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  1. at no point did i run towards any bullets or anything like that, i logged in right by the crack in the wall infront on the barrack with all the people, i look for my friend and move towards veresnik, i take a potshot so i start to get out of the area but i am forced to hide so that i do not get seen. and the rest speaks for itself
  2. 1. as i said i brushed off that potshot and was about to leave the area but on my way out i see you on the hill and another guy to my right so i had no way to run away without running into one of you so i hid in a bush 2. fair enough, just didnt look like any of you behaving like you would in a firefight from my perspective at the time. 3. you think i teleported from the wall to the bush? was standing in the open watching you right before running into the bush because i saw more of you around me. 4. just didnt look like you were running up enough for that to happen from my perspective. 5. obviously it wasnt like nothing had happened but didnt look like anyone payed any attention to it making me think he thought i was a zombie or something so i thought to myself that id rather get the fuck out of there rather then shooting back at a big group of people wich would most likely result in me dying anyway i logged in to a firefight and got yeeted you mean? guess its just bad luck on my part but it still doesnt excuse you for shooting me in the end. if the rules hasnt been changed since i last was here it says you need to identify your targets before shooting, better to make contact or not shoot at all if you dont want to risk a KOS.. been there done that Now can we let staff deal with this to avoid more word vs word?
  3. alright, i never ran away from any bullets and if you call follow in pursuit of me slowly jogging up the hill wearing FULL RED not even paying attention to me standing in the open looking at you then thats ok by me haha. problem is none of you showed any sign of being in a gunfight.. you were all jogging around like everything was under control from my perspective. and why would i put my hands up just from seeing a lot of guys around me? maybe i should have when the first potshot came but the guy who shot just went back into the compound like nothing had happened to i thought he was thinking i was a zombie. maybe im just not used to people having so chill firefights
  4. still doesnt give you the right to just shoot me, i had no knowledge of what was going on and i activly tried to get the fuck out of the area as soon as i saw all your guys, at no point did i show any aggression and you didnt even try to say a word even though you were 10 meters away from me.. anyway there is nothing else for me to say unless admins ask me to.
  5. i logged in 2-3 min before i died.. i went looking for my friend in the compound and i see a lot of guys standing around dead zombies so i ran back out and one of you takes a shot at me, i think to myself that id let it go and just get the fuck out of the area so i did. thats when i see your friend in red on the hill and two other guys to my right, i hide in a bush and get lit up. sure didnt look like no firefight when shots go off and you guys still stand bunched up around the barrack rp'ing this made me think you were only shooting zombies but i still tried to get the fuck out of dodge
  6. i have been away from this community for several months, maybe half a year and the first time i log in i get shot up like its target practise so you could say im a little bit salty so im gonna say no thank you for now.
  7. Server and location: S1 Vybor Military Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 22:20 Your in game name: Bobby Sigfrid Names of allies involved: Cy Paxton Name of suspect/s: No idea, a lot of guys Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: Well, i joined the server for the first time in months with my friend Cy just to have some fun and try it out again. we get to vybor and log out because my friend was going to eat. we both log back in and he goes afk again when we are in que, we get in at the same time so i go to look for him, what i meet is a lot of guys and no Cy so i start looking around when a guy starts shooting at me, i brush it off and think he might have thought i was a zombie so i leave.. i then see guys all around me so i hide in a bush and thats when i get lit up by a guy in full red.. i have no clue why they did this and destroyed my experience coming back to dayzrp
  8. im guessing my report isnt getting closed as requested then?
