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  1. prplknight18

    S2: BadRP, 2 Minute robbery, GearRP - 27/12/2016 - 00:30

    Me and LeonSPD was running from Berizino hill to the police station when a female of the name Ava ran up to us. As the way we play we make sure no one is a threat to us so we ran up with our firearms in hand. I made contact via Voice chat telling Ava to hold still and get down, While Leon typed to her. Leon held her at gunpoint when a zombie came up from a alley. I said "I got this" and handled the zombie situation accordingly. Once that threat was neutralized we told Ava to move inside and we closed the door to insure her safety. As she went in I told her via voice. "We aren't gonna rob you, you have nothing that we will want. This is for our own safety." Leon begun searching her for any weapons when I was called over radio to assist another man down the road. I opened the door, closed it behind me, and left to assist him. @Dusty