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  1. My name is John and this is my story. I moved to Chernarus before the outbreak as i believed in the political system that was present in the region, I previously lived in the United Kingdom and i was a soldier there my decision to move was largely due to what i had seen, During my time with the British Army i have seen children and women murdered by serving so called "men". I made the decision to move to Chernarus as i believe everything should be fair and all men equal so communism was my perfect match a beliefs, I even had to forge fake papers just to get into the country and hide the fact that i had served in the British army, I managed to get a home just outside of Dubky and started to live peacefully ignoring the collapse that was occurring around me. Eventually i had soldiers barging into my property and shoving me around taking my things, It was at this point i realised i moved at a bad time. Everything changed and not for the better. People started to get ill, I didnt want to move away so i tested my luck and stayed i know now this was a mistake not long after the beginning of the infection when society had all but collapsed and bandits roamed the streets foraging and killing anyone they could i came across a teenage boy i instantly knew something was wrong he lunged for me and i defended myself like any ex soldier would i beat him until he didn't move an inch. From that point onward i was never the same again i will do anything to survive. Life will never be the same. May the makers save us.
  2. I listen to various music when i play dayZ i listen to a russian band called Lyube
  3. Going live now on BDO going to be doing a giveaway tonight tune in for a chance to win!
  4. The Stream is about to start come check it out at twitch.tv/gtnkgaming
  5. Thanks il be live again tommorow il post here when i am
  6. Hey guys im going to be streaming a good bit of DayZ feel free to come tune in. There will be a quick bit of music while i set up Twitch.tv/gtnkgaming Thanks guys
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    @Jade Amazing help, Friendly and approachable and managed to get my issue resolved, Keep up the good work and thanks again!
  9. Hey guys just arrived here so here i am with my wife!