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  1. *presses ptt* Mr. Marshall it's Robert, please contact me so we can arrange a meeting spot. *releases ptt awaiting a response*
  2. To whoever played marshall great rp. Looking forward to meeting you again.
  3. *press ptt* To any members of the Press. I have a potential story for you. And would like to discuss a meeting location. If you are so inclined *releases ptt*
  4. Nice meeting @lowca_ludek and having a nice bit of rp with you. Hope to meet you again.
  5. arron88823


    This is the work of an enemy Stand.
  6. arron88823

    Falk's Message #1

    *presses ptt* Katie yeah i met her a few days ago. And a guy named Derrick Daniels or something like that *releases ptt*
  7. *presses ptt* Mr. Deacon I will give you one of my personal radios frequencies where a location and meeting point can be discussed. *releases ptt*
  8. *press ptt* Mr. Deacon I have some work for you if you are interested I need someone found and brought to me *releases ptt awaiting a response*
  9. *press ptt* Nikolia its just your friends Bob and Rob. Just wanted to remind you about our arrangement Really looking forward to what you bring us. Anyway contact us here when you receive this *presses ptt* *the messages continues to repeat*
  10. arron88823

    DayZ Standalone Experimental 0.63

    whats the ip for the experimental server
  11. Just wanted to give a shoutout to @MatthewFC really got the vipe your character was truly afraid for his life. Hope I was able to provide a great hold-up scenario for you
  12. *Caleb presses the ptt* If your still interested in the meeting Sunday 8PM then I will be there *releases ptt*
  13. Really enjoyed the rp from @Koala Kozak hope to meet you again ingame soon.
  14. arron88823

    Features relying on logs have been disabled

    rip this game