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  1. Andrew Locklin

    June 1st, 2017, a trouble child known as Andrew lived in Newport News, VA. With his 2 parents, a loving couple for each other and for him, Andrew was a troubled child; Loved doing dangerous things around the city and at school. He pranked the Principle So hard it sent the principle to expell him from school. Once his parents found out they wanted to teach him a lesson about responsibility, They want to send him to his grandma's in Zelenogorsk . They bought him a ticket, took him to the airport and sent him on his way. Once he arrived at the airport on June 19th, he saw his grandma waiting, as he walks up to her "You know i don't wanna be here so lets get this over with". "Okay, but you'll learn in due time" Said grandma. They leave off to her house he notices a lot of trees and open fields, realizing this place is behind in it's time. On arrival he goes to his room and lays down in his small cot to sleep the night away. In the morning he is given a rake, shovel and a bag of seed. "Go prove yourself useful and plant us some food for the winter" He carries himself outside to do as told, hoping if he listens he will get back home faster. A month passes as he stays in Zelenogorsk, told to do this and that for his grandma. On July 10th, the first one was discovered. Shocked from the local news he calls his parents in fear wanting to go back home. "It's no different then America, people get murdered all the time, you'll be fine". Said his parents. Days later the symptoms of the unidentified man started to spread, Watching the military role in was the scariest thing he had seen yet. , his grandma gets sick with the same symptoms the other "infected" people had, he wanted to help but nothing was working. Three am waking up to gunfire in the town, looking out the window seeing the Flashes of barrels and bodies dropping in the street. "The militia gone mad! We've got to get out of here". Running to his grandma's room, she's missing. Looking for her and finding no trace he figures she already left. He gathers supplies and clothing, stuffing food, bandages, warm clothes and his grandma's Makarov in his backpack, he flees the town in search of a safe place. Three days later he arrives in Chernogorsk, seeing no one in sight he sets up in a empty shop. trying to sleep he hears groaning outside the door, grabbing his Makarov he investigates, seeing a man. "Hey buddy are you okay?" Says Andrew. The man turns towards him missing half of his face, the man starting towards him. Andrew fires a round in the sky to scare him off. With only antagonizing him the man gets faster towards Andrew. "Back up or i will shot! Don't think i won't". The man continues, a faint gunshot outside of town is heard, a bullet smacking the man in the head. Andrew knows now that it's downhill from here.
  2. To Elliot Henry [Open Comms]

    *austin smith taps into the radio* "This for Elliot if he ever hears this, I hope it tasted good for you to get all those men to outnumber us, next time be a man it do it face to face. But we all know you aren't man enough to do so... i'll leave it at that. I'll find you if i ever return." *Taps out and tosses the radio into the ocean*
  3. History of Frankie Paige [SERIES]

    I think will be pretty interesting to follow. cant wait to see how everything turns out.
  4. whitelist application

    it's right in your face once you find it and once you find it you'll be like "how did i not see this before"