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  1. These are all good point. I guess i will just have to lower the standards of What Role-play is. And maybe figure out a plan on doing it correct. But maybe we can make something that if you are initiating on someone, if they move before you finish Shoot them in the leg or make them KOS for not complying ( Assuming they leave your sight) . because if you initiate and they just runaway you are KOS so if i see them down the road i can kill them for non-compliance. But my main problem is if they runaway before i can say " or you will die " They parts needs to be worked out.
  2. I was in a situation like this. I was unable to say a consequence before the guy turned around. i unloaded 6 rounds in his face and the next 3 day i was worried i was going to get banned. Just because i didn't tell him what he already knew.
  3. Yea it is, if i want to role play correctly, I don't want to waste time saying it. But no i have to make sure the rules are pleased before i can do anything. That is what breaks RP. it goes down to the point no one is getting. This is a " Role Play " server but before i can "Role Play" i have to " Rule Play " a stupid rule. That basically says " At this point Role Play is done. " If someone cant understand that a gun to their face means death then the are a horrible role player and TOO many people are getting in trouble just because they expected good role-play. also people need to understand that There are people in game who, if you break 1 rule they're like " OK you broke a rule i'm free, Forget you initiation it means nothing you killed me for not following orders but the magic word wasn't said so i'm reporting you." and the victim gets off free while the robber get character reset,ban,warning strike, etc.. As far as i can see EVERY OTHER rule is fine just this one is what ruins my in-game role play and makes it feel like any other game. Sin I'm sure i don't understand it all i would like to though, because i can't think of any problems removing this rule can make. Unless there is bad RP going on which wouldn't involve this rule to begin with.
  4. It seems like to many people are getting away with bad RP because of this Rule , and you would think that would cause more problems. Someone can runaway while i initiate get killed and cry on the forums because having a gun to their face wasn't enough to let them know i would kill them.
  5. That doesn't matter apparently, If you didn't state a consequence then you get banned for killing him for not following orders
  6. I know and it's getting sad that people decide "okay everything he just said isn't true because the *Magic Word* wasn't used" So you can have a 5 min initiation ( Hypothetically ) but if you don't say "or you will die" Then the victim doesn't have to do ANYTHING you just spent 5 min telling him to do. you are right, just like if you are raiding a settlement. You may not think to Tell someone the logical reason as to why they need to drop there gear. because you are to busy trying to protect yourself and your comrades from anyone who will defend themselves. And yes i agree the other rules need to Clearly be followed but this one just isn't relevant at all. Its just an excuse for someone to get outta being killed for not following an order.
  7. Is it not logic that if someone is robbing you then they will kill you. Then does it make sense i have to tell them or i get punished. So, after getting into several debates about RDM, and Poor initiation its getting old. Basically the rules are set to not allow logic and thinking in the server. If someone walks up behind you, puts a gun to you, then tells you to drop all of you "Gear" you aren't going to walk away and say " Sorry man you didn't tell me you would kill me so bye." No you would sit there scared to death about if you were going to die and not move giving the thief all of you gear. The "Must give them a consequence in initiation" is possibly the worst rule there is ( in my opinion ). Why you may ask? Well of you are like me the thrill of robbing someone and getting good stuff is awesome adrenaline is pumping and you throw yourself into the world of RP expecting it to be as close to life as possible. But when people are getting away with getting killed while not listening to someone robbing you, defeats the Whole RP aspect, and generally causes way to many problems with people crying about they died for not following instructions. What i hope happens? I hope that maybe we can actually rob someone without getting banned just because we didn't say we were going to kill them with our gun that is in there face.
  8. How do i close this for it was settled. ?
  9. IGN: ( In - Game Name) Raymond Thompson Age:18 Country: USA English skills:Only speak english. DayZ Experience: lots. pvp mainly What kind of role best describes you:Soldier following orders Have you been in any clan/group previously: No Additional notes: Im a tank i link to rush in a kill if i die ohh well. Best way to contact you:Email; [email protected] Backstory: I am a ex-soldier for the US marines, After retirement me and my wife and son traveled to Chernaurus for vacation. The virus attack caught me off guard. I was awoken by my wife eating my sons face in his hotel room. I didn't understand what was happening until i ran from her and met more survivors.
  10. Wrong i didn't find it at Ravens nest i fount it like 3 clicks away in a town missing a tire which i fixed. And me firing at you must have been desync because i unloaded the whole mag at him and you told me to stop before i reloaded, And i said it was mine to like 20 people because i fixed it so rightfully its mine. The guy who stole it looked at my gear and decided to take it.
  11. Im going to go ahead and stick this post here. Sorry if its incorrect but it is a question. While playing today i found ural with alot of good items in it in some random town. I fixed it up and drove to Ravens Nest. While im there i traded for about 20-30 minuets and while i was inside somone stole my Ural with all my gear. I proceeded to say " Somone stole my ural" and began firing on him unloading a mag into the truck. Well one of the gaurds said " Put your gun down and turn around" he didnt give me time to do so. imediatly after he said that he shot me dead. Can anything be done about this. Is this to be considered RDM or what? Thanks for your answers. Curlyjefferson "Raymond Thompson"
  12. After checking the @dayzrp restart and the main menu should be the DayZRP one then go Multiplayer> Bottom Left click remote and enter the Ip.
  13. Ok just open arma 2 OA go to Expansion Check the @dayzRP restart the connect remotely with IP will work or should
  14. Are you running off of Day Z Commander then goto settings and Launch off Steam
  15. Hiya Guys im New Psi-syndicate is how i found out about this.