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  1. SwiftyPoo

    [TAF] - The Aksakov Family [Recruitment = Open]

    Good luck, and welcome back.
  2. There was no real solution. It just worked whenever I left my friend's house.
  3. I got it to work. Thanks for trying to help, guys.
  4. I tried it, but it does not work. I will try to join whenever I leave my friend's house, maybe that will make a difference.
  5. Yes, and I can't find anything that is close to my problem. I did and i'm still having the same problem. I can join every other server but the DayZRP server.
  6. Nope, i'm at my friend's house right now and he is getting on it just fine.
  7. Whenever I try to join the Standalone server it says "Connecting Failed" or something like that. I also cannot find the server in remote, I can only try to join it whenever my friend joins, in the friend tab. Anyone know how to fix this?
  8. What server do you guys play on? I play on NA Ollo west (this question is directed toward anyone in particular, just asking).
  9. This game is too much fun. I'm probably not going to play anything other than this for like a year+.
  10. SwiftyPoo

    DayZRP Second Anniversary

    Heppy Birthday.
  11. SwiftyPoo


    Played it for a few hours with some friends, was actually pretty fun.
  12. SwiftyPoo

    Assassins Creed and The Ship Giveaway

    6 please.
  13. SwiftyPoo

    Fare thee well.

    o7 Farewell and good luck!