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  1. Hello all, my name is Rob. Tag is Hshpipe and you can call me that if you wish, but i have been watching this community for quite sometime. I am a Server owner (currently staying busy with two servers of my own and am in the upper echelon of another well-known dayz community) However; I have a different view of what DayZ is, I have YOUR VISION!!! Please forgive me for any mistakes; i have been wanting to write this for some time now. I really would love to integrate my servers into DayZRP.com!!! (The DayZRP leaders still in charge of course) I dont want in anyway to try to come into here and change ANYTHING at all about how you guys are doing it, [/u] I Couldn't!!! It's all being done perfectly by your administrators and owners)[/u] I see this is as a TRULY REAL gaming community with real friendships and i suppose real (enemies) lol as well. This is what i have been looking for ever since i ate my first can of beans. I do enjoy playing the game immensely but prefer to spend most of my time on the server management side of things sifting through .pbos and .sqf's. You may be thinking "then why leave your current community?" the answer to that is me and the other owner don't see eye to eye on our idea of how dayz should be played and a proper community overseen; I do not want to be in competition with my fellow brother(s)over who can have the best server. I would like to have a collective hive of minds all working together to be there when one us slips and be able to brainstorm new ideas and concepts (like a round table meeting involving everyone working in unison to make sure we provide a premium gaming experience for all our players regardless of their playstyle) I would greatly appreciate any opportunity to speak on voice with the creator of this awesome innovative gaming concept.I think that if you were to bring me into the team along with my work ethic & resources, that i truly believe i could be a great asset to DayZRP. -Thank You Very Much for your consideration and for adding me to your dayzrp gamng community; I look forward to meeting with each and every one of you very soon, getting to know everyone, helping out in anyway i can. Sincerely, -Rob-