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  1. Javi fled from Guatemala with his Mother and young sister at a young age. His family owned a farm before communist rebels attacked his village because the village elders refused to help the rebels. Eventually arriving in the United States. Javi spent most of his youth trying to raise money his family. He started dealing drugs and working for MS-13 who owned ruled his neighborhood. When he was 16 he was arrested for possession with the intent to sell. Still rather than facing jail time Javi was deported back to Guatemala. Even in Guatemala Javi kept sending his family money from his new line of work. While working in Guatemala for MS-13, he was introduced to a group of Sicarios, hitmen, who worked for the Los Zetas Cartel. Javi provided support for the Sicarios in order to find and silence a snitch. The Sicarios were impressed by Javi's skills when it came to his pathfinding ability and his skills for tracking people, also with his discipline in a fight. They offered him a job to work with them and Javi was quick to accept their offer. The next few years Javi worked as a Sicario for Los Zetas. Javi hadn't seen his family in years and worries about them every day. One day he gets a phone call from his sister Paola. She sounded scared and nervous, asking him to come and get her she was stuck in Chernarus. Before Javi could ask her what she was doing in Chernarus Paola hung up. Javi immediately went to his friend Rene to ask for his help. Rene's job was to get product moving to and from its next location, things like drugs and weapons. Javi was aware that Rene was sneaking out military gear from Chernarus. Rene agrees to get Javi there but he could not promise that he get Javi back. Javi arrives in Chernarus and he knows that his chances of finding his sister are slim, but he won't give up until he confirms the worst with his own eyes... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. *Raul Presses the PTT* Something came up but our frequency is 126.3mHz. I will explain more there *Releases the PTT*
  3. *Raul presses the PTT, you hear gunfire in the background* Understood *Release PTT*
  4. *After letting out a little chuckle, Raul responds to the transmission* Unfortunately, it seems I have miss placed our medical specialist at this moment. But I know from expire that you should definitely get some rest. I believe I do have something to help with the hangover tomorrow, so see you then. *He then turns the radio off completely and falls asleep*
  5. ChipotleDragon

    Message to all of the Mexicans from the Pagan's M.C. [Open Frequency]

    *After waking from a nice long nap, Raul takes a swig from his water bottle. He sees Elijah walking up to him. Elijah informs Raul about the recent transmission. Raul tells Elijah that he'll respond to it. Reaching into his bag he pulls out his radio and presses the PTT* Hola my name is Raul Montoya, I do not believe that we have been formally introduced. I have been busy dealing with some business of my own. Imagine my surprise when I ran into you earlier today. I was really looking forward to meeting you in person but boy you were fast. You were much faster than me, and I spent most of my early twenties as a Coyote sneaking people into the US. Here is the thing, I've been informed that you and your boys talk a lot. I'll even agree you've earned some of it, you have apparently been busy fighting my boys. I thought that I had left things in good hands, but maybe I was wrong. *Raul takes a quick pause to take another swig from his bottle.* Seems like I will have to remind those two pendejos what happens to people who let me down. But let's get back to this whole pagans talking a lot thing. I have heard that you and your boys have been spreading false rumors about my organization. Accusing us of things like attacking people at random, burning camps, and stealing from strangers. Now I have dealt with my fair share of "Motorcycle Clubs" back before the world turned mierda. One thing that they all had in common was a sense honor, a code that each club lived by. When they had a problem they dealt with it like grown-ups. None of this running around spreading rumors mierda. Sadly those days are long gone. *He takes another quick pause* Now I had assumed that your club had some sort code, which you all lived by. I guess I was wrong because from what I have heard you have not been too respectful. That's the things about codes, they teach members about respect. Respect is something that I cherish more than apples, ask anyone who knows me I love apples. If you treat me with respect then I will treat you with the same level of respect. This is my personal code and way of doing things. *Growing a little peckish, Raul pauses to take a quick bite out of the apple in his bag.* Now you claim that my boys started this war. Yet it was my boy who was willing to take a bullet in an attempt to keep the peace, make things even. If anything my boy tried to prevent a war and how do you treat this act of selflessness? You go and start attacking my people. Then you refer to my group as "The Mexicans", but clearly you don't pay attention cause we only have one Mexican in the group, and I am from Guatemala, not Mexico. Frankly, it is really funny how ignorant you and your group have been cabrón. Instead of dealing with problems like grown-ups, your group creates lies and spreads more rumors than a teenager at a Quinceañera. I honestly could go on with this but I feel like I have wasted more than enough of my own time responding to someone who clearly has no respect and courtesy for anyone. Which is why Señor Damien, I will not accept your demands. Hasta luego, I do enjoy war. *Raul release the PTT ending the transmission.*
  6. *After loading ammo into his rifle's magazine, Raul picks up his radio and presses the PTT* That will be perfect. I look forward to hearing from you. Hopefully, I can help you get your revenge. *He Release the PTT*
  7. *Raul grabs his radio and presses the PTT.* Hola my name is Raul Montoya. I was informed that you had spoken with one of my boys no to long ago. First I would like to send you my regards. If there is anything that I can do to help let me know. I can have one of my "birdies" grab supplies for you, it would be on the house. Second I would like to have a chat with you. One of my little birdies has just given me information that may pique your interests. If you hear me out you'll be another step closer to getting some payback, that is if you are interested. You can reach me at 126.3mHz, hope to talk to you soon. *Letting go of the PTT, Raul turns around gives his "birdies" their payment. Raul begins whistling the Guatemalan national anthem while picking himself some apples.*
  8. ChipotleDragon

    43.7Hz [Private Frequency]

    *After hearing the transmission, Raul responds with just one word* Adios. *The transmission ends with loud static*
  9. ChipotleDragon

    43.7Hz [Private Frequency]

    *Raul presses PTT, just as he is about to speak you hear laughter in the background* You are in no position to make demands. *Ends the transmission*
  10. ChipotleDragon

    43.7Hz [Private Frequency]

    *Raul picks up his radio pressing the PTT and speak into it* In Pulkovo, there is a little shrine on the road at the end of a lonely-looking dirt road. We will meet in two hours, you'll get your face to face. *He ends the transmission*
  11. Here is my POV as it was roughly similar to simatho Part 1 -Would just like to add when we initiated on the group of "Warlock Hunters" we did it because we were worried that they were going to kill the captive. They had for no reason shot the other captive and he went uncon. After detaining the group of "Warlock Hunters" I then provided medical aid to the uncon bringing him back. The other captive requested to leave, forgot ic name, and we let him. But right before we dropped the initiation I had position people around the church. Next to me was @Jacob Cook, and behind us on the balcony was @Sarilla, @GodOfInternetLag, and @Dakirro. Part 2 and 3 are spot on I also have a question -How did you guy recognize us, as a whole, as the "Banana Crew"? The only people that are associated with the "Banana Crew" are @Sarilla and @Kunkka. @Sarilla was the only person from the "Banana Crew" That was with us when we first met you. Yet @GrimTheGreat claims his friend the "Judge" recognized us as the "Banana Crew". How did he do this? @Sarilla had a mask over her face in-game and did not say a word when we were at the Church. Also as stated above, she was in the back of the church the entire time.
  12. Will provide POV later going to class right now