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  1. You guys are great, do an amazing job, great mod, very professional
  2. Marauder

    Dimitri Stepanov - The Path to Liberation [Updated 11/03/14]

    Quite the detailed story man, good work
  3. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-rp1-rdm-nwaf-02-04-2013-16-30 The verdict is not fair because I was following the rules, I asked the player several times to get out of the van, I told him what the consequences would be if he did not get out, and gave him a final warning before I initiated hostile action. There was no verbal communication on his part making things difficult, he did not notify me that he was putting his gear in the car, despite the fact that it was not my order to, he simply put "hold on" and it was only typed in at nearly the exact moment I shot him. I gave him numerous warnings, told him of the consequences and gave him another warning before I took action with the consequence, he did not comply and thus the consequence was brought upon him. I had every intent on letting him leave the situation alive until he did not comply with my orders. We had just been in a hostile confrontation with a squad of three and lost one of our men, our squad was split and we did not know if he was with them. Also in his formal report he stated "he then iniates and tells me to drop my weapons inside the UAZ and get out. After a couple of seconds he shoots me dead without giving me a chance to drop my weapons." I clearly said "out of the van and drop your gear" not once saying drop it in the uaz. Despite the fact that he was dropping his guns in the car, my orders were to first get out then drop his gear, he did not give any notice that he was doing so. The only remotely close communication of compliance was "hold on" and it came at almost the exact moment I shot him. I did not have any way of knowing he was dropping his guns in the car, my orders were clear and simply: "Get out of the car and drop your gear", there was no compliance. I gave him the orders 4 times, and informed him of the consequences before giving him a final order. Also he did not have a mic so there was no verbal comms from him. No where in his video did he show compliance. All I would like to achieve with this appeal is to be unbanned and get back to playing with my friends. My character being reset does not bother me too much. To have made it better I could have gave him more time, and not shot him so soon. But in the same regards he could have followed my orders, none of which were drop your gear in the car, and if he was doing so he could have notified me that he was doing so.
  4. Bambidit, thats a good one, never heard it before
  5. I don't think GIFS are allowed in signatures.. Just saying. okay, thanks dude
  6. Sup members of the dayz rp community, new here as you can probably tell, waiting to get whitelisted with my mate so we can start roleplaying, did donate to help out with development, the mod looks really good so far and the player base and community seems great, can't wait to see the end result of the mod, pretty excited, been playing since almost the release of dayz, can't wait to get out there and see you guys in the server.
  7. I wish I could help you man, but I'm wondering the same.
  8. Depends on what your back story is in my opinion
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