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  1. good fight
  2. If they safe zone actually has lore behind it and it is just put on an island I don't think it will conflict that much. But, if it is just there with no sort of lore or backstory to the area being a safe haven then it is just gonna be a place people go to hide behind rules. In my opinion it will probably just turn into a place people go to shit talk cause they can just hide behind the rules and not much actual RP is going to occur there after like the first couple days.
  3. I understand that in the apocalypse there are going to be some bigots and racists but I feel like a lot of the racism I've seen in game stems from OOC purposes and not IC purposes. I.E people are racist in game cause they are too scared to actually say it OOC and are just using the excuse that they are "in character" to perpetrate racism. Not saying everyone that acts racist in game is an OOC racist, but I feel as though most of the in game racism isn't even for the actual character itself, but rather OOC means. Not all but a lot of the "racist" rp I've seen is pretty poor and it is just people calling them either a monkey or the N word and it's usually pretty shit RP to be honest.

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  5. ban erp please

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  6. You've completely dropped most of the arguments I made in my posts, but I guess I will just look over that and respond to your rebuttal. You're SEVEN TIMES more likely to be shot by a right wing extremist in the US than you are to be shot by a Muslim extremist. Too bad this doesn't change people's views and they are still afraid of Muslims. There are many examples in the Quran of where it says not to use violence unless it is in self-defence. The Quran says that if somebody kills another person, "It shall be as if he has killed all mankind."(5:33) Why do only the most war-torn areas, and the most uneducated people actually ever become terrorists? Blaming Islam is the easiest thing to do, but there are so many more factors that lead to extremism. Statistics show that over 60% of Americans haven't met a Muslim. You act as if all Muslims are just going commit acts of terrorism, when it's only misinformed and brainwashed extremists. Your next argument states that Islam is not inherently democratic. I stated in my earlier post that you quoted with evidence from the Quran of how it outright states core principles of democracy and that it should be followed, you can read them again if you wish cause it is evident that you didn't. You are correct in the idea that there are still dictators and such in the Islamic world, but this though, is not a product of Islam but rather people themselves, as it is not supported or condoned any where in the faith itself. Turkey is a democracy that is standing in the middle east, despite what it has been going through recently. Problems regarding the middle east can be rooted back to where the whole area was colonized my European powers. Iraq was a colony, a puppet of the most oppressive empire to have ever existed, the British Empire. Syria was a French colony, and after World War 2, European powers literally just drew up lines in the middle east according to their own needs. I don't think the native population there liked foreign powers coming in and oppressing their own people, then establishing borders and lines that crossed many different ethnic, religious, and cultural boundaries according to their own needs. The United States has bombed the living shit out of Afghanistan, harming civilians and others, and this same type of action has been taken by many other Western powers across the middle east. Yes I understand that we've been trying to fight terrorist and that we've been trying to do the RIGHT thing, but it has just caused more problems from its collateral damage that comes with it. Westerners need to leave that area alone, because it is just giving them more reasons to be bitter toward what we have done to them. This is a huge problem that has been over looked by many, but is a root cause in all of the turmoil that is evident in the middle east. You also look over the fact that Christians have done some terrible things in the past as well. The Spanish Inquisition, literally colonization of a huge chunk of the world (The British controlled 1/4 of the land mass at a point in time) and oppressing the native populations, and many more examples are there of how the Church has oppress others. Both religions have done terrible things in the past, but we shouldn't judge the entire religion just based on those things that have occurred a long time ago. This terrorism that has been going on needs to and has to be stopped, because it is just terrible what has been going on recently. I just think that trying to blame the religion as the problem of all of this is really not what needs to be done, because there are a lot more factors that go into being radicalized and committing these terrible attacks...
