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  1. Going Live

    Going live now on BDO going to be doing a giveaway tonight tune in for a chance to win!
  2. Going Live

    Im live now guys!!
  3. Going Live

    The Stream is about to start come check it out at twitch.tv/gtnkgaming
  4. Going Live

    Thanks il be live again tommorow il post here when i am
  5. Going Live

    Hey guys im going to be streaming a good bit of DayZ feel free to come tune in. There will be a quick bit of music while i set up Twitch.tv/gtnkgaming Thanks guys
  6. GM requests

  7. Staff Feedback

    @Jade Amazing help, Friendly and approachable and managed to get my issue resolved, Keep up the good work and thanks again!
  8. Real life picture Thread

    Hey guys just arrived here so here i am with my wife!