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  1. Groovy Grimm

    S2: West of Stary Yar | Invalid Kill

    Vasili Belinsky POV: Me and the rest of the CDF boys were up near Stary Yar cooking some beef when one guy walks up and begins talking to us. As he is talking to us I spot another man trying to get on our flank, after spotting this, we begin to move out. As we begin to head east to return to base, a large volume of automatic fire comes out from behind me. I turn around to see one of the other CDF boys die. I take position behind a hay bale and return fire at the people shooting at us, dont believe i hit any one though. After the fight is over, we begin to fall back to heal up and finish returning to base. On our way out of the area @groovy chernon gets shot killing him as he was already low on health from the fight. I spot the smoke from the shots behind a tree and after a few shots I hit him, killing him
  2. Groovy Grimm

    S1: BadRP/Trolling - 2019-06-20 to 2019-06-21

    POV: Went into town with the CDF squad, I didnt hear much from the man other than he was constantly running away after being asked to leave so a private conversation could be had, then running back a minute or two later, just generally being a nuisance. The man was then initiated on by wolfpack and we left shortly after.
  3. Groovy Grimm

    31st NBC Protection Troops

    Looking forward to the group boys, slava chenarus!
  4. Groovy Grimm

    Groovy Grimm

  5. Groovy Grimm

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    o7 man, im sad my time in kamenici wasnt longer but glad to have met all of yall! Glad to have experienced the monkey memes first hand!
  6. Vasili Belinsky was born to a middle class family in miroslavl midway through the 1990s. He had a fairly normal childhood in which he attended school up through highschool. How ever, mid way through his college career, the infection broke out. Vasilis family went into hiding on the outskirts of miroslavl after the infection took over the city. While hiding out in an old abandoned farm building, Vasilis mother Anya Belinsky was killed while being held up for some of the families rations while Vasili and his father Petrov were out scavanging for more food and supplies essential to their survival. Upon returning to their encampment, Vasili and Petrov found Anya dead in the store room where they kept their supplies. The death of his wife drove Petrov to commit suicide, he joined his wife there in the store room after putting the gun into his mouth and pulling the trigger. Vasili, not having anything left to hold him to the encampment, decided it was time to enlist in the CDF, he simply wanted to help the people of Chenarus. He wanted to help prevent what happened to his family from happening to any other families. Vasili helped with the retaking of miroslavl before being sent to South Zagoria to help try and stabilize the region there.
  7. Groovy Grimm

    Groovy Grimm

    Amazing artwork courtesy of @Lindse 


    1. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky


  8. @Kase @Lindse @Xehara and what ever kaz's forum name is Kase man its always fun to RP with you was nice catching up with Ryker as Spencer. Quit blowing my cover though... Lindse, was awesome sitting around the campfire while you played your guitar. Amazing as always! Glad Constance was so willing to forgive spencer for threatening her life a few weeks back and move on from it! Looking forward to future interactions any time im on spencer! Kaz do me a favor, learn to drive... please...
  • Groovy Grimm

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Was nice running into you finally as my kamenici character by the way @stoney_, just don't let us catch you high as a kite again
  • Groovy Grimm

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Im telling ya man, this is the new crew right here
  • Groovy Grimm

    Kameníci | The Sons of Chernarus Media

    Better start making gamer time if you want stars like the rest of us good monkeys
  • Groovy Grimm

    Groovy Grimm

    Honestly a great group of guys to RP with, such a different style from what Im used to


    1. Harlow


      🐒 gang

    2. Groovy Grimm

      Groovy Grimm


    3. groovy ToeZies

      groovy ToeZies


  • Groovy Grimm

    Kameníci | The Sons of Chernarus Media

    Just some monkeys hanging out in the trees Getting ready to deal with scum @Clarence lost his legs after eating a wild mushroom
  • Groovy Grimm

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Xehara @ScarletRose @JohnCrown and the rest of the toymakers whos names i dont know on the forums Thanks for the RP today at your camp! I love your guys RP and really respect how consistently good you are at it! Excited to see where this plan takes us
  • Groovy Grimm

    Chernarus Trade Federation ( Open Recruitment )

    Not sure how I feel about foriegners setting up laws in my country, gonna have to speak with @Ducky about this one... In all seriousness though, you guys have some awesome roleplay and I love the idea behind the group! I wish you the best of luck lads!
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