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  1. LoneFox

    The Kingdome* of Severograd

    I hope so, I got jumped by wolves when I was trying to get the perfect shot of this lone house!
  2. LoneFox

    The Kingdome* of Severograd

  3. LoneFox

    King of the Castle - Lopatino - Congrats to BorisRP


    I can just imagine someone in RP looking through binoculars next to their buddy, seeing the fight and being like. "Did these walking corpses learn to use axes and s***? Or are these crazy people just fighting with sticks and blades?"
  4. [shortened][Continued] The last thing Felix could remember was the shots breaking the cold wind when he was tending to Eli, he didn't see who or what knocked him out. He could feel a cold breeze in the room he was in, cuffed to an old pipe. Plumbing in the houses basement just next to a crawl space. His now apparently stitched and numb left arm was treated when asleep. Doesn't make up for being cuffed to a damn pipe. Felix looked around, his left hand cuffed to the plumbing as he began to recover from the dazey effects of the drugs, he slowly sat up as he was laying on a slab right next to the crawl space. He remained silent.. in a cold damp basement, having grown damp from all the stormy days. Minutes go by, the sound of footsteps upstairs above start to satisfy Felix's ears, at least for now. Felix didn't have his mask on, he looked around quickly, wondering how many had seen his maskless face. The footsteps soon stop up by the basement door before it could be heard, opening rather quickly. Felix spat on the floor next to him, watching the stairs for anyone coming down. A masked man.. wearing Felix's mask began walking down, almost seeming to be alone. Felix growled, yanking his left wrist against the plumbing pipe before he checked his pocket, he knew he had a universal cuff key somewhere on him. The masked man came up, jingling the key a bit at Felix. He seemingly began taunting him with it. [Masked man] Looking for these buddy? [Felix] Take off that mask or I'll make it bloodier.. Felix seemed extremely displeased, seeing the man wear his own mask. Worst of all.. he's seen his face, his eyes quickly darted around the man, seeing a knife and firearm along his waist. "What kind of person leaves a prisoner locked with one hand free, then comes down with his weapons?" Felix thought to himself. The masked man quickly takes his right hand up to Felix's chin, gripping it hard as his masked eyes stare straight into Felix's. [Masked man.] You'd better shut up boy before I make your face look exactly like y- ARRGGHH! Felix had quickly taken the free loose knife from the mans waist, quickly slamming it forcefully up into the soft flesh of his right arms pit. This caused the man to yell out in pain before Felix had twisted the knife and forced it out, from there he easily maneuvered it quickly into his throat and continued to force it upwards. He was glad it wasn't a butter knife. The masked man had passed out from the excessive pain from the underarm stab, he'll later die from blood loss. Moments after the loud yell of pain, Felix heard footsteps quickly shuffling upstairs before he snagged the pistol from the mans holster and aimed it up the stairs, using the mans body as a shield. A female came down the stairs quickly, wearing nothing military grade other than a simple ballistic helmet. She had pointed her gun at Felix, hitting the body with the shot round, luckily the body and the mans front vest had stopped the impact from hitting Felix. Felix quickly brought the gun up, aiming with the wrong hand before he had shot the female. Something was weird.. not much sound to the shot.. The female fell to the ground, having been tranquilized exactly where Felix had aimed. Felix quickly took the handcuff keys, uncuffing himself and reclaiming his mask. He breathed heavily, putting the mans holster on his waist and leaving everything else before he found out he had tranquilized the female shooter. Finding this out, he took her gun and aimed the sights down to her head before he had fired a shot straight into it, killing her. He decided to leave her mask, he quickly scavenged the place before hearing steps coming up the outside stairs. [Unidentified man #1] James! Are you okay? We heard shots when we were down the road. The sound of the door knob jiggling a little could be heard and seen. Felix quickly raised the gun at the door, shooting 5 shots into it before he heard a thump. Behind the door.. "wait.. we?" Felix thought, before quickly slipping back down into the basement after breaking one of the windows. The sound of the front door being broken open could be heard throughout the entire house, shuffling feet minutes after. [Unidentified man #2] Come out chap! And I won't hurt you!... maybe. [Unidentified man #3] The windows broken, I think he jumped out through here! [Unidentified man #2] Well what're you bloody waiting for? Go out there and look for that a##hole! The sound of shuffling feet could be heard again, the third man having left as the other starts making his way down the stairs. Felix decided to be clever, playing dead on a damp basement floor between the two other bodies. The man hadn't suspected anyone alive down in the basement, beginning to search the dead masked woman. A grass disguised carbine rifle that was painted green, just around his back. Felix quickly took advantage of this, quickly aiming the tranquilizer gun at the man. Felix shot two for good measure. The man only brought his hand up to check what the stinging pain in his left shoulder was before he began to lose balance, falling over on one of the corpses. Felix slowly sat up, taking the bloodied knife he left before and finishing the man off before he bolted out of the house, taking the carbine rifle and it's ammunition. Felix made it out clean... but where the hell is Eli?
  5. Welcome welcome welcome! I'm the guy that a good bit of people don't know, although I do lurk around. It's always good to see new people jumping in on the story!
  6. Discords alot easier for me to access, I'd say discord is very open and forgiving. Ranks are more clear, people read rule pages more often because it seems less cluttered and easier to find, same going for any information. Discord and teamspeak are both very decent assets.
  7. LoneFox

