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    Asking: any staff that can help Q1. How can I see when I was added to whitelist? Because I applied a while ago and just found out today i was white listed, and I worry I was removed from the whitelist. A1. You can see if you are whitelisted in the Whitelist tab. IT should tell you whether or not your application was approved. /Khardia Q2. So when I applied I was on my old computer, and on another steam account which I do not have anymore..so today I have my new computer and new arma games and steam accounts. If I understand correctly the guid varies on what computers you are on or what arma game on the account you are on. So is it possible for me to send the new guid I use? A2. PM an admin with the reasons of why you want a GUID change, we'll investigate then give you news. /Khardia
  2. Ok everyone, I have something to say to OP which is 1, he didn't seem to care they were doing this, as he only said once its not allowed, but after that he never brought it up, never cared, so to be clear HE DID SHOW HIS DOG TAGS which showed ID but no clan tag. Then juggs and all the others already knew that he was in BHM from the other guys in the car crash before, so they knew exactly who he was and who he was involved with. So even if they did get ID by searching him, they already knew who he was. And then when they brought OP to the woods he admitted to being in BHM also, so they hadn't done anything before that because they weren't sure. So basically it was just for RP effect for the ID. And I got all this info from the video Juggs posted.
  3. Yes but without ID how would we know who half the people we met were? And for example people who go into the ravens nest have to give ID to get in so is what you are saying is that its not proper RP?
  4. Well in DayzRP people almost always ask for ID right away and in this case the person was running away and not very much just some stranger thats friendly in cherno, so of course they didnt talk before asking for ID.
  5. Sorry messed up this quote thing, but my reply to OP was: You didnt have to say it multiple times such as you did while you were running in the field.
  6. No, I did not say my game froze. Do you say about when I ran from the car crash or when I stopped in the middle of the field? Multiple times you stated to having your game freeze and lagging very bad at both times, in the field and by the car crash. And if I remember correctly you "had to" relog right after the crash. (Most likely to avoid having to drop your gun or get killed.)
  7. Yes and it was still rp as the person who had their id forced could have been lying because he was being held at gunpoint with no weapons, so to rp he said he didnt have it and to rp back they searched him and found it. Also how could he "not" have his ID? He could have stated why he didnt have the ID.