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  1. Since spraypaints will not be added back in any time soon we should have the option to trade clothing/weapons for dyed clothing/weapons but for a price, but this should only apply for clothing/weapons that can only be colored via spraypaint. So lets say you are in a shop and if you say have a ghillie suit on you that is autumn colored, you should be able to use that to trade for a mossy or woodland colored one, same with M4's, SKS's and-so-forth. (Again, dying of items should really only apply to items that can only be colored via spraypaint, but spraypaints are not available so this is the so
  2. I am guessing it is situated in Norway, maybe an autonomous country or region next to or within Norway? where a nationalistic or authoritarian paramilitary group by the name of PLKT (or "PLIKT" which makes more sense IMO) has had control of or is controlling areas of the map. Judging from the city pictures and teaser the PLKT or "PLIKT" has had a considerable amount of influence in the region, checkpoints, flags everywhere, on apartments, and etc.
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