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  1. Zero

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    • BOLDEdition

    Where are yooooou?

  2. BOLDEdition

    IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    I want to ride coattails on Rei's question too; it's likely I would create an all new character to RP. How soon would backstory need to be filled in for new characters on day zero? Is it possible to create the character, add a photograph, and start RP and let it build organically for now? Writers and storytellers want to know (Also it's been months since I have been on so hello to those who actually know me!)
  3. BOLDEdition

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    • Zero

    Hello Zero my old friend; I've come to talk with you again. You see I haven't been on DayZRP.  Staying away has been so easy.  Now that Spring has come, I wonder can it be fun. To shoot my gun? And kill, some zombies.

  4. Took me over a month to remember my password. Hope the rest of you survivors have been faring well. I have been thinking about TeeKay going MIA and creating someone new; will have to consider it more when I have time.

  5. I've been away from vidyagames; looks like things happened in my absence. Ghost Recon: Wildlands anyone? Mass Effect: Andromeda? Talk to me.

    1. Zero


      Lots of things happened while you were gone, example one. Half of the community leaving.

  6. @Hollows 'preciate you taking the time to post feedback, tips, encouragement, real talk and some clips man! I'm on the learning grind for the time being but will add you on the NA servers for later on after I've gotten up to 20 or 30.
  7. Thanks @Species; will do! Nice, i've been mainly practicing with Ekko; got a few other champions for other roles. Lots of co-op vs ai or me with 9 AI. Getting it down a bit.
  8. Well, damn. Our interactions were brief but I enjoyed our RP man. Be easy and take care.
  9. Region: NA Summoner Name: BOLDEdition Role(s): still figuring it out; I like Mid and Sup/BOT Rank: No rank; just started playing last week. Extra Info: I am looking to play with people who don't mind running with a new player; I'm clued about MOBA's; understand the roles and strats. Thought it would be fun to have some people to play with.
  10. "I am the GREATEST. I said THAT even before I knew I was." -Muhammad Ali

  11. BOLDEdition

    Thoughts on specific features of characters

    It's a good idea to ask if there is anything of significance on them as you suggested; my character always has his camera dangling from a leather strap around his neck that he constantly is handling in one way or another around his other gear. I have even brought it up in hostage situations but no one has done anything to play off that. Any way to extend your story and theirs is always going to be preferred.
  12. "If I tell you a mosquito can pull a plow, don't ask how. Hitch 'em up!" -Muhammad Ali

  13. Solid idea and I like that you want to keep the group tight in terms of numbers. The nomadic vibe has a lot of appeal and your pushing for IC survivalism with a more realistic POV should introduce a unique RP vibe for people (both within and out of the group).
  14. Hey Smokey, welcome to the community man. Check out the mentor program if you want or need an RP crash course. It's likely the best way to get embedded in DayZRP and meet some solid RP'rs early on.
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