problem, with another skin though.
  7. Personal information __________________________________________________________________________ Name: Emil Age(IRL): 19 Nationality:From Denmark What kind of person are you?: Im a very helpful person, just trying to help as much as i can. I have even given away 2-3 vehicles to R.S.M as gifts. Time Zone: CEST Paris time Which sector of Raven Shield Corporation are you applying for, R.S.M or R.S.S?: R.S.M In game information __________________________________________________________________________ IGN: Dennis Jensen Character Background Story: My name is Dennis Jensen, im 22 years old and i was in The Danish Jaegerkorps. Which is the danish special forces. Me and my squad of 8 people were supposed to do an observation mission in Chenarus when our Chinooks crashed. When i woke up i saw 6 of my squad members and the pilot laying near me, i checked their pulse and they were all dead. I heard the familiar sound of an HK416 fire. I walked towards where i thought it came from, when i saw my buddy Peter getting overwhelmed by those bastards. I saw one of my best friends get eaten alive. DayZ Experience: I have played Dayz for a year now, and RP for a couple of weeks How familiar are you with the rules of the server? I have read and understood the rules. How much role play experience have you had on the server? And for how long have you actively been playing on DayZRP? Since i joined, which is like 3 weeks ago. I have been KoS'ed 3 times and robbed 2 times, so i have seen some bad and good RP On what times are you usually online?Afternoon to evening, if i have the time. Do you have any trouble following orders?Not at all. Do you have any hostilities towards any of our allied or trusted clans?No. What made you interested in R.S.C, R.S.M & R.S.S?They are nice guys, and i wanna be a part of that. And i like the idea of being a mecenary What role suits you better? Sniper, Rifleman or Machine-gunner?Im primarely a rifleman, i have some Sniper training though How would your role play story fit into the R.S.M or R.S.S background?Im military trained, so i would be a good addition to the mercenaries How is your overall experience of navigating. Locating towns, cities, landmarks etc, in Chernarus?Pretty good, im very experienced in navigating even without a map or compass How is your patience with other people? (Trolls, hostiles, etc)Im a patient person overall, even though im not amused with trolls at all. When you see someone, do you avoid them or do you initiate role play?For the most part i initiate RP When you are alone/bored, what do you do?I either go to The Ravens Nest or just wander around see if i can find someone to RP with. Do you understand that when you're under the banner of R.S.M, you are not allowed under any circumstances to perform any types robberies or other bandit actions unless provoked or dealing with contracts?Yes i am, i have never done anything hostile unless hostile actions was taken towards me first.
  8. Hey guys, i've just been whitelisted and i have been trying to join the servers for like 40 mins. I have latest patch and latest DayZRP mod installed. It still says "connection failed" Help please Got through the connection fail, but now i have this huge error thing, where its says at the bottom - To play on this server remove listed files or install additional accepted keys. ?
  9. If you don't want to wait for that long, you could just donate. It will speed up the procces but it won't guarantee your app getting accepted. Good luck mate
  10. You could donate, if you donate it will speed up the process. But it isnt a 100 % that your app will be accepted.