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  1. Really enjoyed the rp from @Koala Kozak hope to meet you again ingame soon.
  2. arron88823

    Features relying on logs have been disabled

    rip this game
  3. *I pick up the radio and hit the broadcast button* Well well Mr. Eddie If you want to come at me then do it. Only one of us will be winning this. Let the game begin. *turns off the radio*
  4. *I hold down the button of the radio my voice sounding different* I had a great time with you two yesterday. It was fun being able to play. And I can promise to the girl specifically you will hit the ground like that other man. There are going to be more to come in the future.
  5. I really enjoyed the rp I got from @GreenySmiley today and your friend as well sry missed his name
  6. arron88823

    Killers Looking for Victims [Permadeaths Only]

    Status: Active Killers Name: Caleb Wright Character Page: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-4255/ Type of Killer: A sociopath who will take his time to kill. Its not about the numbers but the anticipation-Caleb Wright Availability: Monday's Friday's and Saturday's after 4:30 MST Dynamic/Planned/Both: Both
  7. I am currently playing a serial killer named Caleb Wright. I am making this post to find anyone looking to perma a character. If you would be interested in dieing via a sierial killer. Please pm me via the forums and I would be willing to work it out.
  8. *turns on Radio* It was fun Felix I admit but I dont leave a job half finished. I will find you and finish our nice little play session.Until then *See you later Space Cowboy* *turns off radio*
  9. Hello community I have just created my first evil character on this server Caleb Wright https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-4255/ I am currently looking for victims If anyone is looking to perma a character please contanct me via a pm here in the forums. Thank You all
  10. My name is Caleb Wright. I am an 18 year old high school senior. I grew up in Richmond Virginia. Growing up i was always a bit different. I had friends yes but they weren't close at least to me it seemed. I was prone to not really feeling anything except empathy. But when I was 13 years old I by accident killed one of my friends . The thing was I didn't feel anything but Pleasure. I was able to avoid any blame for it as it was ruled an accident. For the next several months I felt nothing but the desire to kill again. But i would have to wait for the perfect opportunity to do so. That opportunity came when I was 14 a man simply sitting alone one night at the bench on the park when I was coming home from school. I snuck up on him and with my belt i chocked the life out of him. I then ran home as fast as I could and the next day it was on the news . The investigation lasted until I was 15 but was never solved. Over the next few years i was able to kill 5 more people in total. I was never caught but the police came close . My senior year in high school was when we were offered the chance for a free trip to chernarus I decided it was time to leave the states and take my practices world wide and then disappear into Russia after I had killed my next victim.I arrived at the Northwest airfield a week before the outbreak went down. The day it happened I was in Berenzino when the screams started I ran into the woods and now after all these months its time to begin. Allies; Leon Rivers Enemies; Kouketsu Black Eddie Sorella Alexa Valentine
  11. So recently had to delete my new character Alexander Carson because his name would not fit into the name bar so i made a new character same backstory his name is Alphonse Carson and it wont let me make him my active what is the cooldown on changing characters?
  12. My name is Alphonse Carson. I was born in New York City and grew up with my younger brother Frank, My life was rather normal nothing special ever happened. When I was 21 years old i dropped out of college and took a job as a gun clerk. I worked there until i was 27 and met a wonderful girl name Jennifer. I dated her until i was 28 and I caught her in my bed with another man. After that i called it off and Made her leave. I then depressed returned to my job and muddled through the hours. I soon took a long vacation and decided to visit Frank in Chernarus I arrived in the country via the North-east Airfield and went to Novo and stayed with Frank . On the day the Outbreak started I was in Berezino. I heard the and saw hundreds of the dead ones. So I ran int an apartment and saw a man dead in the floor a gun beside him. the man had shot himself to escape the dead. I took the revolver and rand I shot one after the other and soon one was on top of me biting and clawing. I used my last round and shot him in the head but not before he clawed out my left eye. I now wander and survive hoping to find my Brother. Goals; Find out what happened his bother.(Achieved) Find people he trusts.(Achieved) End the Commie pricks who killed his brother.
  13. Good comrade take mosins and kill Germans.