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  1. GrauerWolfVII

    S1- RDM NWAF 18-12 2016 14:45

    I´m not sure if he did as I said. As he did a step forward, his weapon may have lifted a bit.
  2. GrauerWolfVII

    S1- RDM NWAF 18-12 2016 14:45

    Okay. Then I may have missheard it. But thats what I understood.
  3. GrauerWolfVII

    S1- RDM NWAF 18-12 2016 14:45

    Thats what I understood: You are a tresspasser. I need to check you.
  4. GrauerWolfVII

    S1- RDM NWAF 18-12 2016 14:45

    First of all, I dont have any evidence as I dont record my screen. I was running to the airfield through the forest as I heard two or three shots hitting near me. Zombies started going after me and I was hit by zombies before. Screen was black/white. Hided in the barracks, patched myself up a bit. He came in, didnt see me at first. Shouted at him to leave. Didnt react. Wrote in chat. He stood approximately 5m away and told me that im a tresspasser and that he wants to search me. Now he either walked forward and his weapon lifted that way or he lifted his weapon. I shot. Why I left 18 minutes after is easy to explain: My League of Legends Squad came online and asked me if i want to play with them. Thats the reason I left. I want to add that im concerned about that I did something wrong and that I´m really sorry about that.
  5. GrauerWolfVII

    S1- RDM NWAF 18-12 2016 14:45

    As I said, I lost much blood and my screen was black and white already. I was in panic.
  6. GrauerWolfVII

    S1- RDM NWAF 18-12 2016 14:45

    You said that im a trespasser and that you need search me. I dont wanted you to do so. Didnt you hear me at all? I was really loud. As I got it, you lifted your mosin. Maybe just took a step forward? I dont know. As I said, im sorry.
  7. GrauerWolfVII

    S1- RDM NWAF 18-12 2016 14:45

    This was me. I was in panic already because i heard some shots around me and i was almost out of blood because zombie hits. I shouted into my microphone but I got no answer. I thought this shots before where from you. I would be really sorry if they werent and i know i overreacted but as is shouted i got no answer. As you lifted up your weapon, I pulled my trigger. I´m willing to face the consequences for my wrong interaction. I´m also willing to collect the stuff you had for you. I´m really sorry. Andreas Neumair, near-dead civillian, paniced as hell.