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  1. DownhillPlagueX

    Discord Personnel Problem

    Thank you Eagles will do.
  2. DownhillPlagueX

    Discord Personnel Problem

    Hello, I was directed here from the council chat on DayZRP discord. I let go a undesirable member from my group go today and he went off on me in discord. He DM’d me things like: I hope you get shot in the face fascist pig (real world not in game), better you change your codes because after tonight I’ll take everything from you, DayZRP is trash, and a couple other things. I promise you this isn’t me being salty that he said this to me but this is the worst member in the community of DayZRP I have ever seen. Can anything be done about this person or should it just be summed up as him being a prick? Thank you for your time.
  3. DownhillPlagueX

    Potius Cras Livonia Base Request

    Looks good to me and my leadership. //Approved
  4. DownhillPlagueX

    Praetorian Guard

    Understood, thank you.
  5. DownhillPlagueX

    Praetorian Guard

    I would take this complaint with more sincerity if you would go directly with me or the person you have an issue with instead of going out of your way to attempt to make us look bad on our groups idea forum. I will look into this issue; please just go direct with me in the future.
  6. DownhillPlagueX

    Elektrozavodsk Unoffical Police Department of Law and Order

    This is a great idea. I hope your group grows and your RP spreads.
  7. DownhillPlagueX

    Grief Report S1

    I said it would have been nice to have more conversation but I find it understandable and don’t think it should qualify/be discussed as bad RP. I said that because other people were talking about lack of RP. Relax not everything is people trying to bad talk about your group. I was trying to stop the conversation of lack of RP not make it bigger. Perhaps I went about that the wrong way.
  8. DownhillPlagueX

    Grief Report S1

    People earlier in comments mentioned people inside the compound not RP’ing very much. My comment was to state that there was enough RP from your people inside. Also I said when I died so of course I’m not going to mention the stuff I wasn’t there for.
  9. DownhillPlagueX

    Grief Report S1

    Hello, My POV will be brief. We approached the compound and I initiated from outside. Person on the inside said ‘go away’ and we continued with the raid. I broke down 1 1/2 lower walls while talking to the man inside and was shot/killed through the wood. Only thing I will say about the RP: It would have been nice to have the person on the inside RP more and value his life but as he was probably nervous about our intentions/ defending his base I find it reasonable he didn’t talk at all. I don’t think it qualifies for lack of RP. -Jack
  10. DownhillPlagueX

    Overabundance of PVP on Chernarus

    You are a member of the Jackals. You’re group is one of the largest problems/offenders of what he’s mentioning in the post. Of course you disagree with it.
  11. DownhillPlagueX

    Praetorian Guard

    Miss you Father. Cooper is still upset that you could never go fishing.
  12. DownhillPlagueX

