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  1. arron88823

    DayZ Standalone Experimental 0.63

    whats the ip for the experimental server
  2. Just wanted to give a shoutout to @MatthewFC really got the vipe your character was truly afraid for his life. Hope I was able to provide a great hold-up scenario for you
  3. *Caleb presses the ptt* If your still interested in the meeting Sunday 8PM then I will be there *releases ptt*
  4. Really enjoyed the rp from @Koala Kozak hope to meet you again ingame soon.
  5. arron88823

    Features relying on logs have been disabled

    rip this game
  6. *I pick up the radio and hit the broadcast button* Well well Mr. Eddie If you want to come at me then do it. Only one of us will be winning this. Let the game begin. *turns off the radio*
  7. *I hold down the button of the radio my voice sounding different* I had a great time with you two yesterday. It was fun being able to play. And I can promise to the girl specifically you will hit the ground like that other man. There are going to be more to come in the future.
  8. I really enjoyed the rp I got from @GreenySmiley today and your friend as well sry missed his name
  9. Status: Active Killers Name: Caleb Wright Character Page: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-4255/ Type of Killer: A sociopath who will take his time to kill. Its not about the numbers but the anticipation-Caleb Wright Availability: Monday's Friday's and Saturday's after 4:30 MST Dynamic/Planned/Both: Both
  10. I am currently playing a serial killer named Caleb Wright. I am making this post to find anyone looking to perma a character. If you would be interested in dieing via a sierial killer. Please pm me via the forums and I would be willing to work it out.
  11. *turns on Radio* It was fun Felix I admit but I dont leave a job half finished. I will find you and finish our nice little play session.Until then *See you later Space Cowboy* *turns off radio*
  12. Hello community I have just created my first evil character on this server Caleb Wright https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-4255/ I am currently looking for victims If anyone is looking to perma a character please contanct me via a pm here in the forums. Thank You all
  13. My name is Caleb Wright. I am an 18 year old high school senior. I grew up in Richmond Virginia. Growing up i was always a bit different. I had friends yes but they weren't close at least to me it seemed. I was prone to not really feeling anything except empathy. But when I was 13 years old I by accident killed one of my friends . The thing was I didn't feel anything but Pleasure. I was able to avoid any blame for it as it was ruled an accident. For the next several months I felt nothing but the desire to kill again. But i would have to wait for the perfect opportunity to do so. That opportunity came when I was 14 a man simply sitting alone one night at the bench on the park when I was coming home from school. I snuck up on him and with my belt i chocked the life out of him. I then ran home as fast as I could and the next day it was on the news . The investigation lasted until I was 15 but was never solved. Over the next few years i was able to kill 5 more people in total. I was never caught but the police came close . My senior year in high school was when we were offered the chance for a free trip to chernarus I decided it was time to leave the states and take my practices world wide and then disappear into Russia after I had killed my next victim.I arrived at the Northwest airfield a week before the outbreak went down. The day it happened I was in Berenzino when the screams started I ran into the woods and now after all these months its time to begin. Allies; Leon Rivers Enemies; Kouketsu Black Eddie Sorella Alexa Valentine
  14. So recently had to delete my new character Alexander Carson because his name would not fit into the name bar so i made a new character same backstory his name is Alphonse Carson and it wont let me make him my active what is the cooldown on changing characters?