    The Kingdome* of Severograd

    @Josei If you could find the one of Felix in the dark, maybe post it for me? x3 Just a request :3
  8. LoneFox

    The Kingdome* of Severograd

    I don't recall what even happened to all my screenies :<
  9. LoneFox

    The Kingdome* of Severograd

    I think it was more creepy than scary, but I do :3 I'm guessing you still have it?
  10. LoneFox

    The Kingdome* of Severograd

    Many screenies of Felix? Have you got a good angle on his face? @Josei
  11. LoneFox

    The Kingdome* of Severograd

    @Josei Where's Felix? :< I mean, I know he's not the screencap type lad, but you could've atleast included him for... uuuuhhhh, lurking around all the time when he was around. :3
  12. [Short] The sound of a crumbling fire, slowly dying into it's final form of ashes and charcoal couldn't be heard. Shots fired, many shots fired were made in the north eastern city of Krasnostov, far after the last journey, comes the bloodiest. [Felix] - CHARLES! Agh! Felix's left arm, his shooting arm had taken a bullet, although it hadn't gone through bone, rather straight through the flesh. Charles.. a small acquaintance that Felix had just brought into the group, he was running this trade and tried hijacking product from the traders causing the bloody shootout. Felix slipped his P1 into his right hand slowly before he looked around. Charles quickly made his way over to Felix, who had been wearing his bloodied clown mask, Charles personally hasn't seen his appearance, no one but Eli did since everything began. Charles started to wrap bandages around Felix's severed arm. Felix brought the barrel of the P1 quickly to the temple of Charles forehead before pulling the trigger, causing a ringing in his own ears as he pushed the body aside. [Felix] - F-f***er.. Felix quietly patched himself up, his men taking on the outraged traders as he did, he looked over to Eli, who was passing out and fading from lack of blood. Eli was patched up and stitched, but Felix's men were quickly being thrown down by the ringing and crackling bullets passing them, with only a sheet of plywood that they slid off the truck to protect them. Felix quickly slipped Eli's good arm around him and picked him up, dashing out back at the woods they entered from, no one but them was retreating. Without giving the command of retreat, Felix left everyone else aside, looking to treat the wounded Eli. Felix having stopped his bleeding and treated his wound, tended to Eli. While tending to Eli, Felix had felt a sharp pain in his neck, sharp enough to have him check. [Felix] - Mn!? Felix brought his left hand up to his neck. Feeling the little feathers of a low dose tranquilizer, he stood up, dazed and dizzy as he began to pull his P1 out before he had taken 3 more darts of low dose, falling to the dirt ground. Everything went black. [To be continued]
  13. [Update] *Once Eli had left the scene of what seems to be a shoot out, Felix pulled his blade from the side sheath on his belt, beginning to do his working on the corpse. He knew it would take a while, and he would also know that Eli would take hours to search every house clean as he always did. At least, he would think.* [About 10 minutes later] Ten minutes later, Felix wouldn't even be close to halfway done as he only finished on one arm, he soon moved to the next being sure to store whatever he sliced in a bag as he let out a disgruntled sigh from the extra effort. Soon after he sighed he heard a gun cock behind him, he looked back, and saw Eli who was pointing his Glock 19 straight at him. [Eli] - W-what.. what the f*** are you doing!? Felix slowly stood before a shot rang out beside him, Eli had rounds filled in his mag, having already shot one off, Felix had flinched hard. Felix squatted back down in front of the carved body before he reached into his left jacket pocket. Felix gave off a low but noticeable chuckle as he stared at the corpse, little did Eli know, Felix had his own tranquilizer pistol along with homemade rounds he specialized in crafting. [Felix] - "I'm getting us our "Bear and deer steak as I usually do Eli..." Eli eyes had become as wide as saucers, staring at Felix before he looked down, attempting to process exactly what Felix had just stated to him. He seemed shocked, scarred... he even wondered how long he's been a part of Felix's sick side dishes that have been cooked up. Soon after he chuckled and got a target behind him in the corner of his eye, he grabbed the bag in which was tied