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  1. Eli Burns

    (I cannot find a decent picture.) Eli Burns, he was born in the illinois area of America and always looked up to becoming a doctor one day, his child hood shit until everything started to look good in college. He was a doctor for sometime after he got the proper training, although something happened that completely got his medical license revoked and he was fired, he was transferred to Chenarus hospitals before this time, had to get the flight. Although things already went wrong before he got into his flight, he slid off the road and crashed directly into a large tall tree, in a minor coma, he was out for a while. he woke up and found himself in a new world. He grabbed his belongings, and spent some time trying to find help. After a while, he started to get lost, he was lost in the forests of Chenarus for weeks and along the lines of those weeks all he heard was growls, gunshots, and nothing but fear drowned into him. He would set off eventually into a town, finding the walking deceased. He tried to talk to one even, but he had to pulled out a knife, the thing was too incapacitated to hurt him, he regained his sanity and drove the knife straight into its skull before calling it. He knew the government crumbled by the end so he went out to find and scavenge some supplies. He knew people out there needed help.
  2. A new road ahead.

    Felix's adventure through hell
  3. The long road

    From the album A new road ahead.

    The long road that await's on Felix's first encounter. (May 26th/2017)