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  1. Just wanna say had fun with my Legacy squad tonight. But a special shout out to @JackGreen2 amazing rp. Was finally able to develop Caleb some more thanks to you.
  2. Definitely the work of an enemy Stand.
  3. I mean realistically if someone busted my door down with a hammer Id cap him.
  4. @WaveSayHi Great rping with you tonight.
  5. arron88823

    Oh Jesus....

    Must be the work of and enemy Stand.
  6. @itslacie Welcome to the server. Hope I provided you with some good hostile rp. Also where did you go i waited for a good tem minutes and you never came back in.
  7. Enjoyed the rp with @Zero and hunter last night. hope to see you guys out there in the wastes again.
  8. *presses ptt* Mr. Marshall it's Robert, please contact me so we can arrange a meeting spot. *releases ptt awaiting a response*
  9. To whoever played marshall great rp. Looking forward to meeting you again.
  10. *press ptt* To any members of the Press. I have a potential story for you. And would like to discuss a meeting location. If you are so inclined *releases ptt*
  11. Nice meeting @lowca_ludek and having a nice bit of rp with you. Hope to meet you again.
  12. arron88823


    This is the work of an enemy Stand.
  13. *presses ptt* Katie yeah i met her a few days ago. And a guy named Derrick Daniels or something like that *releases ptt*
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