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  1. I would absolutely love to see Base building return. I do believe that it would need tweaking over what it was before and make very clear guidelines of what is and what is not acceptable. This would reduce server stress of what and keep some ridiculous builds from occurring. Myself and most of my friends on here love the grind for building and maintaining communities; we seek out to RP with people but one of the biggest ‘end game’ objectives we always had to work towards what having a nice base to call home. The MoreDoors mod is a good mod and it makes it enjoyable enough but I do truly miss actual base building. +1 from me (as long as there are guidelines and regulations for the community)
  2. For sure man hit up my discord, we’d love to get some new players!
  3. I like it a lot, good read and seems really cool. I can’t wait to hire you guys. ??
  4. Hey man I appreciate the feedback. You are the 2nd person to bring up the timeline. I just made some minor changes just now to clarify how far along in the collapse we are and changed some wording to make it seem more timeline appropriate. Hopefully it helps. If it still looks too far into the collapse let me know and I will continue to adjust the lore.
  5. Ah, I understand your concern being only 4.5 months into the collapse. I think it will be an appropriate addition but I do understand your concern for fear of potentially rushing along natural server/group Lore progression. If more people in the community see this as an issue as well I will talk to my other group members and work on tweaking our lore. Thank you for the feedback.
  6. For our group or the world lore in general?
  7. Looking forward to meeting even more people its been fun so far! If anyone in the community sees any errors or has any ideas please let me know!
  8. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the fractured shadow of what the world was just a few short months ago, Chernarus wasn't excluded from the chaos. If the insane, virus-ridden psychopaths wandering the land weren't bad enough normal people have lost their minds as well. Following the collapse of any form of local governmental agency the nation was tossed into a state of anarchy. Murder, robberies, hopelessness; these were attempted to be held at bay by the corrupt military occupation of the former Russian Federation. We were hungry and starving; everyone was hungry and starving. Lack of food can cause men to do terrible, dishonorable things. Without honor there can be no honesty. Without honesty there can be no order. Without order there can be no peace. Is this the world now? This cannot be all that remains. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From all different backgrounds of life we ran into each other; just people trying to survive. The common factor that we all shared was the struggle for survival; but not only that. We all sought something...more. We didn't want to just survive we wanted to LIVE. It hadn't been long since we were living comfortably in our own homes; too soon to forget what hot meals tasted like and how nice it was to sit in front of the fireplace on a nice couch. That's what we wanted to get back to. Together we taught our collective knowledge to one another. We learned how to hunt, fish, build make-shift homes, cook, and laugh. With our newfound strength in a group we found gathering food and supplies to be increasingly attainable. We wanted to share this good fortune with lone travelers to assist them in their own personal struggles, this failed. We set up a nice home and community in a small town called Nagornoe. Everything went well for a little while. We met new people and made new friends. A stockpile of food and water helped ease everyone's minds. Hell we even had George playing the guitar while Wolf sang to us every night. It was the first time many had smiled in months. Then it all came crashing down like someone cracked us over the head with a tire iron. Bandits came into camp around mid-day. We asked if we could help them; they said yes. They beat us and stole our entire stockpile of food. Some of us tried to stop them, the ones who weren't shot and killed were beaten unconscious. We went from a thriving community of twelve to a broken group of six. It was clear to us that these open arms we show to all must be tempered or it will get us killed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Even after fleeing from Nagornoe we found ourselves under the boot of rebels, rogues, bandits, and the desperate who couldn't fathom our acts of kindness as sincere. Needless bloodshed occurred for weeks while we tried to give away what we had...what little we had. It finally dawned upon us all clearer than it ever was before; the only way to help ourselves and others is through strength and discipline. The strength to tell evil men NO and the discipline to defend ourselves and our friends. The strength to stand up to our enemies and say we will not be plundered; if you want to take our resources and community; you must be prepared to trade lives for it! This principle of aggressive defense is the only viable way to establish peace and order in these times. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We have learned discipline and we are growing our strength. What is there to do now? Much needs to be done. We will claim a small village and gather what good people we can. Everyone needs a home and a place to lay their head. We will provide this for nothing. Just companionship and the understanding that if their home or their neighbors home is attacked by evil men, it is their duty to defend themselves and their community. For there can truly be no peace without sacrifice, no home with sweat, and no community without people willing to lay down their lives for a friend. These people with us will rise from the ashes of the broken remains of the destroyed world and re-find purpose, security, and happiness. For the Watchful Eye of The Sentinels watches over all. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Establish and maintain a city filled with community members. (Indefinite) Reach out into the nation of Chernarus and establish positive relations with 3 factions. (3/3) (Day 130) Raise the Sentinels to a town size community of 10 members. (Completed) (Day 138) Raise the Sentinels to a City size community of 15 members. (Completed) (Day 150) Take the Sentinel community and establish the Watchful City. (Day 152) Further build the community in the Watchful City by building a charity to help those in need. (Day 155) Establish the 'Iron Fence Protocol' (20/60) (Day 168) Establish the 'Watchful Eye' (Anytime) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Establish a good roleplay hub for people of all play styles to interact with each other. Help new players or solo players get a group of people and a community to play with. Have good roleplay interactions with both friendly and hostile roleplay groups. Affect travelers roleplay by providing a city frequently populated with other players. Dynamic group that has no forced alignment; group will adapt to what it is personally affected by. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sentinel Commander @DownhillPlagueX Sentinel Sergeant @ASuperiorWight @CommanderOmega @Umfrage @Blake Sims Sentinel Guardsman @Dallas Price @shleal225 @zjohnson1412 Sentinel Recruit @Scase Community Leader (not a member of Sentinels) Temporarily Empty Community Resident (not a member of Sentinels) @Leonatos @Human @Wolferboy1 @GunMetal @Dren @Jacob Vayne Recruitment If you wish to join the group - Please DM @DownhillPlagueX(discord DownhillPlagueX#3608), @ASuperiorWight (discord WittyCorvid#4155) or @Umfrage(discord Umfrage#1449). Discord will probably be more affective.
