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  1. This is the character story I used in my whitelist application. I've already submitted it so I can't edit it further (I know there are a few errors). I just want to know if my story is well thought (No offense taken if it's not). I wrote it within an hour and a half or so, but I wish I took more time to add details and such. Anyways, here it is: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My wife and I left on a cruise that I had been planning for our 20th anniversary for almost three years now. We were to visit the secluded yet beautiful island known as Chernarus. We departed form Murmansk Russia on the Riley Rose Cruise Ship for a two and a half day ride where we could relax and enjoy our lives together. The boat seemed slow on the waters, but considering the distance we were traveling and the amount of time to be past it was known to me that our captain probably had to kick the speed up a little higher than usual. I thought this through and trusted the man's decision, after all he was the captain! Yet I still had the strangest feeling something was going to go wrong, but it was probably just my worry that I was going to mess up our anniversary that I had worked so hard for. My trust seemed well worth as the boat did just fine on the trip there. And when we got there it was wonderful. The waters on the beaches were clear, the sun beamed down on all the beautiful palm trees, and mountains in the distance climbed all the way up to the clouds! But something was still off. When we departed the ship, nobody showed up to escort us down, or even guide the tourists where they needed to go. We exited anyways and found ourselves alone. We could see the captain in his area seeming frustrated with a phone. Everyone waited on the dock patiently, murmuring to one another until somebody spotted a large cargo vehicle drive from around a nearby hill. The driver sped around, and stopped on a dime when he saw all of us cluelessly standing by the large ship. The man in the passenger seat yelled to the crowd asking what was going on, but he never got out of the vehicle. A few people yelled back some stuff about a cruise and vacation, and the man realizing what the situation was, yelled to the crowd saying everybody possible to get in. People hesitated and began to worry, and at that moment, another large group of people emerged from around the hill where the truck came from. they were all sprinting, as if they were rioting or protesting something. Seeing the greater danger from the group of angry people, I grabbed my wife's wrist pulling her towards the truck. She refused out of fear of being kidnapped on a foreign island, she suggested re-boarding the ship. But at that time the ladder into the ship was pushed off by a man onboard, and the ship began to depart. there was no other choice but to trust the man in the truck. The rest of the crowd by now hurried to the truck in hope for safety, all while the vehicles passenger is screaming at the people to get in. In a final decision I picked up my wife and walked to the truck. It was beginning to fill up but we could still make if we piled in. The angry crowed was close now, about to reach our people. Just as I lifted my wife into the vehicle, the driver yelled back that he's leaving. Just then, one of the rioters tackled a man in the back of the crowd. Then more. It was clear now what their intentions were and The driver took off. He didn't hesitate to hit the gas pedal right as I was stepping on. Out of instinct I grabbed onto a persons leg who had secured them selves inside. Once I was safely up, I looked in the place where my wife was standing, and noticed an open area. Frantically I looked around seeing if she had pushed her way towards the front, but I couldn't see her. Then the worst thing possible happened. I heard her voice scream from behind me, and I turned around to find a man sitting on top of my wife, and he bent down and took a bite of her arm. I fell to the floor of the truck. I didn't want to live a moment after that, but I knew she wouldn't want that. Shock hit me and I blacked out, only to wake up on a beach side with a few items in a backpack.
  2. First time joining a private server, but I'm excited to try this one out and become apart of this community. I've fumbled around the forums a bit and I'm convinced that this is an awesome server. I'm about to go watch some videos then make my way back to apply for a whitelist, hope I get in some time soon. My IGN is xTripwire, so if you see me in this server or another (or tf2 for that matter), give me shout! EDIT: After reading the rules over again and submitting my application I realized my IGN can't be my regular. So I've submitted my app. with the character name David Westner.