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"Know where your loyalties lie"

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    1. groovy ducky

      groovy ducky


  2. why you look like a rat

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      that’s flame

    2. groovy harlow

      groovy harlow


    3. groovy ducky

      groovy ducky


    4. groovy grimm

      groovy grimm

      dont remember asking 

  3. ITS MEE

    1. groovy grimm

      groovy grimm


  4. Its about time quackers ?

    1. groovy blisna

      groovy blisna


    2. groovy ducky

      groovy ducky

      Somebody asked me

  5. catjam.gif.f7dbc7d569191e58f3982c31c3978c86.gif


    cats just vibin man

  6. cant wait to start playing again truly

    1. groovy blisna

      groovy blisna

      *Counting amount of JustGrimm dogtags i have*

    2. groovy grimm

      groovy grimm

      ive had a bad couple of days on tarkov okay


    3. Poster


      Baby come back

  7. Alexander 'Strazh' Kirkovich Alexander Kirkovich was born on the 11th of December, 1986 in Rostov-on-Don. His early years were hard, just before the collapse of the Soviet Union, but he’d managed to live a simple life, growing up with two siblings and his parents in the centre of the city. His life was simple during his teenage years. He had a close group of friends and they'd be normal teenagers, loitering and being delinquents around the local park. When Alexander was 19, he enlisted into the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation as part of mandatory conscription
  8. pizza fire GIF



    1. Inferno



    2. groovy grimm

      groovy grimm

      Danny Devito No GIF

  9. Soundpad is what we had used for the party in The apartment if you were there for that
  10. pepega

    1. groovy grimm

      groovy grimm


    2. groovy blisna

      groovy blisna

      alriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. i mean like

  11. I’m free??

    1. ToeZ


      Nice profile music. Welcome back.

    2. ChewyLR



    3. groovy grimm

      groovy grimm

      I can’t wait to fix my profile once I’m gone lemme tell ya

    4. Cub


      This new profile is way worse

    5. Final TurkRP

      Final TurkRP

      Had a nice talk with the bigman and told him its enough.

  12. If some one could weeb this man, id greatly appreciate it! On a real note, if it was kept to the discord or forum profiles were safe from it lasting weeks/months on end, id have zero issues at all with it, its just a bit of harmless fun in the end
  13. Discord name change doesn’t bother me all that much honestly, the forum name being changed for as long as it is can get a little annoying though
  14. Epic profile bro

    1. groovy grimm

      groovy grimm

      I hate you

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