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  1. I like your profile picture...

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      thank you

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      thanks, obama*

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      not funny joke obama was one of the best presidents


    "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me

    John 14:6

  3. all glory to god

  4. DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    -User has been warnedfor this post-
  5. I Can't find the passphrase in the rules

    -No answers to whitelist questions- //Shane
  6. Darryl Johnson

    Darryl was born into a regular family in Philly, and grew up like any other kid in the city, loving 76ers and the Eagles. As a child he played countless hours at the basketball courts near his house, playing against mostly his brothers and some pick up games as well. He played mostly the 2 and sometimes the one, and was adept at ball and handling and had a knack for scoring and had much of a Dwyane Wade style of play. He was good enough to be able to get into Villanova on a basketball scholarship, and was sent to South Zagoria with the rest of his team for a training camp during the middle of the year during his freshman year. before the NCAA March Madness Tournament. All hell broke loose during his stay, and he and the team were stranded in this distant land, with only each other.
  7. Joseph Collins

    Born in the inner city of Dublin, Joseph had a gift of musical talent from the start. He played the keys, mostly jazz, and was doing gigs at the age of 16. When his father thought he was old enough, he told him about the organization he was in, the IRA. Michael had an interest in it, but kept it more of a secret and didn't talk about it much around his peers. As Michael progressed as piano player, he got offered to play in a wedding in South Zagoria with some of his pals. He ended up liking the place and came back a few more times over the next couple of years to play at different events. When he came in spring of 2017, he got caught in all of the mess that was Chernarus at the time, and ended up becoming stranded there as no help was able to save the turmoil that was the country. He joined the IRA present in Chernarus and works with them till this day.
  8. the end of an era

  9. if this game is so good why can't it get over like 5k players daily?
  10. I mean those are just statistics that anyone can find at http://steamcharts.com/app/221100 So I guess you don't like statistics.
  11. standalone is pretty much dead and averages like 4k players a day and has been on the decline ever since it was released.
  12. 57th Street Gang ,, The purgers ''

    57th street gang? You should probably choose a less American name if it is going to be a Chernarussian group.
  13. Yo shookya get on t- oh wait.

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      Too soon

  14. i come home from hoopin to see that i am banned from ts. nice.

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      your actually more of a victim than me, gg.

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