    Praetorian Guard

    "Peace and Security through Strength and Order." - Legatus Jack Mason "Fear is proof of a degenerate mind." - Publius Vergilius Maro "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end." - Marcus Annaeus Seneca The Praetorian Guard - The designation originated during the rise of the ancient Roman republic as early as the rise to prominence of the Scipio family around 275 BC. An elite unit of the Imperial Roman army whose members served as personal bodyguards and intelligence for the Roman emperors. Nova Roma - an international Roman revivalist and re-constructionist organization created in 1998 by Joseph Bloch and William Bradford, (Marcus Cassius Lulianus and Flavius Vedius Germanicus the "Patres Patriae"[Fathers of the Fatherland]). Nova Roma wished to usher in the restoration of classical Roman religion, culture, and virtues and shared Roman ideals. July 18th, 2017 marked an important day for the Nova Roma organization. The great fathers of New Rome would be hosting a celebration dubbed "Roma Romanae" or Roman Revival in the city of Istanbul, Turkey; the ancient seat of the Eastern Roman Empire. They had arrived in the city many days prior to the planned event, and members of the organization flocked to the city in droves. By July 24th, 2017 the world as it used to be ceased to exist. The red dawn of the apocalypse rose over all corners of the globe spreading across all the lights of civilization indiscriminately. The once great city of Istanbul was soon a burning shadow of itself. Rampant riots and looting offset by bouts of infected mauling people by the thousands. In the shambles of the end of the world, Nova Roma gathered its precious few surviving followers and frantically fled the city by sea. Commandeering what small fisher boats and other small craft they could, they entered the frigid waters of the Turkish Bosporus. They soon found the southern strait to the Mediterranean Sea was impassable. Clogged by hundreds of derelict vessels and debris from rioting and military blockades. So Nova Roma fled north into the Black Sea. Lost in a storm the battered survivors found themselves on the shores of unfamiliar territory, and unable to continue in their crippled vessels. They crawled out of their crumbling ships onto the desolate Chernarussian beaches near the outskirts of Solnichny. In the weeks to follow the group of survivors headed inland. The devastation of the virus continued its spread, and so too did the moral depravities of man. Nova Roma quickly fell victim to the brutalities of the new world they found themselves in. Assaulted constantly by roving bandit groups, wild animals, and especially the infected. In response to the harsh atrocities committed against them, the Patres Patriae mandated the resurrection of the Cohortes Praetoriae. (The Praetorian Guard.) Peace and Security through Strength and Order. This resurrected legion was revived no longer for the personal safety of generals or emperors, but for protection of all Roman peoples. If the governments of the world couldn't protect their inhabitants, the Praetorians would. Nova Roma grew its teeth. When in Cherneraus, we did as the Chernarussians did. We discovered quickly that people with military and combat training had the highest chance of survival. Recruitment was slow and Nova Roma's citizens had fallen to pathetic numbers. That changed with the appointment of Legatus Jack Mason. The legate was an ex-military American swayed to the cause in the months following the outbreak. The Patres Patriae saw something in him, and under his command the Guard flourished. The Legatus relied heavily on the teaching of the Patres Patriea, and thus, those of ancient Rome. Instilled in every legionare are the qualities of life to which every citizen (and, ideally, everyone else) should aspire. They are the heart of the Via Romana — the Roman Way — and are thought to be those qualities which gave the Roman Republic the moral strength to conquer and civilize the world. They are the rods against which we can measure our own behavior and character, and we can strive to better understand and practice them in our everyday lives. By borrowing many tactics of roman military culture and infusing them into the training of each legionare, the Praetorian guard evolved into a modern roman fighting force. Thus Nova Roma expanded. We recruited civilian refugees and other survivors into our group and almost immediately quality of life improved. With the experience in construction, medicine, and cooking that our civilian counterparts brought to the table we were doing so well. Until it happened. The death of the Patres Patriae and fall of Nova Roma came swiftly and without warning. Bandits brandishing orange armbands swarmed the encampment and the fight was over before it ever truly began. A red sun rose over the ruins of Nova Roma. Roman blood saturated the ground. When the legate returned with his cohorts from patrol and found his home burned to ash his blood boiled. He was fury, he was wrath, he was vengeance. Si vis pacem, para bellum (If you want peace, prepare for war). And war came swiftly indeed. The Legatus declared that if humanity was going to survive it could not be done alone. The bandits of the land could not be fought alone. The apocalypse could not be fought alone. Too long in chernaurus have the common people suffered under the oppressive presence of humanities sins. It was time to push back. These bandits had inadvertently awoken something from within the Legate. Removed the blindfold of which he did not know he wore. With these new eyes he looked at the lawless lands of Cheneraus in disgust. He saw the power vacuum that the scum of the land used to prey upon the weak. But most of all he despised the utter loss of common morality. He viewed banditry as the harbinger of humanities extinction. "To lash out against your comman man, is to strip yourself of your own humanity." The only cure for this, is death. He declared the