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  1. Seriously dude. When ur in a firefight u dont ask who someone is. If its not ur teammates u shoot them. Everyone is an enemy at that point. U were at the wrong place at the wrong time. thats it.
  2. The fight was already on for like 15-20 minutes. @Stiflex @TheProxJack @Venzzy @Stitches were all there. they can vouch and even make a POV (Admin's choice) . it was a Firefight which had been going on for like 15-20 minutes. which probably can be shown in the logs aswell. Obviously u cant tell the diffrence since u werent there from the start. what im even more wondering is.. u hear 5 shots.. u see a dead geared body infront of the house. yet u decide to enter a house with closed doors. and trust me, it werent 5 shots. well yea on ur body.
  3. Fabi's POV: We were in a firefight with a few guys in Novy. @SpaceCowboy joined our TS channel (He can vouch there was a firefight, he dragged @Stiflex out our TS channel). Anyway i was hiding in a house, and kept aiming at the door. I saw the door opening, asked on TS if it was anyone of my mates walking into the house i was in. they said no. so i thought it was a enemy and shot him. In my oppinion.. He shouldn't have been there at all if he had nothing to do with the firefight. It would be realistic to run the f**k out of there.. and not run INTO the town when u hear shots blazing. I can call in my mates to post their POV of the firefight which was happening at that exact time.
  4. Valkyrie88

    Ark: Survival evolved memes.

    ive got almost 1k hours on the game.. its a good game.. i think its RP'able.
  5. Hello, i want to wish everyone a happy new year in advance! Take care with fireworks (and drinking ) tonight! And i hope there will be more good RP'ing in 2017!
  6. My friend also asked if he needed anything, when he said he was cold, he never ever said he had hypothermia. So how can we tend to the needs of our hostage. If ur not being specific to us. if ur on about being so realistic, u couldve said something like '' Im really freezing, i might even die'' then we would've known he had hypothermia, u also could've have written OOC that you actually was hypothermic which u didnt.
  7. @TheProxJack got Hypothermia after the hostage had been taken place. we gave him a raincoat and he never stopped running. he survived. u could've done the same? Ur making ur problem our problem now. this doesnt make any sense at all.
  8. We told u to run to Stary, i dont think its our problem u guys running to the field and look for ur AKM if we clearly said go to Stary. And like i said.. If he kept sprinting non-stop he wouldnt have died. u could've made a fire or gather the materials to do so in the meanwhile.
  9. Fabi Michaelson ( Alex ) POV: We found 2 guys at the start of Stary. We decided to have a talk with them. After we asked them for some information, we initiated after we said our ''goodbye's'', tied them up toke their weapons and made them follow us into the woods. at that exact moment when we started running we checked both their pulses.. one was strong and the other was weak. we immediatly asked if they needed anything. since he only said he was cold. Rick offered a heatingpack to get his cold off. but he said it was to wet to use it. We also tried to make a fire in the woods, but it was to wet . After the interrogation we left their axes on the ground and we told them to run down the hill and to keep on running, eventually into Stary. Not into the woods. My ''Freelook Camera'' followed u the whole time while we were running away and i saw u both run in the direction of Stary ( Down the hill ) So, im really wondering where u get that pointing into the woods from. since u were running into the direction of Stary Also, u obviously toke wrong priorities. U went to look for ur AKM instead of non-stop sprinting which brings ur temperature up regardless of Hypothermia
  10. Hello!, im accepted in whitelist and read all the rules ofcourse. If im running into trouble ill apply for mentor program for sure thanks for advice.
  11. Hi there, im fairly new to dayzrp, but i think its time to give it a go! ill be joining the brotherhood hope to see u all in game!