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  1. The Saint

    Funny Standalone videos!

    Yes, this is my own video but I still think it's funny. 12 Seconds A Slave [video=youtube] Meet the Pants Bandit [video=youtube]
  2. DayZRP Diary: Day Two - Case of the Missing Weapon (with IRA & co.)
  3. From what I've seen, IRA role play correctly, fair and fun unlike some other clans. The best experiences I have had were with them, along with RSM, and of course the FBL.
  4. Thanks for the advertisement, gang! You can learn more about our services by listening to the latest radio broadcast... http://www.dayzrp.com/t-chernarus-live-radio-september-9th-broadcast
  5. Decided to start video recording my DayZRP experience. First, I present to you, "Games With Juggs":
  6. Can we please have Juggs host the event? "Games With Juggs":
  7. I'm an idiot - yet you fail to use punctuation and the proper use of your/you're. I don't know you better than you do, but I seemingly know the human psyche more than you. You make a thread expressing your opinion on DayZRP, and thus are looking for how those react to your opinion; hence, you care about others' opinions. I'll just leave it at that.
  8. Name: Robinson Stone Age: 49 Height: 5' 8" Weight: 170 Hair: Brown Eyes: Grey Pre-Outbreak Profession: Cattle Rancher; Arms Dealer Demeanor in Three Words: Uncompromising, hardened ... damaged
  9. A TIME IN THE NEAR FUTURE... On December 2nd, 2013, a journal was found covered in blood next to a body of a man under a tree located North of Gorka, Chernarus. This journal was discovered by members of the Hazard Government Unit [HGU]. The journal has now been archived as a recorded document under Section 3EU-095 and will be stored and contained for the 'The Preserved Historical Documents of the World Infection Outbreak' | "PHDWIO". The discovered journal of 12/02/13, Article 3U-095, are documented as the last recordings of the life of a Mr. Robinson "The Saint" Stone. Please see HGU Entry 12.2-3EU for further information on said findings... --- DOCUMENTED RECORDINGS OF MR. ROBINSON STONE [iLLUSTRATED ON BACK OF FRONT COVER] For my wife Sarah, and my son Thomas. May your free souls look over the evil and the damned. --- AUGUST 13TH, 2013 The Saint is coming, brother. I'm a simple man, really. I keep to myself. Always have. But.. in this life now, there's only three things in this shit-infested world that will make me complete: a bottle of whiskey, some stuffed cigars and... to kill my brother. I have recently come into contact with a man who goes by the name Nick Sniggle, but everyone here in Reno, Nevada knows him as 'Tricky Nicky'. Mr. Sniggle would be the last person I would ever trust or believe for such information, on account of his peculiar drug habits among many other things. Yet, on this day he came to me with information on the whereabouts of my brother, John Stone. It's a sensitive subject, and he knows if he were lying again - especially about this - just to score some cocaine, I'd take his fucking thumbs. "I found him," he tells me. "I found your brother." The kid had a way of sneaking up on you, and caught me off guard more than the words he spoke. There was nothing to say but one word: "Where?", I bluntly asked. "In a land far far away...", he snickered. That's when I grabbed him by the throat and pushed his scrawny body against the wall. "I ain't asking again, son. Where?" I barked back at him. Barely able to speak, he chocked up the place. "Chernn..Cherbar.. Chern-a-ruuss!". I let go. Didn't want to kill the kid. This was the only key to setting me free. We had a discussion, and he pointed out that he heard word about a man who goes by the name "The Revelator". Turns out, the man might be my brother. That's all I needed to hear. This is all I have. This word of my brother, this hope. That's all that's left. After my wife Sarah passed away from pancreatic cancer long before the Outbreak, and my son... my son to.. the Infection, well the flame inside me.. that fire.. it's burning out. That hatred, that anger in me to find my brother and put a bullet between his eyes are the only thing keeping that flame from burning out. Now I've done my fair share of 'bad' things here, even before the world turn to shit. But my name, "The Saint", that came from my brother. He always looked up to me, he did... but I wasn't no proper role model. No, I fought, drank and spit my way through my pathetic life. But.. one day, back during The States War, you could say I saved his life. I do not care to write too much about it... but I saved that prick's sorry ass and ever since.. I've been "The Saint". That there, well.. that was the biggest mistake of my life, saving him. What he did... my brother, what he did.. well.. that man.. he deserves to die. That's all I care to say. That's why I've decided to leave this infested, drug-induced, shit of a city, make my way out of what is left of the United States, and head miles across the sea to this place.. Chernarus. Reno is a vile, disgusting place riddled with drugs, war, murder, sin and evil. Buildings and once-skyscrapers collapse almost daily. What's left of the rubble of mom and pop shops are now homes to the many starved. I can only hope Chernarus will be different. I've given all that I have left to pay the mercenary group to take me to where I need to go. Even the golden locket that Sarah gave me for my 42nd birthday. It's the last thing I had of my past life. I can only hope it will be worth it. I do not know where I'm heading. It's going to be a long dangerous journey... but rest assured brother, "The Saint" is coming. The world as we know it may be dead, but I'm still here and it seems what we have here... ...what we have here is a problem. Robinson Stone //journal will continue
  10. By the very nature of making this thread, you certainly do care about others' opinions.
  11. If you have an issue with the way people are playing, then deal with it yourself. Every time someone has disturbed the Freedom Bus Line and Freedom Corp. Services, a free neutral group for the people of Chernarus, they have been dealt with. We've been constantly attacked, but thanks to extensive measures and the smarts of the crazy thumb-taking "The Saint", those have been killed, exterminated and banished.
  12. I really don't care about any of this. If you rob us, you will be killed by one of our staff. If you have robbed us before, you will be denied entry. If you are a dick on the bus, you will be ejected. We ID passengers (if in safe area) before they can get on the bus. That simple. Otherwise... enjoy your free ride! Juggs can ride any day. We like Juggs. Juggs is friend of FBL.
  13. It's probably because you rob everyone you come across. Yeah, that might turn a few heads.
  14. It's unfortunate sick and twisted groups like the SOV and DogPigs want to rob and take advantage of a free transport service and innocent people of Chernarus, but rest assured, myself and the security staff with provide safety against such criminals and bandits.
  15. I saw you two getting... familiar in the bushes.