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  1. Didn´t have the pleasure of meeting you ingame, but you seemed like the best drinking buddies in ol´Chernarus. As it is with many things, the loss of a good and powerful clan always makes place for other clans to rise and take their place. Chernarus won´t be the same I guess but change is not always bad. Cya.
  2. Good thing I decided to avoid the nest today.
  3. Well I hope that you have some spare parts in the settlement then for those unlucky drivers that crash their cars there Just joking but I hope that a HMMWV can fit through there.
  4. First look: Pretty good, liking it. I think the guarding positions (like the scaffolding and the towers) seem to be a little bit open. I would not dare to go up there since you could easily be shot down in case of an attack. I like the idea with the parking slot (which is probably for CR´s only judging from the gate). Might need an experienced driver to park in there correctly though. Other than that I would´ve loved to see some improvisational walls, containers or some stuff like that... you know to make it more survivalish.
  5. Great News! What is the reason for that sudden change of heart?
  6. I like it, it gives me that military feeling. The beginning was a bit sudden though, but I guess it is supposed to be exactly this way, to throw the reader right into a desperate, confusing situation.
  7. I had a really sweet stay at the Sanctuary not long ago... I tried to visit it today at the afternoon and unfortunately nobody was around, what a shame : /
  8. So thats how the big and professional clans argue about such a matter .... sure looks pretty interesting and adds to their reputation I guess?
  9. Wow I´ve been accepted already I´m kind of surprised : D I´ll see you guys in Chernarus!
  10. KJoke

    Chernarus Live Radio! [SoonTM]

    This is such an awesome concept I love it it fits the mood ; )
  11. Here I am I just uploaded my character story and hope to be accepted soon : ) This community seems to be so damn awesome and I´ll be looking forward to be seeing you guys on the forums.