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  1. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    Was in Severograd.
  2. [Update] *Once Eli had left the scene of what seems to be a shoot out, Felix pulled his blade from the side sheath on his belt, beginning to do his working on the corpse. He knew it would take a while, and he would also know that Eli would take hours to search every house clean as he always did. At least, he would think.* [About 10 minutes later] Ten minutes later, Felix wouldn't even be close to halfway done as he only finished on one arm, he soon moved to the next being sure to store whatever he sliced in a bag as he let out a disgruntled sigh from the extra effort. Soon after he sighed he heard a gun cock behind him, he looked back, and saw Eli who was pointing his Glock 19 straight at him. [Eli] - W-what.. what the f*** are you doing!? Felix slowly stood before a shot rang out beside him, Eli had rounds filled in his mag, having already shot one off, Felix had flinched hard. Felix squatted back down in front of the carved body before he reached into his left jacket pocket. Felix gave off a low but noticeable chuckle as he stared at the corpse, little did Eli know, Felix had his own tranquilizer pistol along with homemade rounds he specialized in crafting. [Felix] - "I'm getting us our "Bear and deer steak as I usually do Eli..." Eli eyes had become as wide as saucers, staring at Felix before he looked down, attempting to process exactly what Felix had just stated to him. He seemed shocked, scarred... he even wondered how long he's been a part of Felix's sick side dishes that have been cooked up. Soon after he chuckled and got a target behind him in the corner of his eye, he grabbed the bag in which was tied tightly by a built in zipper and threw it at Eli, who had shot at him again and unfortunately missed and stumbled from the bag hitting him, giving Felix just enough time to shoot three fast re-acting tranquilizers, two along the torso, and one in the arm. Eli couldn't help but feel dizzy, and the combination of stumbling and being tranquilized, he fell back, losing consciousness. [About an hour later, daylight was beginning to fall. | In the middle of the wilderness] Eli woke up groggy and confused, his vision blurry. His glasses were taken off and he was feeling drowsy all at the same time. After recovering from waking up under the effects of the drug, he looked around. He was unable to see very much as he still had the blur in his eyes, but he could take in the usual scent of meat that was being cooked. He attempted to move his arms, although they were tied and he begun freaking out, he knew he saw a fire, and a figure on the other side. Extremely poor eyesight and being tied up and trying to walk.. Eli thought it would be a bad idea before he blindly sat back down. Felix had noticed Eli waking up, watching him as he was dazed, confused, and unsure of many recent events, he soon stood up and returned his glasses. Felix and Eli stared each other right into the eyes, Felix's wicked grin hadn't seemed to change. It was moments of silence, and a couple minutes before Eli started feeling a slight pain in his left arm, it gradually got worse with each minute that passed by. Stitched, and stripped of some meat, yet he was alive despite the loss of muscle mass in his left arm. Eli soon looked at his left arm wide eyed, he began panting in shock. He was sure he was dreaming, this couldn't be real. [Eli] - Y-you.. you f***ing monster! Eli stood up, only to be pushed back down by Felix who rose a brow. [Felix] - I'm not the one who shot at their own patient Eli, now sit the hell down and calm the hell down or it's gonna be another trip to dream land. I don't take kindly when guns are pointed at me, and this is your consequence for doing that. I've confiscated all your ammo and if you touch one f***ing weapon around me, I will for f***ing sure do this again. Felix took a very tight grasp on the new wounded arm of Eli and growled aggressively. [Felix] - DO YOU F***ing understand me?! Eli winced and squinted his eyes shut, trying not to growl out in response to the pain before he gave a few quick nods. Once Eli nodded, he let go of his arm and returned to the other side of the fire, looking over at Eli as he ate. [Felix] - You were never meant to see that, and even if you did, I never expected a person with such a soft heart to point and shoot at the only person by their side.. F***ing scumbag. [Eli] - ... Scumbag!? Seriously? You mutilated my left arm! Felix smirked and began mocking the man in a high pitched tone. [Felix] - "I'm willing to sacrifice my life for any soul" [Mocking Eli] Eli gave a cold stare at Felix, yet he looked down, wincing in pain before he looked over at his bag. Felix followed Eli's gaze before he put his food down, he sighed feeling the slightest bad for him and remembered he always carried some type of painkiller on him. Felix pulled out a morphine injector and walked up to Eli, taking his chin and forcing his gaze to meet his own. [Felix] - You're lucky that you didn't hit me with any gunfire.. and you're lucky that you're a doctor, you would've been dead on the damn spot if you weren't.. Felix said this as he pulled the cap off the morphine and injected it on the opposite side of the wound, he left it there for a few seconds before pulling it out and tossing the injector into the lake. [Eli] - You're lucky I'm tied up and don't throw you in that lake you sick bastard.. Felix looked back at Eli with a wicked grin once again before squatting down at him, pulling out the bloodied blade. [Felix] - Did I hear "I want to eat the other arm?" Eli quickly shut up and looked down before he shook his head, he wasn't looking forward to losing anymore or going through anymore pain, he's just happy he still have both arms at all. [Eli] - No.. [Felix] - Ah! Good, because you'll probably not want seconds after the first one.. Eli looked back up at Felix, he was hoping it was a dream, but he was also hoping if he did this, he wouldn't lose anymore muscle mass. [To be updated in next post]
  3. Thank you for this Rory, I will probably be able to use some of these tips and I greatly appreciate this, fantastic work! ^w^
  4. Black Market Traders (Open frequency)