Moribus Communia, the highest of praetorian laws, to be applied to every human being in the land on threat of execution. These consist of three major offenses to which all Praetorians abide. No person shall take by force that to which they have no claim (this includes the right to freedom from slavery). No person shall break an oath to which they have given, especially in the name of Rome. No one shall take the life of any human who abides by the Moribus Communia. Determined to bring order to this land at war, the Praetorians would persevere. If humanity was going to survive the apocalypse it could not be done alone. The bandits of the land could not be fought alone. The apocalypse could not be fought alone. Nothing could be accomplished alone. But by the strength of Rome and the Praetorian Guard, peace and security will be brought to Chernarussian soil. Rome Eternal! We are the remaining, growing, Praetorian Guard. We operate under a hierarchy and a core set of rules to guide us. We follow our leadership and rules unconditionally for failure to obey your superiors or break established rules results in severe disciplinary action. Though this may sound like a constraining way of life, we find it to give us a home and a family in each other. The Praetorian Guard is always looking for wandering survivors to help or recruit to bolster our ranks. The focus of our Praetorian ideology is to band the remnants of humanity together into a common goal of survival. We Praetorian's emphasize and claim to support a myriad of Roman and old world values, such as personal liberty, common morality, and the rule of law. We also strive to restore general order to the land, the improvement and development of infrastructure/economic systems, and a basic common peace between the people. 1. Establish a strong BOP (Base of Operations) to resist people who detest order and decency. 2. Establish a secondary base in a town to provide innocents and civilians a place to be safe and find supplies. 3. Establish a public house connected to our secondary base where wandering survivors or other factions can meet new people and drink/eat in warmth and peace. 4. Recruit new members to bolster our ranks. 5. Make alliances with well renowned groups to reduce needless wars. 6. Establish a strong AO (Area of Operation). In this AO survivors in Chernarus will know that they are in Praetorian Guard territory and safe under Praetorian Guard law. 7. Establish small outposts throughout the Chernarus to assist in aforementioned territorial control. IC Goals: 1. Enforce laws of common morality throughout the land. (Ongoing) 2. Establish relations with remnant governments or survivor groups with aligned interests. (Ongoing) 3. Establish a stronghold from which to arm and train legionary forces. (Finished [Day 885]) 4. Have 20 Praetorian Guard members in our ranks. (Day 920) 5. Form specialized Frumentarii that act as an undercover special forces squad to infiltrate groups of interest. (Day 925) 6. Construct/control a town Nova Praetoriae; in honor of the ruined city of Nova Roma. (Day 935) 7. Reinstate the civilian government of Nova Roma and its heirarchy. (Day 945) 8. Build a grand Colosseum. This will allow factions to fight with champions and prevent all out war; saving countless lives whilst honoring the traditions and games of our past. (Day 980) OOC Goals: 1. Help balance the over abundance of hostile/raiding groups. 2. Create a hybrid, organized, and post apocalyptic nation state featuring integrated civilian and military roles. 3. Create fun, roman themed role-play featuring both militarized and civilian roles. This will allow everyone even non-combatant characters to enjoy a variety of role-play scenarios. LEGATUS- Jack Mason. @DownhillPlagueX CAMP PREFECT- Mason Germaine. @MidnightShadow CENTURION- Tech Kapkush. @apaliics CENTURION- Gustavo Chicote. @Templeton Suede CENTURION- Cooper Dawes. @Ferretss OPTIO- Emika Chen. @LilyKatzchen OPTIO- Andy Seitz. @Anipuma OPTIO- Greg. @Gregor LEGIONNAIRE- Chester Loringo. @Gizch LEGIONNAIRE- Valery Kuznetsov "Val". @CynicalCertainty LEGIONNAIRE- James Sephen. @MrSpetzer LEGIONNAIRE- Kenneth Snow. @Shepherd245 LEGIONNAIRE- Brian Peterson "Ace". @TearsFallSilent LEGIONNAIRE- Maggie. @Carolina LEGIONNAIRE- Jim. @chuckwagon5000 LEGIONNAIRE- Orion Zitchev "Ozh". @Ozh LEGIONNAIRE- Ruslam Maxime. @Vasily Zaitsev LEGIONNAIRE- Kazymyr Zaitsev "Kaz". @Gump8 LEGIONNAIRE- Wolfgang Fox. @Wolfgang Fox --------------------------MEMORIAL-------------------- 《PEACE TO THE FALLEN》 Joseph Bloch William Bradford Pontifex: Father Anthony Delgado @Dyhadration
  13. DownhillPlagueX

    Group Implemented base too OP

    The complaint isn’t about the Wolfpack’s accomplishments of the past/present. The amount of time your group has been on the server, amount of members, and amount of RP The Wolfpack has contributed is not in question. What is in question is whether your most recent base design is too overpowered. And spending 6 hours in the safety of an editor IS nothing compared to if you were to gather thousands of nails and build it under constant fear of ambush IC.
  14. DownhillPlagueX

    Group Implemented base too OP

    What people have an issue with is you get to spawn in a massive defendable position with minimal work. This gives you guys the ability to go around curb stomping smaller groups and have such a stockpile of gear/weapons that even if a smaller group can repel and kill 10 of your men within 20 min they're re-armed. So when this happens the smaller group gets a severe blow whereas losses like this cost you almost nothing. This impedes smaller groups from growing and severely decreases rp in the entire server. The complaints I’m seeing aren't that you have an amazing fortress that you can defend; the complaints more are saying that with no effort on your part you now have a safe area to store massive stockpiles of gear.
  15. DownhillPlagueX

    Hello from WA!

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