tightly by a built in zipper and threw it at Eli, who had shot at him again and unfortunately missed and stumbled from the bag hitting him, giving Felix just enough time to shoot three fast re-acting tranquilizers, two along the torso, and one in the arm. Eli couldn't help but feel dizzy, and the combination of stumbling and being tranquilized, he fell back, losing consciousness. [About an hour later, daylight was beginning to fall. | In the middle of the wilderness] Eli woke up groggy and confused, his vision blurry. His glasses were taken off and he was feeling drowsy all at the same time. After recovering from waking up under the effects of the drug, he looked around. He was unable to see very much as he still had the blur in his eyes, but he could take in the usual scent of meat that was being cooked. He attempted to move his arms, although they were tied and he begun freaking out, he knew he saw a fire, and a figure on the other side. Extremely poor eyesight and being tied up and trying to walk.. Eli thought it would be a bad idea before he blindly sat back down. Felix had noticed Eli waking up, watching him as he was dazed, confused, and unsure of many recent events, he soon stood up and returned his glasses. Felix and Eli stared each other right into the eyes, Felix's wicked grin hadn't seemed to change. It was moments of silence, and a couple minutes before Eli started feeling a slight pain in his left arm, it gradually got worse with each minute that passed by. Stitched, and stripped of some meat, yet he was alive despite the loss of muscle mass in his left arm. Eli soon looked at his left arm wide eyed, he began panting in shock. He was sure he was dreaming, this couldn't be real. [Eli] - Y-you.. you f***ing monster! Eli stood up, only to be pushed back down by Felix who rose a brow. [Felix] - I'm not the one who shot at their own patient Eli, now sit the hell down and calm the hell down or it's gonna be another trip to dream land. I don't take kindly when guns are pointed at me, and this is your consequence for doing that. I've confiscated all your ammo and if you touch one f***ing weapon around me, I will for f***ing sure do this again. Felix took a very tight grasp on the new wounded arm of Eli and growled aggressively. [Felix] - DO YOU F***ing understand me?! Eli winced and squinted his eyes shut, trying not to growl out in response to the pain before he gave a few quick nods. Once Eli nodded, he let go of his arm and returned to the other side of the fire, looking over at Eli as he ate. [Felix] - You were never meant to see that, and even if you did, I never expected a person with such a soft heart to point and shoot at the only person by their side.. F***ing scumbag. [Eli] - ... Scumbag!? Seriously? You mutilated my left arm! Felix smirked and began mocking the man in a high pitched tone. [Felix] - "I'm willing to sacrifice my life for any soul" [Mocking Eli] Eli gave a cold stare at Felix, yet he looked down, wincing in pain before he looked over at his bag. Felix followed Eli's gaze before he put his food down, he sighed feeling the slightest bad for him and remembered he always carried some type of painkiller on him. Felix pulled out a morphine injector and walked up to Eli, taking his chin and forcing his gaze to meet his own. [Felix] - You're lucky that you didn't hit me with any gunfire.. and you're lucky that you're a doctor, you would've been dead on the damn spot if you weren't.. Felix said this as he pulled the cap off the morphine and injected it on the opposite side of the wound, he left it there for a few seconds before pulling it out and tossing the injector into the lake. [Eli] - You're lucky I'm tied up and don't throw you in that lake you sick bastard.. Felix looked back at Eli with a wicked grin once again before squatting down at him, pulling out the bloodied blade. [Felix] - Did I hear "I want to eat the other arm?" Eli quickly shut up and looked down before he shook his head, he wasn't looking forward to losing anymore or going through anymore pain, he's just happy he still have both arms at all. [Eli] - No.. [Felix] - Ah! Good, because you'll probably not want seconds after the first one.. Eli looked back up at Felix, he was hoping it was a dream, but he was also hoping if he did this, he wouldn't lose anymore muscle mass.
  14. LoneFox

    Building your Character (A Picture Guide)

    Thank you for this Rory, I will probably be able to use some of these tips and I greatly appreciate this, fantastic work! ^w^