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  1. I was fully aware that the defender rights from previous situation had expired and that my actions could not be linked to any previous situations, all I'm trying to do is shed light to why I acted the way I did. A group came and attacked our settlement, they gun down one of our guys who was trying to go talk to them , they change the locks to their own locks and presumably leave after that. Later when I'm at the settlement a group of three arrives at the compund and two of them runs straight at the combination locks, so its reasonable to assume these are the same guys or from same group atleast. In a 1v3 situation why would anyone ruin the element of surprise and try to hold them up, given the earlier events that happened.
  2. Yes, as I said I had a reason to believe these were the same people that I shot at because of how they ran straight to our tent gates before anything else, wich someone had relocked with a code we didnt know. As stated, I was wrong in the situation since the people I shot inside our compound were not the same who visited us before.
  3. POV: Two hours before these events one of our team members was immediately gunned down by raiders when he tried to talk to the attackers before initiating. The raiders had changed all the combination locks on our tents and our house when I arrived to the scene, then I heard lots of footsteps surrounding the base and when they came inside our base I attempted to kill them. I assumed these were the same people, apparently I was wrong. I wonder how the place can seem empty to someones eyes if every gate was locked. The people were all inside the compound.
  4. Pov: I was raiding the settlement after scouting that it was empty, in the middle of it I hear footsteps and see a guy with his gun drawn out so I proceed to take him out. The second guy enters the settlement despite of the gunshots in there just a minute before so I take a shot at him too.
  5. - User was cautioned for this post -
  6. Server and location: Server 1, Novaya Petrovka, Factory Complex Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-07-28, 00:00 - 11:26 Your in game name: Eathan Macmillan Names of allies involved: Name of suspect/s: Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: My base at Novaya Petrovka got raided by ghosting while I was asleep. All the walls are intact, Locks are in place with the same code i put there, And its not possible that they have jumped over the walls as the doorways are sealed.
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