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  1. IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    I want to ride coattails on Rei's question too; it's likely I would create an all new character to RP. How soon would backstory need to be filled in for new characters on day zero? Is it possible to create the character, add a photograph, and start RP and let it build organically for now? Writers and storytellers want to know (Also it's been months since I have been on so hello to those who actually know me!)
    • BOLDEdition
    • Zero

    Hello Zero my old friend; I've come to talk with you again. You see I haven't been on DayZRP.  Staying away has been so easy.  Now that Spring has come, I wonder can it be fun. To shoot my gun? And kill, some zombies.

  2. BOLDEdition

    Took me over a month to remember my password. Hope the rest of you survivors have been faring well. I have been thinking about TeeKay going MIA and creating someone new; will have to consider it more when I have time.

  3. BOLDEdition

    I've been away from vidyagames; looks like things happened in my absence. Ghost Recon: Wildlands anyone? Mass Effect: Andromeda? Talk to me.

    1. Zero


      Lots of things happened while you were gone, example one. Half of the community leaving.

  4. BOLDEdition

    Mark site read.

  5. Later

    Well, damn. Our interactions were brief but I enjoyed our RP man. Be easy and take care.
  6. BOLDEdition

    "I am the GREATEST. I said THAT even before I knew I was." -Muhammad Ali

  7. Thoughts on specific features of characters

    It's a good idea to ask if there is anything of significance on them as you suggested; my character always has his camera dangling from a leather strap around his neck that he constantly is handling in one way or another around his other gear. I have even brought it up in hostage situations but no one has done anything to play off that. Any way to extend your story and theirs is always going to be preferred.
  8. BOLDEdition

    "If I tell you a mosquito can pull a plow, don't ask how. Hitch 'em up!" -Muhammad Ali

  9. Group Idea; Looking for thoughts

    Solid idea and I like that you want to keep the group tight in terms of numbers. The nomadic vibe has a lot of appeal and your pushing for IC survivalism with a more realistic POV should introduce a unique RP vibe for people (both within and out of the group).
  10. Whatsup Fella's

    Hey Smokey, welcome to the community man. Check out the mentor program if you want or need an RP crash course. It's likely the best way to get embedded in DayZRP and meet some solid RP'rs early on.
  11. This is a solid continuation and an enjoyable read; especially as it pertains to my character since he was embedded with those US troops in '09 during Nightingale as a war photographer and journalist. I look forward to extending his lore further, considering the new information revealed here.
  12. TeeKay's Camera: A War Photographers Tale

    'preciate the feedback and encouragement everyone. I have planned four to five more brief dispatches to publish for this particular lore series; stay tuned!
  13. TeeKay "DeadEye" Gamble is an award winning war photographer and journalist who found himself caught out in South Zagoria after the outbreak. Rather than attempting to flee the country, he remained in the hopes that when his camera started exposing, the real story would reveal itself. These brief dispatches are an account of what happened to TeeKay in his first two years, post-outbreak. TWO MONTHS AFTER THE OUTBREAK Gamble sits down next to the body of an infected who surprised him in the storage area of a corner market. The thing had grabbed at his neck, violently pulling on the camera dangling from it. In the heat of the struggle to break free, the leather straps snapped and Gamble fell backwards hitting the ground hard; the infected landing square on top of him. Its breath was hot and rancid as it clawed at his jacket and pulled its face close to his. Gamble pushed his forearm into the things neck in an attempt to force it back. It was strong. Freakishly strong. No matter how hard he pushed, the infected held onto him with an unrelenting grip. Desperate to be from underneath the screaming, writhing nightmare, Gamble reached out. His hand swept against the dirty floor, feeling for anything that could be used as a weapon. And that is when he felt it. The lens of his camera was unmistakable. With the tips of his fingers Gamble touched the glass and the ridged rings that formed around it. He struggled and grabbed at the lens gripping the entire camera, then swung upwards; the full weight of the camera crashed against its head. The zombie rolled off Gamble as he scrambled from underneath. He looked at his camera. His trusty M7 rangefinder had been a gift from his mentor when he received his first assignment. It has been with him ever since and has provided him a unique and exclusive perspective of the world. Now, bearing the brunt of being smashed against a skull, with its body dented and the glass of the lens cracked, Gamble’s Leica M7 had once again done something extraordinary—it had saved his life
  14. Thoughts on Ghillie suits?

    Not sure I can agree that they serve no functional RP purpose; for example, my character is a former war photographer/journo who has been in-country since the outbreak. He often uses the ghillie head wrap as part of his toolset for getting in closer to his subjects and maintaining some level of concealment. When traveling he will often use it in heavily forested areas to also assist with concealment. It has also been a solid RP conversation starter (when I forget to remove it and someone asks why I am wearing it). Those are a couple of legitimate examples; I am sure there are others that could enhance RP for both the player and whomever they encountered.