  9. Jack Mason was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After an uneventful childhood Jack joined the military at age 18. Serving as an intelligence officer in the Air Force for 8 years he found purpose and drive in life. Not long after separating from the military Jack was looking for a federal agency job of any kind; to which he found. He disappeared out of all his friends and families lives in an instant. He now (post collapse) resides in Chernarus, a currently distraught but beautiful nation. Seeking to rebuild society and push the world positively back into order and reason, he heads out on his newest adventure.
  10. Looks Awesome guys good luck!
  11. Hello all, I know many are not interested in purchasing Black Premium rank; but some are. For many the $300 price tag increase from diamond is quite a lot. Myself and a few friends are interested in purchasing this rank but all have decided not to for the same reason; we have already purchased the clothes we wanted from the store. Getting all of the clothes to spawn-in for yourself and friends to increase certain RP designs sounds great but just isn't worth the price-tag when you already have 90% of the clothes you want. I would like to make the suggestion that the purchasing of clothes from the server should count towards Black Premium rank (only Black) in the same way that purchasing any Premium rank gives you the equal discount for the following rank. Just curious on what the rest of the community thinks about this. Thank you for your time.
  12. Hey @Fae, hope you are doing well. Maybe YOU are not understanding. You had a bad experience with one of our people, who rightfully got hit with a NVFL. Besides that I do not believe you when you say you have received hate OOCly from any of the members in our group. @Blake Sims @Dallas Price @Umfrage @ASuperiorWight @DownhillPlagueX @CommanderOmega are members of The Wardens. This can be confusing because some are not yet on our roster; and other people who live in Krasnostav may roll with us but are not directly associated with us. You are accusing the six (6) of us of being hateful OOC and/or IC to you personally. You are publicly accusing us and then putting the responsibility to reach out and speak with you to fix these issues on our shoulders. Besides the NVFL against one of the six of us (which the admins rightfully solved) message @Blake Sims or @DownhillPlagueX for any further issues. Thank you for your concern in this matter. If you have any other serious RP concerns I suggest you reach out to an admin.
  13. I guess you could say that three of us wanting to search him via handcuffs or me yelling out “hey stop!” is the initiation. But a clear cut “Hands up or die!” or something along those lines was never stated any any of the 4 of us involved in this situation. I also would like to make clear that no one was pointing weapons at anyone. @Blisna didn’t want to be searched so he pulled his weapon and started jogging so in response the three of us pulled out our weapons. A weapon was not raised until I was shot.
  14. Server and location: Chernarus, Krasnostav SE corner/road of town square Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): approximately 0700 (0200 CENTRAL TIME) on 04MAY20 Your in game name: Jack Mason Names of allies involved: @Sloth680 @Anthony Kilo Name of suspect/s: UNK Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: I was radio'd by my aforementioned allies about a suspicious individual in the town center that they wanted me to talk to. I approached the man who was already talking with @Sloth680 and @Anthony Kilo. The man wasn't answering questions fully and more importantly seemed 'sketchy'. I told him I was going to cuff/search him for security purposes then after the search return any items to him and release him. He equipped his AK off his back and started jogging SE stating "I'll just leave town then". The three of us equipped our weapons and I called out "hey stop!". The man turned around and shot me then was immediately killed by @Sloth680 and @Anthony Kilo. This is a 3.2 violation for NVFL. When three armed men with weapons in-hand are facing you, turning around and shooting clearly is disregard for your own life; which was proved when this man was immediately killed.
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