    *After a while, Felix would pull out a recorder and read out the message similar to the first one, putting it on a whole other frequency as it would play 24/7 for those who would like to arrive to this one to negotiate, he left it on as he waited.* [End until response is received]
  5. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    People taking absolute advantage of their kill rights whenever they can | The drama | Horrible hostile rp, good for one side, extremely stupid for the other. ------- Was your beginning on DayZ, on the mod, or standalone (Rp/not rp related)
  6. Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    I'm in love with the medieval era.
  7. Calling All Like-Minded People [Open Frequency]

    *Felix hears the radio broadcast coming through the frequency he had set his radio to, he let out a small sigh before taking the radio into his finger tips and gripping it before he had pushed down the PTT* *Once the PTT is pressed, it's just static before the sound of a person taking a breath emits through before Felix decides not to fully respond just yet, he rather would just listen.* *Letting go of the PTT, he remains in the frequency and sets his radio on the cold cement ground.*
  8. Black Market Traders (Open frequency)

    *Felix quickly presses down the PTT one more time to throw out another message, repeating half of what he said before* "It's a very simple job once we talk about it, the morbid part is the deed once you come across it." *The radio cuts as Felix pulls out the old battery, suspecting it nearly dead before he replaced it and put the radio down, putting his head back as he sighed.*
  9. *Felix presses down on the PTT after a while, now settled in an unmarked part of Chenarus, nothing on the map where he is.* *A soft breath comes through to the frequency before he speaks out, hoping someone could at least hear him, he's looking for a specific type of person.* "Hello, most may not know me, and I do not want to be very well known, although for those willing to do some morbid business for me.. I will state my abode. I need some specific jobs done.. well, more like specific items, but we need to meet first of course, get to know each other. Not everyone's worthy of taking this job, but I need a specific product." *Felix took a soft breath before continue on with his slightly crooked voice.* "I will not offer this job to all, but I need a business partner to take part in some trading with myself, I booked town and I go by the name of Dead-Eye from now on. I am affiliated with a man who goes by the name of Reiko, and he's still settled where he should be. So I am alone with limited firepower, I would expect the same out of my partner when we first meet." *Felix gives a strong cough, as if he was suffering from some breathing problems.* "If firepower is to be brought, I would like it to be concealed, but I need someone to step forward and tell me a name, and whether or not you think you'd be worthy to do some morbid deeds, no! It doesn't include harming anyone, nor does it include killing anyone, and if you're safe about it and give me a little side name, you'll definitely not ruin reputation when doing this. That is all, thank you. I will be on this frequency if anyone steps forward and volunteers" *Felix releases the PTT, He leans back to tend to his weapon as he waits.*
  10. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Snowboarding | Did you start rp'ing through text, or did you come straight here?
  11. Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    I have nearly 7 years of experience in purely text RP, I'm self-taught when it comes to grammar due to this.
  12. The real reason the zombies took over so easily...

    The military's testing a new weapon through Satellite. It's very effective.
  13. Neil Babinski