  7. The Qur'an does actually specifically state how Muslims are to treat Christians. "O People of the Book! Come to an agreement between us and you: that we shall worship none but Allah, and that we shall ascribe no partners unto Him, and that none of us shall take others for lords beside Allah. (Al-i Imran Surah, 3:64) That is, let us not call others Lord, God, Creator. Let the order of Allah (SWT) and His Pleasure be our criteria for our deeds Let all of us be servants to Allah (SWT). Let us consider ourselves responsible to Him. Let us be dependent on and loyal to each other in accordance with these rules. (1)" It is also stated that to marry someone from the People of the Book is lawful (Al-Maidah, 5).There are also statements that support a democratic from of governance and requires Muslims to "obey those in authority among them" (4:60). Any Muslim speaking against the West whilst still living with its freedoms are acting against the callings of their religion. Another illustration of Islam's support for democracy is verse (4:59) which shows core western beliefs. The idea of justice is also perpetrated within Islam,(5:9, 6:153, 7:30), saying that , "Allah loves the just" (49:10). Even Harvard University has said that this verse, "O ye who believe! stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be (against) rich or poor: for Allah can best protect both. Follow not the lusts (of your hearts), lest ye swerve, and if ye distort (justice) or decline to do justice, verily Allah is well- acquainted with all that ye do," Is one of the greatest expressions of justice in literature. Mohammed even states that it is forbidden to compel any person in the matters of faith (Chapter 88). The teachings of Islam support religious and personal freedoms that are evident in western culture, the evidence is there, and in more than once spot, (Chapter 10). Saying that they are not able to fir with western values is just simply not correct, but rather that these people claiming to be Muslim that are supporting this hate are at odds with the true requirements of their faith. Islam shot down the idea of slavery way before the western world ever did. This whole idea that the religion can't fit in the western world is completely shut down with one example, Turkey. Turkey was westernized by Ataturk starting in 1923 after the Ottoman Empire collapsed. Turkey, with a very big Muslim majority(96.5%), was westernized and made secular. I could go into more detail about how it was westernized, but I think you can research that yourself and that I've shown the point I'm trying to make. I'm assuming by "Our modern world," you mean the western world, and does this example not show that Islam can fit in with the modern world? This country has been able to adapt its faith and live as a western, secular country with a majority Muslim population. These terrorist that we see are twisting around the ideas of their faith and are literally fighting against people of their own faith- mainly the idea of the lesser Jihad (You can go into research on that if you wish). I will repeat again that I have Muslim friends and even a teacher, and they are some of the nicest and kindest people that I know. Saying that NOTHING from Islam fits with our western world is totally wrong and if anything Islam established what we know was "western" values long before western democracies. There are a lot of things to blame for the problem, but just blaming the religion and the whole group of people is just out right closed-minded and very bigoted.
  8. So tired of people trying to blame all Muslims and blame the entire religion and how they are against Christianity and the western world. It is specifically stated in the Qur'an that they are to respect people of the book (Jews and Christians). I have plenty of Muslim friends where I live and all of them are some of the nicest people I know, one actually being my chemistry teacher. Tired of right-wing nuckle-heads just trying to get rid of any body that isn't like them. Targeting Muslim's for their religion goes against the basic principles of freedom that are started in the 1st amendment, the freedom that our ancestors fought to keep. ISIS and other RADICAL Islamic terrorist groups should not be categorized into the whole religion of Islam. You can't blame a whole religion just for the acts of such a small fraction of it. ISIS is literally fighting Muslims where they have land, targeting people of their own faith. They are not a representation of Islam and its principles and ideologies. I'm totally against the acts of terrorism that has been occurring and I am in no way condoning it, but you need to open your fucking eyes and realize that it is not the whole religion. That is like trying to say that all whites are responsible for the acts of some mentally insane people that liked to wear white robes and pointy hats. Seeing the comments in this thread really upset me and just goes to show that prejudice and bigotry is still very apparent and problematic in our world. My prayers go out to the victims of these horrible acts of terrorism that have been displayed ACROSS, the world, and I pray that those that are blinded by their own bigotry and arrogance finally realize that what they are perpetrating is wrong.
  9. we provide the best rp possible on the server
  10. dang maybe cause i have school and also have a life
  11. easy shit nibbas
  12. I know other people have the same problem I do with 1st person. I get some pretty bad motion sickness/headaches playing 1st person and that's a big reason why I don't ever use it aside from aiming down sights.
  13. Honestly, text rping in itself breaks the flow of roleplay. Yes I know maybe you're playing a girl as a guy, or have some extenuating circumstance, but it honestly just makes role playing much more difficult and more time consuming than it needs to be. Microphones are like 20$ and it makes role play go so much smoother, flowing, and natural. The implementation of this feature really serves little purpose because it isn't going to cure the awkwardness that comes with text rping. If you are going to text RP you should be aware that it is going to be way more difficult, the RP will probably be worse, and It just won't be as smooth and natural as it would be if you were talking through VOIP. In my opinion it should be a requirement to have a mic but that's not for me to decide. Text RP just puts a strain on role play and in my experience, takes the immersion out of the game.
  14. when yo nibba aint got the hookup for tha week

  15. no I'm the rebel