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  1. I grew up watching my father be a pilot in the USAF and always wanted to join the military. The day I turned twenty-two (22) I finished Air Force ROTC and enlisted as a lieutenant in the Air Force as an intelligence officer. After several years I was assigned to a joint task force in which my primary goal was to gather information on local governments. One such assignment started in February 2020 in a small nation called Charnarus that recently became a part of the Russian Federation. I was tasked with gathering intel for three (3) months before I was set to meet up with a group of Green Berets in May 2020 to discuss possibly turning the local population against Russia and ally them with the US. Unfortunately the third wave of international frenzy flu struck hard and fast stranding me in this God-forsaken hell hole. I have been dodging authorities and crazy infected psychopaths for the last month while waiting for these Green Berets to show up. They never came. It is clear to me that besides my newly found friend, I am alone in this country. Lord knows how long I'll survive here.
  2. Hello all, I know many are not interested in purchasing Black Premium rank; but some are. For many the $300 price tag increase from diamond is quite a lot. Myself and a few friends are interested in purchasing this rank but all have decided not to for the same reason; we have already purchased the clothes we wanted from the store. Getting all of the clothes to spawn-in for yourself and friends to increase certain RP designs sounds great but just isn't worth the price-tag when you already have 90% of the clothes you want. I would like to make the suggestion that the purchasing of clothes from the server should count towards Black Premium rank (only Black) in the same way that purchasing any Premium rank gives you the equal discount for the following rank. Just curious on what the rest of the community thinks about this. Thank you for your time.
  3. Hey @Fae, hope you are doing well. Maybe YOU are not understanding. You had a bad experience with one of our people, who rightfully got hit with a NVFL. Besides that I do not believe you when you say you have received hate OOCly from any of the members in our group. @Blake Sims @Dallas Price @Umfrage @ASuperiorWight @DownhillPlagueX @CommanderOmega are members of The Wardens. This can be confusing because some are not yet on our roster; and other people who live in Krasnostav may roll with us but are not directly associated with us. You are accusing the six (6) of us of being hateful OOC and/or IC to you personally. You are publicly accusing us and then putting the responsibility to reach out and speak with you to fix these issues on our shoulders. Besides the NVFL against one of the six of us (which the admins rightfully solved) message @Blake Sims or @DownhillPlagueX for any further issues. Thank you for your concern in this matter. If you have any other serious RP concerns I suggest you reach out to an admin.
  4. I guess you could say that three of us wanting to search him via handcuffs or me yelling out “hey stop!” is the initiation. But a clear cut “Hands up or die!” or something along those lines was never stated any any of the 4 of us involved in this situation. I also would like to make clear that no one was pointing weapons at anyone. @Blisna didn’t want to be searched so he pulled his weapon and started jogging so in response the three of us pulled out our weapons. A weapon was not raised until I was shot.
  5. Server and location: Chernarus, Krasnostav SE corner/road of town square Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): approximately 0700 (0200 CENTRAL TIME) on 04MAY20 Your in game name: Jack Mason Names of allies involved: @Sloth680 @Anthony Kilo Name of suspect/s: UNK Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: I was radio'd by my aforementioned allies about a suspicious individual in the town center that they wanted me to talk to. I approached the man who was already talking with @Sloth680 and @Anthony Kilo. The man wasn't answering questions fully and more importantly seemed 'sketchy'. I told him I was going to cuff/search him for security purposes then after the search return any items to him and release him. He equipped his AK off his back and started jogging SE stating "I'll just leave town then". The three of us equipped our weapons and I called out "hey stop!". The man turned around and shot me then was immediately killed by @Sloth680 and @Anthony Kilo. This is a 3.2 violation for NVFL. When three armed men with weapons in-hand are facing you, turning around and shooting clearly is disregard for your own life; which was proved when this man was immediately killed.
  6. Great group page/lore. Love these guys IC and OOC. Have had much great RP with them. I would love to see these guys approved, lord knows they deserve it.
  7. Looks like a great plan. Me and my boys are in.
  8. Hello, I was directed here from the council chat on DayZRP discord. I let go a undesirable member from my group go today and he went off on me in discord. He DM’d me things like: I hope you get shot in the face fascist pig (real world not in game), better you change your codes because after tonight I’ll take everything from you, DayZRP is trash, and a couple other things. I promise you this isn’t me being salty that he said this to me but this is the worst member in the community of DayZRP I have ever seen. Can anything be done about this person or should it just be summed up as him being a prick? Thank you for your time.
  9. Looks good to me and my leadership. //Approved
  10. I would take this complaint with more sincerity if you would go directly with me or the person you have an issue with instead of going out of your way to attempt to make us look bad on our groups idea forum. I will look into this issue; please just go direct with me in the future.
  11. This is a great idea. I hope your group grows and your RP spreads.
  12. I said it would have been nice to have more conversation but I find it understandable and don’t think it should qualify/be discussed as bad RP. I said that because other people were talking about lack of RP. Relax not everything is people trying to bad talk about your group. I was trying to stop the conversation of lack of RP not make it bigger. Perhaps I went about that the wrong way.
  13. People earlier in comments mentioned people inside the compound not RP’ing very much. My comment was to state that there was enough RP from your people inside. Also I said when I died so of course I’m not going to mention the stuff I wasn’t there for.
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