    Neil... he's always the quiet one, especially in school, he was given a chance to explore a continent of his desire, he always favored chernarus over the rest. Despite that, over years and years of growing up and saying nearly no word but to those he was related to, he knew that once everything went to hell for everyone, including himself, it's often talk or get a barrel of a firearm pointed at him. Neil is a softy, he doesn't mean harm and attempts to make himself no threat, he doesn't like pain.. pain... and abusive father at age thirteen, through 15 until he was taken into custody for what seemed to be the reason of his sisters death.. he murdered her, later he found out his father admitted to other acts upon Neil's own sister, he was outraged. Ever since he was beaten, he thought he had the worse in the household. He was wrong, his sister was going through worse than him. 2 years pass and he's seventeen, managed to get a good-standing visa and passport, planning to visit Chernarus blindly, he had no plans but to get the hell out of there. Eventually.. he made a bad choice, he burned his passports a week in Chernarus, missed his flight purposefully and became a illegal immigrant, he didn't want to go back home, he'd rather see hell right in and out before he did such a thing, he managed to make his way up in Stary and get some asylum with some locals who conveniently spoke english. "If I knew this was going to happen.. thank god it's here... back home.. who knows if it would be worse.. but I'm here now.. this is my home, no one to stop me... no one to stop anyone in any lawful form.. this is great.." -Neil Once everything went to hell.. Neil called it good news.. he was unable to be taken into custody by official government and sent back, he decided to stay.. nestled up in the shrubs and homes in Chernarus, people kept taking him in and out before he ended up in Kabanino. No longer going blind.. he knew this was a big thing to adjust to.. he had the guts to kill what he seemed to think was just walking corpses. He soon continued on his path alone.
  14. I am making this story and trust me, it'll be under construction and re-edited. It's due to the reason, I have two character's who've conflicted against each other and share quite the complex relationship, I want this story to explain some of it, what they've gone through, how they ended up, and I'll be sure to make this as easy to read for anyone who would like to. This is between my characters Felix Nell & Eli Burns. Thank you. ------- When everything went to hell for all of us. Felix had been driving a green lada at the time as everything began to crumble down to a certain point where everyone was left to nothing but themselves. Felix was speeding up from Svet into a village ahead on the main road, he looked back toward Eli merely shaking his head. [Felix] "Tsk tsk tsk.. looks like we're in this together now huh?" Felix stopped gazing back as he looked at the road ahead of him. Eli's gaze lifted toward Felix, having been in the back seat, he looked down noticing he wasn't looking back anymore. [Eli] "Apparently.." Eli threw out the word in a slight depressing tone, looking to his right where his glock 19 was resting on the seat beside him, beaten up by both rust and dirt, it still fired, he's thankful for that. After a few moments of silence, Felix turns his gaze back over to Eli. [Felix] "You know, you don't have to be so quiet all the time, you can talk to-" Felix and Eli had ended up crashing into a mound of rocks against a cliff, the car was totaled and fuel was leaking underneath, the momentum throwing their heads before everything went to a halt and Felix attempted to open a jammed door. Moments later Felix kicked it open with brute force and a couple minutes of breaching the door's security. [A week and a half pass, being lost in the wilderness by Felix's lead and poor decision not to keep following the road, he wanted to avoid those things for now.] While Eli had remained asleep in the small tent they had, Felix was working on fixing up a campfire. He knew they were close to what could've been called civilization, if we weren't still shooting each other. He knew this due to the fact he heard un-suppressed shots in the distance, taking note of which direction he heard them from, he may be wrong on the civilization part, but he would've guessed. The sound of a zipper being ran across it's trail came from the tent Eli had been resting in, by now he was well rested and could just start smelling the burning fire that Felix had just made. Eli didn't hesitate to take the grip of his Glock 19 before placing it along the logs Felix put down next to fire, to sit on. The Glock 19 was dry of any ammunition, Eli himself didn't know where he should look first and it seemed that Felix was the only one with any at all. [Bang... bang.... bang... the gunshots grow a bit closer to them after a while, they were silent while they were eating.] Felix had offered Eli some "Bear" steaks that he carved up while Eli had been in his slumber, Eli didn't think twice. Later on he would figure out it wasn't bear that he was eating. [Eli] "Maybe we should move soon, we could go see if those people ne-" Felix cut Eli off when he shot a cold glare over to him. [Felix] "Either it's a firefight, or they're being swarmed by zeds, hell. Chances are you'll be shot and pretty much assumed one before hand, you'll end up dead before me, won't you Eli?" Felix's statements added up to Eli, he only looked down and didn't speak back, he was sure he was probably right. [Felix] "Don't forget, if you run out there while those shots are ringing, if they are being swarmed, you'll get beat the f*** up, maybe more than them. I don't condone suicide missions Eli." [Eli] "Not my fault I have a heart that I'm willing to sacrifice for any soul." Eli said this faint and quietly as he looked down at the burning wood in the fire, slowly devouring with the other ashes. Felix stood up from his sitting, he moved back to the tent before grabbing his bag and his CR75 handgun out of it, he looked back at Eli. [Felix] "Well, let's go toward those shots, we'll play a little game in the meantime, it's called "Who can get shot first, and who was right" Felix gave a light chuckle, grabbing Eli's carryall backpack, placing it next to him. [Eli] "You're seriously going to tell me off, tell me it's a bad idea, and go and do it?" Eli went silent for a couple seconds before he slung his bag on and grabbed his handgun as well. [Eli] "I guess I've got nothing to lose then.. you lead." [Eli and Felix move toward the direction of the shots, they were much further from the Lada crash after the weeks time, they ended up missing a couple villages and places they could've settled. They came across a small military checkpoint north of Severograd, almost blind as bats the time they were in the wilderness, they moved toward the checkpoint silently.] Zeds had been on the mainroad, piked and dead, or they thought so. Against a the sand barrier that splits the checkpoint from the tents and road, was what looked like a person, who had been shot and killed, he had no scratches, or bites on him. [Felix] "Looks like it was more a firefight then a swarm, I think that north of here down that road." Felix had pointed toward the road heading north toward severograd. [Felix] "May be some houses that haven't been checked yet, or cleaned out I mean, find yourself some food, I'll take whatever's useful here." [To be updated]
  15. Felix's adventure