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  1. So making a religious character is all ok and stuff I know how to read rules (I think) but I want to ask the people of this community as my first thought what I think is something to wonder. Where do you draw the line of a passionate religious man to a extreme one. And how would you deal with such a character also when would you see him as a danger to just a crazy man these are just thoughts I have I thought it be cool to share this stuff.
  2. Good day DAYZRP

    You there Names GoodGuyPie I will be joining this sever if you dont mind. Heres a list of things I enjoy doing D&D or any table top game like it Sleeping Playing games Fighting bears Teddy bears Wondering if I made the right choice in life and eating Things I dont like Being eltrcuted finding out I am a vampire Hiding away in fear and snakes.