  9. In case it was missed, we're requesting any additional video of the scenario prior to the execution. Perhaps longer than 55 seconds. nope, dont have
  10. Ok, 4 scetchy guys in kab, they run we initiate, 3 dont comply and die while OP complies so we take him hostage. multiple times is he warned on his way to where we would keep him if he talks shit he dies. he keeps on shittalking and we keep reminding him, final straw was when he told one of our guys that he is stupid or something along those lines, he is warned if he does it again bad shit happens, he says it again and eats a bullet
  11. So.. you ghosted? My POV: We are in Stary roleplaying, and we come across Bobby Sigfrid. We begin talking to him, and he begins to be very rude to us. He runs away, so we decide to follow him. We get to the road where he is standing, and begin to ask him why he was being so rude. Reedy then says "Why have you got that shovel, digging your own grave?" - which Bobby then replies "Nope, I'm going to be digging a hole for you three" Bobby then begins to mock the clothing my character is wearing. I give him 1 chance to apologise, but he says "You can take that 1 chance and shove it up your arse" 20 seconds goes by and he says "If you're going to do something, get it over with" (seems pretty baited to me) another man walks towards us (we previously RP'd with the new guy in Stary) Reedy says "Lets do this the old way" offering a fist fight, to which the man replies (when the 4th man walks up) "Looks like it's a grave for 4 now!" The new guy says to us "You guys need to teach him a lesson" dropping a nailed baseball bat on the floor. (I start to think that the man who drops us the baseball bat is actually the guys friend, if so, still bait) Then the man with the baseball bat said that he's not a part of the situation (even if the man threatened his life and gave us the baseball bat to whack him) and proceeds to put up his hands. I asked Bobby to come with me, and he said "Fuck you, I'm not going with you. Think I'm some sort of idiot? Fuck that!" - and decides to walk off. I tell him to stop (I have not initiated at this point) I ask the guy who gave us the baseball bat why he had his hands up if he said he wasn't part of the situation - he said "I don't want to be shot in the crossfire" - to me, this is a clear sight that he is with the guy who we have a problem with, and there are others in the treeline waiting for us to initiate. Bobby then said "If you're really keen on doing something, why don't you grow the balls to do it right here instead of looking around for imaginary friends?" (to me, that's another baited situation) - I look around for the friends he has, finding nothing in the woods. My thoughts are "Why is he being the big man to 3 guys with guns if he hasn't got any" I tell the guy with the baseball bat that Bobby threatened his life, and if he would do anything about it. He walks up to him and then walks away, heading to Kab hill. Bobby tries to leave, and I said "Where are you going? I didn't say we were done here" - he then proceeds to walk away, so I say "Ok, you keep walking and you die, if we get shot at, you also die" - Bobby then puts up his hands and we tell him to put them down and act natural. We then start taking shots from the man who gave us the baseball bat, so I kill the hostage and begin to fall back and prepare for a wide flank on those shooting at us, where I kill another. everything here is pretty much right except a few lines wich you did not tell me as the initiation happened. 1: guy who gave you baseballbat was not with me in any sort of way, he just knew shit were about to happened as you guys seems ready to do it the moment i met you guys, i was tired of the stalling as i knew you guys were going to do it so i told you to fucking do it already (you didnt at first so i attempted to walk away wich you did not let me do) now why would i try to walk away from the sit if i was attempting to bait you guys into doing it, i was simply trying to make you guys too scared of dying to do it with my many threats made towards your group. 2: you never said ''if we get shot at, you also die'' but only ''Ok, you keep walking and you die'' 3: you guys are trying to pin me for ''Baiting'' only to attempt to fight back with what you did to me, i did not bait you guys but simply made threats to get you guys off my ass.. you say you told me if you take fire i die wich you did not do at all (show me a recording proving it) or i will just take it as a lie trying to save ur ass. you plain and simple just shot me as soon as the firefight started without making any negotiations with my friends (i had no controll wether or not they would shoot as i put my hands up (lost ability to talk in ts) so it was not my fault they started shooting wich would make this plain ''Killing of compliant hostage''. as stated in the rules ''Do not kill your hostage as soon a firefight starts''.. I will not post anymore unless asked by staff to do so There is no video to go in here and it is just word vs word at this point and the admin team have a hard time deciding who's telling the truth and who is not. for some odd reason Clammy decides to add a little line in his POV ''if we get shot at, you die'' wich is a lie in my opinion but again, no video evidence so i would not like to clutter the admin team with this Word vs Word report.. for future referance to Clammy: do not shoot your hostage at a beginning of a firefight, you have been in the community long enough to know that this is againts the rules.. With that said, I WOULD LIKE TO CLOSE THE REPORT.